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Recent Changes to the Site

Here is a log of changes to the site, to help those trying to keep up with new information to find what has been updated. If you see that a page has been marked as updated but there is no corresponding entry here, then the update was probably a cosmetic one (such as a fixed typo or an updated image)

2017-03-22 VI Civilizations: Added Australia, Macedon and Persia to the list.
2016-12-20 VI Civilizations: Added Poland to the list.
2016-10-23 Added a variety of new images to various units and structures.
2016-10-22 VI Units: Completed the list of unit promotions.
2016-10-22 VI Civilizations: Completed the list of leader Historical Agendas.
2016-10-22 VI City-States: Completed the list of city-states and suzerain bonuses.
2016-10-06 VI Civics: Updated the text entries (but not the tree image) with new info.
2016-10-05 VI Technology: Updated the text entries (but not the tree image) with new info.
2016-10-05 VI Units: Updated entries in the Unit List (but not the individual entries) with new technology treeinformation.
2016-10-05 VI Cities: Updated with new technology tree information.
2016-10-05 VI Overview: Updated civilization information for Russia.
2016-09-28 VI Overview: Updated civilization information for Arabia.
2016-09-26 VI Overview: Updated civilization information for Sumeria.
2016-09-21 VI Overview: Updated civilization information for Rome.
2016-09-07 VI Overview: Updated civilization information for Greece.
2016-09-07 VI Overview: Updated civilization information for Norway and added info for Berserker, Longship, and Stave Church.
2016-09-03 VI Overview: Updated civilization information for Kongo and added Ngao Mbeba and Mbanza.
2016-08-30 VI Civilizations: Updated entries related to India.
2016-08-23 VI Units: Added images and info for Conquistador, Inquisitor.
2016-08-23 VI Cities: Added Mission.
2016-08-18 VI Civilizations: Updated the civilization list to include all the revealed leader from today's Firaxis livestream.
2016-08-17 VI Overview: Added information about the Religious and Score victory conditions.
2016-08-17 VI Units: Added U-Boat, and new information about Apostles and Missionaries.
2016-08-17 VI Cities: Added Hansa, Ruhr Valley wonder.
2016-08-17 VI Civilizations: Updated entries related to Germany.
2016-08-08 VI Cities: Added an entry for La Venta's Giant Heads.
2016-08-05 VI Overview: Added a list of Beliefs to the Religion section.
2016-08-05 VI Cities: Added passages from the Civilopedia on Specialists and The Palace.
2016-08-04 VI Units: Added entry for Spy, Battering Ram, Siege Tower.
2016-08-03 VI Technology: Moved the Technology section to its own page and added a tree image.
2016-08-03 VI Civics: Moved the Civics Section to its own page and added a tree image. Added info for all Governments.
2016-08-03 VI Civilizations: Updated all civilization entries and ability listings.
2016-08-02 VI Cities: Added Carnivale District, Maracană Stadium
2016-08-02 VI Units: Added Minas Geraes, Modern Armor, added known abilities for Great People.
2016-08-02 VI Civilizations: Added an entry for Brazil.
2016-07-26 VI Units: Added Garde Imperiale.
2016-07-26 VI Cities: Added Chateau, images for Mahabodhi.
2016-07-26 VI Civilizations: Added an entry for France.
2016-07-21 VI Cities: Added Tlachtli and Huey Teocalli.
2016-07-21 VI Units: Added Eagle Warrior, Unknown Great Person.
2016-07-21 VI Civilizations: Updated the various entries related to Aztecs' uniques.
2016-07-18 VI Units: Added Crouching Tiger Cannon.
2016-07-19 VI Terrain: Added an entry for Furs and identified Spices.
2016-07-19 VI Civilizations: Updated the various entries related to China's uniques.
2016-07-14 VI Civilizations: Added a glimpse of Trajan.
2016-07-12 VI Civilizations: You too can play Leader Portrait Bingo!
2016-07-12 VI Units: Added images for Heavy Chariot and Great General.
2016-07-12 VI Natural Wonders: Added Torres del Paine and Tsingy de Bemahara.
2016-07-08 VI Civilizations: Updated the various entries related to Japan's uniques.
2016-07-06 VI Civilizations: Updated the various entries related to Egypt's uniques.
