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9 December 2019: New page: 169

2 December 2019: New page: 168

25 November 2019: New page: 167

18 November 2019: New page: 166

11 November 2019: New page: 165

31 October 2019Happy Halloween (and happy Outsiderversary)!
(Thanks to dragoongfa for the commission!)

14 October 2019: New page: 164

7 October 2019: New page: 163

9 September 2019: New page: 162
As some of you may have noticed, the site has been down for a couple of days. Thieves compromised my account at the domain provider on Sunday and redirected the DNS somewhere else. If you can see this, then it's been fixed! If not, it may take a few days for the fixes to work their way through the system.

2 September 2019: New page: 161

5 August 2019: New page: 160
I also updated page 159. Sorry for the delay. Try a hard browser refresh (Ctrl-F5) if you see older versions of the images that are not shaded.

1 July 2019: New page: 159
I expect to update page 159 with finished shading sometime later, but in case I don't get to it today, I've posted the flatted version for now.

10 June 2019: New page: 158
Ugh. It's summer already.

3 June 2019: New page: 157

27 May 2019: New page: 156

20 May 2019: New page: 155

13 May 2019: New page: 154
Don't try this at home, boys and girls.

6 May 2019: New page: 153
Since it's Cinco de Mayo, I will post the page a little bit early in case I am later waylaid by a wandering fiesta.

29 April 2019: New page: 152

22 April 2019: New page: 151

15 April 2019: New page: 150
It's been a long road to get to 150, but I feel like things are moving in the right direction. Thanks to all the readers who have stuck with the comic for this long, and in particular to all those who have given their generous support.

10 April 2019: Forum access should be restored, at least for the present. Looks like I will need to update to the current version of phpBB.

8 April 2019: New page: 149
I am still waiting on my webhost to perform a server rollback in an attempt to resolve the problems with the forums, so if this update temporarily disappears, do not be alarmed.

5 April 2019: I am aware of the issues that are currently affecting the forums. I am in the process of trying to work them out with the web host.

1 April 2019: New page: 148
No, really!

10 February 2019: New pages: 146, 147
I had intended to post these last week, but, y'know... the Rams lost the Superbowl. :D

31 December 2018: New pages: 144, 145
Hope you had a great year, and looking forward to a better new one!

6 November 2018: New pages: 142, 143

31 October 2018Happy Halloween!
(Thanks to dragoongfa for the commission!)

1 October 2018: New page: 141

17 September 2018: New page: 140

4 September 2018: New pages: 138, 139
Sorry for the delay. My brain melted out of my ears at the end of July, and I spent most of August spooning it back in.

23 July 2018:  I posted a new essay on the Barsam in the Insider section.

9 July 2018:  New page: 137
It's hot where I am. And I don't mean in a good way.

2 July 2018:  New page: 136

25 June 2018:  New page: 135

11 June 2018:  New page: 134
For science!

4 June 2018:  New page: 133

22 May 2018:  New page: 132

14 May 2018:  New page: 131

7 May 2018:  New page: 130
What's that, you say? It's not Monday yet, you say? Sorry, can't hear you.

30 April 2018:  New page: 129

23 April 2018:  New page: 128

2 April 2018:  New page: 127
No, I don't do April Fools' pranks. It's a real page.

26 February 2018:  New page: 126

5 February 2018:  New pages: 124, 125

1 January 2018:  New page: 123
Happy New Year!

4 December 2017:  New pages: 121, 122

8 November 2017:  New page: 120

3 July 2017: New page: 119
Episode 7 of the Spiderforest Podcast is a discussion about creating artificial cultures in fiction, specifically through the lens of constructed languages. The episode includes a discussion between Mathieu Moyen (of 6COMMANDO) and myself about alien cultures and languages in Outsider.

12 June 2017: New page: 118

5 June 2017: New page: 117
I'd like to thank y'all for sticking with the comic through its ups and downs. I appreciate it.

29 May 2017: New pages: 114, 115, 116
If I post 4 pages in a month, that's almost the same as posting every week, right? Right??

1 May 2017: New page: 113

16 October 2016: I apologize for the lack of news posts recently; when there aren't new pages to post, I don't really know what to say.

I have been in crunch mode for the last several months on other projects, and then last month I had an unrecoverable hard drive crash. I didn't lose any of my documents or art files, but I did lose all of my program data, including the 2D and 3D software and all the fonts that I use for the comic.

I have been able to reacquire the fonts I most need (thanks to Comicraft for their assistance), and I am still in the process of reinstalling my 3D software (which is older and requires new keys from the publisher), which I hope will resolved this week.

Thanks again for your patience.

4 April 2016: New page: 112
Sorry for the slow pace of updates over the last few months. Trying to fix that.

2 February 2016: New page: 111

31 December 2015: New page: 110
I'll get this update schedule figured out sooner or later.

On a semi-related note: Stars in Shadow, the space combat game that I have been working on, is now up for Steam Greenlight consideration. If you're curious about the game and/or would like to see it available on Steam, I encourage you to check it out.

