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Technology Tree

Above is the full tech tree (click above for larger image). Image by Vexing from CFC Forums.

Tree Analysis

The analysis below is out of date. I will correct it after the Gods & Kings expansion is released.

----- Ancient Era -----
(20): Farm improvement
(35): Granary building
Animal Husbandry (35): Reveal Horses resource, Pasture improvement
Archery (35): Archer unit
Mining (35): Mine improvement, Remove Forest improvement
Sailing (55): Work Boat, Trireme, Great Lighthouse wonder, Fishing Boats improvement
Calendar (70): Stonehenge wonder, Plantation improvement
Writing (55): Library building, National College wonder, Great Library wonder, Open Borders ability
Trapping (55): Trading Post improvement, Camp improvement
The Wheel (55): Chariot Archer unit (replaced here by War Chariot), Watermill building, Road improvement
Masonry (55): Wall building, Pyramids wonder, Quarry improvement, Remove Marsh improvement
Bronze Working (55): Spearman unit, Barracks building, Colossus wonder, Clear Jungle improvement
----- Classical Era -----
Optics (80): Lighthouse building, Embarkation ability
Philosophy (100): Temple building (replaced here by Burial Tomb), National Epic wonder, Oracle wonder, Research Agreement ability
Horseback Riding (100): Horseman unit, Stable building, Circus building
Mathematics (100): Catapult unit, Courthouse building, Hanging Gardens wonder
Construction (100): Colosseum building, Great Wall wonder, Bridges over Rivers ability
Iron Working (150): Swordsman unit, Armory building, Heroic Epic wonder, Reveal Iron resource
----- Medieval Era -----
Theology (250): Monastery building, Garden building, Angkor Wat wonder, Hagia Sofia wonder
Civil Service (400): Pikeman unit, Chichen Itza wonder, Ability: farms next to fresh water produce +1 food.
Currency (250): Mint building, Market building, Machu Picchu wonder, Wealth production
Engineering (250): Lumbermill improvement, Fort improvement
Metal Casting (250): Forge building, Workshop building
Compass (340): Harbor building
Education (440): University building, Oxford University wonder, Notre Dame wonder, Porcelain Tower wonder, Research production
Chivalry (440): Knight unit, Castle building, Himeji Castle wonder, Defensive Pact ability
Machinery (440): Crossbowman unit, Faster Road Movement ability
Physics (440): Trebuchet unit
Steel (440): Longswordsman unit
----- Renaissance Era -----
Astronomy (650): Caravel, Observatory building, Faster Embarked Movement ability, Embarking Across Oceans ability
Acoustics (650): Opera House building, Sistine Chapel wonder, St. Basil's Cathedral wonder
Banking (650): Bank building, Forbidden Palace wonder
Printing Press (650): Theatre building, Taj Mahal wonder
Gunpowder (680): Musketman unit
Navigation (900): Frigate unit, Seaport building
Economics (900): Windmill building, Big Ben wonder
Chemistry (900): Cannon unit, Ironworks wonder
Metallurgy (900): Lancer unit
Archaeology (1300): Museum building, Hermitage wonder, The Louvre wonder
Scientific Theory (1300): Public School building, Reveals Coal resource
Military Science (1300): Cavalry unit, Military Academy building, Brandenburg Gate wonder
Fertilizer (1300): Farms without Fresh Water yield increased by 1
Rifling (1425): Rifleman unit
----- Industrial Era -----
Biology (1680): Hospital, Reveals Oil resource, Oil Well improvement, 
Steam Power (1680): Ironclad unit, Factory building, +1 Lumber Mill Production ability, Faster Embarked Movement ability
Electricity (1900): Destroyer unit, Stock Exchange building, Reveals Aluminum resource
Replaceable Parts
(1900): Anti-Tank Gun unit, Infantry unit, Statue of Liberty wonder
(1900): Arsenal building, Railroad improvement
(1900): Artillery unit
(2200): Submarine unit, Offshore Oil Well improvement
(2200): Battleship unit, Military Base building, Cristo Redentor wonder
(2200): Anti-Aircraft Battery unit, Broadcast Tower building, Eiffel Tower wonder
(2200): Carrier unit, Fighter unit
(2200): Tank unit
----- Modern Era -----
Plastics (2600): Hydro Plant building, 
(2600): Medical Lab building
(2600): Mechanized Infantry unit 
Mass Media
(2600): Stadium building
(2600): Bomber unit, Paratrooper unit, Pentagon wonder
Atomic Theory
(2600): Reveals Uranium resource, Manhattan Project
(3000): Solar Plant building
(3000): Nuclear Submarine unit, Mobile SAM unit
(3000): Helicopter Gunship unit, Rocket Artillery unit, Apollo Program project
(3000): Jet Fighter unit, Modern Armor unit
Nuclear Fission
(3000): Atom Bomb unit, Nuclear Plant building
Globalization (3350): United Nations wonder, Sydney Opera House wonder
Robotics (3350): SS Booster, Missile Cruiser unit, Spaceship Factory building
Satellites (3350): SS Cockpit, Guided Missile unit
Stealth (3350): Stealth Bomber unit
Advanced Ballistics (3350): Nuclear Missile unit
----- Future Era -----
Particle Physics (3350): SS Engine
Nuclear Fusion (3600): Giant Death Robot unit
Nanotechnology (3300): SS Stasis Chamber
Future Tech (4000): A repeating tech which increases your Score each time it's completed.

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