2016-06-28 VI Cities: New entry for Royal Navy Dockyard.
2016-06-28 VI Units: New entries for Archaeologist, Sea Dog, Redcoat, Destroyer.
2016-06-28 VI Civilizations: Added England.
2016-06-22 VI Units: New entries for Explorer, Ironclad, Great General.
2016-06-20 VI Civilizations: New information on the uniques for America, India, Spain and Egypt.
2016-06-20 VI Civilizations: Hojo Tokimune has been identified as the leader of Japan.
2016-06-20 VI Terrain: New entries for Silk, Wine, Chocolate, and.... unknown.
2016-06-20 VI Cities: Added images for Aqueduct, Colosseum, Alhambra, Chichen Itza, Hanging Gardens, Sphinx.
2016-06-20 VI Units: Spotted a Submarine.
2016-06-14 VI Cities: Added a variety of new structure entries and images.
2016-06-14 VI Units: Added a variety of new unit entries and images.
2016-06-14 VI Overview: Added new Policy information.
2016-06-02 VI Overview: Added information on City-States and Envoys.
2016-06-02 VI Units: New images for Slinger, Missionary.
2016-06-01 VI Terrain: New images for Coffee, Sheep, Crater Lake.
2016-06-01 VI Cities: New images for Encampment, Entertainment, Industrial, and Commercial districts.
2016-06-01 VI Units: New images for the Trader, Catapult, and a number of other early units.
2016-05-26 VI Overview: I broke up the sections for Cities, Units, and Terrain into separate pages.
2016-05-25 VI Overview: Added, well, a lot.
2016-05-25 VI Overview: Added a number of new Units.
2016-05-14 VI Overview: Added a section for Terrain and Resources.
2016-05-14 VI Overview: Added sections for Districts, Improvements and Wonders.
2016-05-11 VI Overview: Added an overview for Civilization VI.
2015-09-26 BERT New Civilizations: Added Chungsu.
2015-08-13 BERT New Civilizations: Added INTEGR.
2015-07-22 BERT New Civilizations: Added the North Sea Alliance.
2015-06-25 BERT Diplomacy: Added some new information about Diplomatic Capital and leader traits.
2015-06-18 BERT Alien Units: Added a description of the new Harmony Leash ability.
2015-06-17 BERT New Units: Added a number of new images and identifications for various units, including stats.
2015-06-16 BERT New Units: Added a few new images.
2015-05-23 BERT New Units: Added more images for the Makara alien unit, which appears to be amphibious.
2015-05-20 BERT Resources: Added images of some of the new and existing resources that are now aquatic.
2015-05-18 BERT Overview: Added a brief overview of the new features in Rising Tide and the new units.
2014-10-21 BE Technologies: Updated the analysis of the tech web, which should be pretty complete.
2014-10-14 BE Units: Updated stats and upgrade perks for the Harmony units. The Supremacy ones below are now obsolete.
2014-10-06 BE Units: Updated stats and upgrade perks for the Supremacy basic unit classes.
2014-10-05 BE Wonders: Added Ansible, details on Quantum Computer, Xenomalleum
2014-10-04 BE Units: Updated the stats and costs for most standard and Purity units.
2014-10-03 BE Wonders: Identified Unknown Wonder 4 as The Crawler.
2014-10-03 BE Aliens: David McDonough mentioned that the aliens can become friendly.
2014-10-02 BE Overview: MadDjinn's playthrough revealed a lot of data about the Tech Web and some unknown Wonders.
2014-10-01 BE Wonders: Added a number of Unknown Wonder images.
2014-10-01 BE Overview: Added over 70 new images from the Discovery Trailer, most notably of the Rocktopus.
2014-09-30 BE Buildings: Added a list of Building Bonus Quest choices (thanks ggmoyang).
2014-09-30 BE Units: Added images and/or stats for Needlejet, Striker, Centaur, Xeno Cavalry.
2014-09-27 BE Units: Added many stats for units and updated those that have changed.
2014-09-27 BE Cities: The rules for Annexation and Puppeting of cities have changed.
2014-09-26 BE Diplomacy: New feature: Alliances
2014-09-26 BE Civilizations: The special abilities for Polystralia and Kavithan Protectorate have changed.
2014-09-18 BE Overview: Added a number of new Buildings and Wonders.
2014-09-18 BE Technologies: Nearly all the Tier 2 technologies are now identified.
2014-09-15 BE Overview: Added images for the Purity Carrier and Petroleum Well.
2014-09-13 BE Victory Conditions: updated information on how to achieve each condition, based on the in-game quests.
2014-09-11 BE Covert Ops: Added information on the details of the system and the list of Operations and Projects.
2014-09-05 BE Virtues: Now have a full list of the Virtues.
2014-09-04 BE Units: Added a number of Harmony units. We now know almost all of the ground units.
2014-09-04 BE Technologies: Redid the Tech Web image again with a complete web at higher resolution.
2014-09-03 BE Technologies: Updated the Tech Web image and the Technology Analysis page.
2014-09-03 BE Units: Added a variety of entries and images for various units.
2014-08-03 BE Alien Units: Added a number of new images for the various alien units.
2014-09-03 BE Trade Routes: Added a screenshot showing the new Trade Route UI.
2014-09-02 BE Units: Artillery units have the ability to shoot down satellites.
2014-08-30 BE Units: Added information for Purity units: Punisher, Aegis, LEV Destroyer.
2014-08-29 BE Units: Fixed the combat strengths of the upgradable infantry and cavalry units; the upgrades are cumulative.
2014-08-28 BE Units: Added a number of units for Purity and Supremacy.
2014-08-28 BE Affinities: Added the affinity level bonuses for Harmony.
2014-08-24 BE Units: Added Perk options for the various infantry and cavalry units.
2014-08-21 BE Alien Units: New alien unit: Drone
2014-08-21 BE Civilizations: Seeded Start options revealed.
2014-08-21 BE Civilizations: The special abilities for each faction have been revealed.
2014-08-18 BE Overview: New looks at the Covert Ops dialog and the Unit Upgrade screen.
2014-08-15 BE Technologies: Updated the tech web image and analysis.
2014-08-15 BE Overview: Added more new data from the IGN version of the Gamescom demonstration.
2014-08-14 BE Overview: New data from the Gamescom video, including the new Derelict Settlement and Fiber resource.
2014-08-13 BE Overview: Added a large number of new images and entries to Units, Buildings and Terrain sections.
2014-08-11 BE Civilizations: Added an image of Kozlov, the leader of Slavic Federation.
2014-08-07 BE Overview: Added a variety of information from the Firaxis livestream.
2014-07-28 BE Civilizations: Added an image of Hutama, the leader of Polystralia.
2014-07-21 BE Units: Added an image for the Supremacy Carrier (level 4).
2014-07-15 BE Civilizations: Added a few details on Franco-Iberia.
2014-07-10 BE Civilizations: Added information on Brasilia.
2014-07-03 BE Overview: Added a variety of new images and data from the E3 Walkthrough video.
2014-06-22 BE Units: Added some names and stats for the infantry and cavalry units.
2014-06-07 BE Overview: Added a variety of new images and data from the Gametrailers video.
2014-05-30 BE Units: Added images for the Harmony infantry, cavalry and naval units.
2014-05-26 BE Units: Added images for a number of new units.
2014-05-23 BE Units: Added new information and images for some Supremacy units.
2014-05-23 BE Civilizations: We now have at least some information on all 8 factions.
2014-05-20 BE Units: Added a number of new images and units.
2014-05-16 BE Units: Added a variety of images for Purity units.
2014-05-14 BE Units: Added an image for the Purity Air Fighter.
2014-05-08 BE Overview: Added a variety of images and data from the recent PCGAMER UK article.
2014-05-07 BE Units: Added an entry for the "Naval Fighter" depicted in this concept.
2014-04-16 BE Units: Added the unit upgrade concept image from the PAX East panel.
2014-04-13 BE Overview: Added a summary page for Civilization: Beyond Earth.
2013-07-31 BNW New Buildings: Corrected all of the stats for buildings and wonders.
2013-07-16 Updated V Systems, V Civilizations, V Units to BNW state.
2013-07-09 BNW New Units: Updated all units.
2013-07-09 BNW New Social Policies: Updated Social Policies.
2013-07-09 BNW Technology Changes: Updated tech tree.
2013-07-07 BNW New Improvements: The Chateau is unlocked with Chivalry.
2013-07-02 BNW New Buildings: Added portrait graphics for all the buildings and wonders that didn't yet have them.
2013-07-02 BNW New Units: Added portrait graphics for all the units that didn't yet have them.
2013-07-02 BNW New Natural Wonders: Identified King Solomon's Mines, Lake Victoria, Kilimanjaro.
2013-06-27 BNW New Units: Added new images for Pathfinder, Merchant of Venice, Great Galleass and Comanche.
2013-06-27 BNW New Civilizations: Added leader images for Pocatello and Enrico Dandolo.
2013-06-14 BNW Misc Changes: Added a number of Reformation Beliefs.
2013-06-11 BNW New Buildings: Added data and images for Zoo, Uffizi.
2013-06-10 BNW New Units: Added Pathfinder, Comanche Riders, Great Galleass, Merchant of Venice.
2013-06-10 BNW New Civilizations: Added Shoshone and Venice.
2013-06-04 BNW Ideologies: Added a few details on city-flipping.
2013-05-30 BNW Technology Changes: Pulled the tech tree into its own section and enumerated the changes.
2013-05-29 BNW New Units: Added an image for Bazooka.
2013-05-27 BNW New Buildings: Prora and the Red Fort have been confirmed as wonders.
2013-05-24 BNW Unidentified: Added a strange-looking improvement that appears to be a new Natural Wonder.
2013-05-23 BNW New Units: New information on Kris Swordsman and Candi.
2013-05-20 BNW New Improvements: Added images for the Brazilwood Camp.
2013-05-20 BNW New Social Policies: Added info for Commerce, Patronage, and Rationalism.
2013-05-18 BNW Trade Units: Naval units now have a new ability: "Plunder Trade Route."
2013-05-18 BNW Changes to Existing Buildings: Some Wonders now require the unlocking of particular Social Policy trees.
2013-05-18 BNW Ideologies: Added new information on Public Opinion.
2013-05-17 BNW New Scenarios: Added new summary for the War Between the States.
2013-05-17 BNW Misc Changes: Added full technology tree.
2013-05-17 BNW Ideologies: Added all 48 Tenets.
2013-05-17 BNW New Social Policies: New info on Exploration and Aesthetics.
2013-05-17 BNW New Buildings: Added info on Artist's Guild, Musician's Guild, East India Company.
2013-05-17 BNW New Improvements: Updated Kasbah.
2013-05-17 BNW New Units: Added Berber Cavalry, updated Great Writer, Archaeologist, Kris Swordsman.
2013-05-17 BNW New Civilizations: Added Morocco and Indonesia.
2013-05-09 BNW New Units: Modern truck graphic for the Caravan.
2013-05-07 BNW Diplomacy: World Congress resolutions cannot be ignored and must be obeyed (unless they are repealed).
2013-05-04 BNW New Improvements: New info from Hotel tooltip, which confirms Chateau.
2013-05-03 BNW Misc Changes: Added an annotated Tech tree covering Renaissance, Industrial and Modern eras.
2013-05-03 BNW New Buildings: Added Artist's Guild, Writer's Guild, Musician's Guild, and Zoo.
2013-05-03 BNW New Units: First image for Impi.
2013-05-03 BNW Diplomacy: New details on several resolutions.
2013-05-03 BNW Great Works: Several new Great Artists and Works.
2013-05-03 BNW New Social Policies: The Exploration finisher reveals hidden Antiquity Sites.
2013-05-03 BNW New Improvements: Added info on Feitoria.
2013-05-01 BNW: 2K released the box art for Brave New World.
2013-04-15 BNW New Buildings: Dennis mentioned a caravansary building.
2013-04-14 BNW New Civilizations: Morocco was mentioned by Dennis Shirk in an interview. No info yet.
2013-04-13 BNW New Civilizations: France appears to be getting a new UA and a new UI instead of the Foreign Legion.
2013-04-13 BNW Diplomacy: Listed most of the World Congress Resolutions.
2013-04-13 BNW Culture: Listed a few Ideological Tenets.
2013-04-12 BNW Diplomacy: New info on World Congress and Diplomats.
2013-04-12 BNW New Improvements: The unidentified items from the poster have been moved to this section.
2013-04-12 BNW New Units: Nau, Archaeolgist, Impi.
2013-04-12 BNW New Civilizations: Portugal and Zulus confirmed.
2013-04-11 BNW Unidentified: Added this new section with items from the Firaxis poster.
2013-04-11 BNW New Civilizations: New unknown leader teaser.
2013-04-11 BNW New Buildings: Airport and Hotel.
2013-04-11 BNW Misc Changes: New Main Menu Screen, New Technology: Internet, French UA changed to "City of Light."
2013-04-11 BNW New Units: Added some better images for the Caravan and Cargo Ship, abilities for Great Musician and Writer.
2013-04-11 BNW Diplomacy: New info on World Fair, Cultural Heritage sites, and new "Diplomat" spy type.
2013-04-09 BNW New Civilizations: Zulus under Shaka strongly hinted at on Facebook.
2013-04-07 Reorganized the site a bit. All pages should now be updated to the current Gods & Kings state of things.
2013-04-07 BNW New Units: Added images of the hidden Civil War scenario units from G&K.
2013-03-26 V Units: Brought the master unit list up to date with the current G&K patch.
2013-03-26 BNW: Added new images throughout the page.
2013-03-26 BNW New Civilizations: Added Assyria's unique ability, "Treasures of Nineveh."
2013-03-26 BNW New Civilizations: Added Brazil's unique improvement, the Wood Camp.
2013-03-24 BNW New Civilizations: Added Brazil's unique unit, the Pracinhas.
2013-03-24 BNW New Civilizations: Added Brazil's unique ability, "Carnival."
2013-03-23 BNW: Posted a variety of updates from the Firaxis PAX East demo.
2013-03-20 BNW Culture Systems: Clarified Ideologies a bit.
2013-03-17 BNW New Civilizations: Added details on the Polish UU and UB: Winged Hussar and Ducal Stable.
2013-03-15 BNW: Created new Brave New World expansion page.
2012-07-04 G&K Social Policies: Listed the changes to all Social Policies.
2012-06-21 G&K New Units: Brought all of the stats up to date and added new images.
2012-06-19 G&K Technology: Brought the tech tree graphic up to date with the released game.
2012-06-18 Updated many G&K entries according to information from the PDF user's manual.
2012-06-18 G&K New Buildings: There is actually one new unknown building: the Recycling Center.
2012-06-18 Check out the G&K version of the player PDF manual (scroll way down to see the new G&K information).
2012-06-18 G&K Changed Unit Strengths: Great Artist is now the only GP that can trigger a Golden Age, loses Culture Bomb.
2012-06-18 G&K Technology: New tech: Industrialization; changes to Steam Power, Electricity.
2012-06-18 G&K New Units: The Privateer has Move 4, Strength 25, and is a melee unit (as expected).
2012-06-18 G&K New Units: The Galleass is a ranged unit with Move 3, Strength 16, Ranged Strength 17.
2012-06-18 G&K Changed Buildings: Notre Dame now gives +4 Faith instead of +3 Culture.
2012-06-14 G&K Changed Unit Strengths: WWII Infantry has a strength of 70.
2012-06-14 G&K Technology: Revised tech tree again; Changes to Refrigeration, Acoustics.
2012-06-13 G&K Technology: Revised tech tree. Changes to Replaceable Parts, Rifling, Fertilizer, Economics and Atomic Theory.
2012-06-13 G&K New Improvements: New images added for the Polder.
2012-06-13 G&K New Units: New image added for the Galleass.
2012-06-13 G&K New Units: Stats and new images added for the Battering Ram.
2012-06-13 G&K New Units: Stats and new images added for the Hussar.
2012-06-13 G&K New Units: Stats and new images added for the Sea Beggar.
2012-06-13 G&K New Units: Strength of the Horse Archer has increased from 6/8 to 7/10.
2012-06-10 G&K New Resources: The list of font icons shows that we know all the 7 new luxury resources (no Tulips).
2012-06-07 G&K New Buildings: Added an image for the Ceilidh Hall.
2012-06-01 G&K New and Changed Improvements: The Citadel now appears to have a Culture Bomb effect.
2012-05-21 G&K New Units: Added new stats for the Dromon, which place it as an Ancient-era ranged vessel.
2012-05-21 G&K New Civilizations: Mayan "The Long Count" ability wording confirmed.
2012-05-21 G&K New Buildings: Added new image and stats for the Mayan Pyramid.
2012-05-21 V Units: Updated all the stats in the unit entries to reflect the current patched state of the game.
2012-05-20 G&K New Units: Added a new image and stats for the Cataphract.
2012-05-20 G&K Changes to Existing Buildings: City Walls now provide +5 Defense and +50 Hit Points.
2012-05-19 G&K New Units: Added a new image and stats for the Atlatlist.
2012-05-18 G&K New Promotions: new section added, populated with two new melee naval unit promotions.
2012-05-18 G&K Changes to Existing Units: Trireme melee strength is 10, and Catapult bonus vs. Cities is +200%.
2012-05-18 G&K Revised Technology Tree: Added information for Guilds.
2012-05-18 G&K New Civilizations: The entry for Byzantium is now filled out, with links to its various attributes.
2012-05-15 G&K New Natural Wonders: Added Mt. Kailash and Ayer's Rock.
2012-05-14 G&K Espionage: Added more information about the definition of Potential.
2012-05-14 G&K New Civilizations: Added descriptions of the UA's for Ethiopia, Sweden and Celts, and added Stele info.
2012-05-14 G&K New Resources: Added images for Salt.
2012-05-13 G&K Revised Technology Tree: Updated the tech tree.
2012-05-12 G&K Revised Technology Tree: Expanded the tech tree to full size.
2012-05-11 G&K Revised Technology Tree: Posted a tech tree effective through the Medieval period.
2012-05-11 G&K New Units: Galleass confirmed.
2012-05-11 G&K New Resources: Copper, Salt and Truffles have been confirmed as new luxury resources.
2012-05-11 G&K: Added a lot of new images all over the page.
2012-05-10 G&K New Civilizations: Filled in a number of empty slots with unique units, buildings and abilities.
2012-05-10 G&K New Units: Added new images and stats for many of the listed units.
2012-05-10 G&K Religion: Added a number of new Beliefs, mostly Enhancer Beliefs.
2012-05-10 G&K Diplomacy: New information on Embassies.
2012-05-10 G&K New Civilization: Celtic unique ability is called Druidic Lore, and unique structure is Ceilidh Hall.
2012-05-10 G&K New Scenarios: Added details for the Empires of the Smoky Skies scenario.
2012-05-10 G&K New Units: Added image for Hakkapeliitta.
2012-05-10 G&K Empires of the Smoky Skies: Added new images for airship and landship units from the scenario.
2012-05-10 G&K Great Prophet: New images and info.
2012-05-10 G&K Changed Unit Strengths: Added values for Spearman and Horseman.
2012-05-01 G&K Combat Changes: It is now confirmed that melee naval units can attack land units on the coast.
2012-05-01 G&K Buildings: Added a reference for Pagoda, which was mentioned by Ed Beach in a GDC interview.
2012-04-28 G&K New Units: Added an image for the Privateer.
2012-04-23 V Buildings: Added a master table that lists all the buildings (with updated stats).
2012-04-23 Civilizations: Added Normans and Saxons from the 1066 scenario from the Viking DLC.
2012-04-23 G&K New Units: Added a table that lists the new units.
2012-04-22 V Social Policies: Brought the list of Policies up to date with the current patch.
2012-04-22 V Units: Brought the master list (but not the individual unit entries) up to date with the current patch.
2012-04-21 G&K New Civilizations: Added badge graphics for Mayans (from the PAX video) and Sweden (speculative, but likely).
2012-04-20 G&K New Units: Added Swedish Carolean and Hakkapeliitta.
2012-04-20 G&K New Civilizations: Added Sweden.
2012-04-18 Added this change log.
2012-04-17 G&K Units: The Marine has been confirmed as a unit.
2012-04-17 V Wonders: Brought existing Wonder stats up to date and added many missing images.
2012-04-17 V Technology: Updated the tech tree image to reflect the current patched state of the game.
2012-04-15 G&K Religion: Ed Beach quotes about Holy Cities and religious "Pressure."
2012-04-15 G&K Technology: Ed Beach quote about a new post-gunpowder era.
2012-04-15 G&K Espionage: Ed Beach quote about "Potential."
2012-04-15 G&K Combat: Ed Beach quote about new unit damage vs. health ratios.