1 December 2015: New page: 109
Enjoy the wall of text!

30 November 2015: New page: 108
The Patreon launch has gone very well, and I'd like to thank everyone for their generous support. If you check back here tomorrow, I should have a surprise for you.

10 November 2015: A number of readers have suggested that I set up a Patreon page for Outsider, and I have finally done so. My hope is that it may allow me to create pages on a more regular schedule. If you have ideas for pledge rewards that you'd like to see, let me know via the forums, email, Facebook, or the Patreon page.

9 November 2015: New page: 107

31 October 2015: Happy Halloween.

27 October 2015: New page: 106

17 September 2015:  New page: 105
Things have been a little bit nuts for me the last few months. I'm hoping they'll be slightly less nuts for a little while. Let's see how much we can get done.

17 May 2015: New page: 104
Also added five new pieces of guest art.

29 April 2015: New page: 103

31 July 2014: "Whoo-hoo-hoo, look who knows so much! It just so happens that your friend here is only mostly dead. There's a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive." - Miracle Max, The Princess Bride

22 August 2013: Just a note to let everyone know I'm still here, the comic isn't dead. I'm just going through a patch where it's hard to find free time. I'm still working on the 3D sets for the next pages, but hopefully it won't be long before I can resume posting pages.

20 May 2013: I finally got around to converting the Prologue pages to the new, larger format.

17 February 2013: New page: 102
Sorry for the long delay.

17 December 2012: Happy Holidays!
I will try to get page 102 finished as soon as possible. I did post a few updates in Insider.

25 October 2012: There is a review of Outsider up at Liberation Frequency, and they also have an interview with yours truly to go with it.

31 July 2012: New page: 101
I forgot to mention that I did a guest page for Mathieu Moyen's 6-COMMANDO.

14 June 2012: New page: 100
The next few updates may be a bit irregular as I get caught up.

15 March 2012: New page: 99

5 March 2012: Page 99 still isn't finished yet, but in the meantime, feel free to kill time perusing the Registry of Blue Peoples.

20 February 2012: No new page this week. I did add new images to Concepts and Guest Art.

14 February 2012: New page: 98
Happy Valentine's Day.

6 February 2012: No new page today, but instead accept this early Valentine.

30 January 2012: New page: 97

23 January 2012: New page: 96
Also posted a wallpaper-sized image of the Terran cruiser from page 95.

Tangents posted a review of Outsider.

16 January 2012: New page: 95

11 January 2012: New page: 94
I hope everyone had a pleasant holiday season.

11 November 2011: New page: 93

Thanks very much for the donations; they are greatly appreciated.

22 August 2011: New page: 92
Don't panic -- the comic hasn't gone black and white; it's a flashback sequence.

On a side note: if you've ever considered making a small donation to the site, now would be an ideal time for such a donation to have a meaningful impact in keeping this site running without interruption. You can use the button below to donate (or send funds directly to using PayPal).

Any amount, no matter how small, will be helpful and greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your consideration, and thanks in particular to those of you who have already made donations in the past.

1 August 2011: New page: Chapter 2 Cover

25 July 2011: New page: 91
And that brings the first chapter to a close! I will continue directly into Chapter 2.

11 July 2011: New page: 90

27 June 2011: New page: 89
Sorry for the delay (and the accidental broken link post).

23 May 2011: New page: 88
I revamped the FTL Technology Insider page and added several new illustrations.

16 May 2011: New page: 87

9 May 2011: New page: 86
I substantially updated the Insider entry on the Umiak, and added a short entry on Umiak language.

I also did a guest page for Jason Bubaker's reMIND comic. Mine is the last page in a short series written by Chris Wrann of Aquarium Drinking, that included pages by Daniel Lieske of Wormworld Saga, Sarah Ellerton of Phoenix Requiem, Mathieu Moyen of 6-Commando, Joost Haakman of Semmie the Forestgnome, Kim Ku of Hearts and Holes, Peter Hon of Malden, and Aviv Itzcovitz of Stupid Snake.

25 April 2011: New page: 85

18 April 2011: New page: 84

11 April 2011: New page: 83

4 April 2011: New page: 82

21 March 2011: New page: 81
I have created new forums for Well of Souls, and the official Outsider discussion forum is now located here.

28 February 2011: New page: 79-80
This update is a little bit unusual in that it's a two-page spread.

24 February 2011: Just a note to say the site isn't dead. The next double-page has had me blocked for a while, but it is mostly finished and should be up soon. I did post four backlogged Guest pieces.

Folks have been complaining for a long time about their inability to sign up for the Digital Webbing forums where I currently host my forum. I have tried bringing this up with the DW people, but I don't think anything is likely to be done about it in the foreseeable future, so when time permits I will look into setting up my own forums here.

23 December 2010: Happy Holidays!

1 November 2010: New page: 78

30 August 2010: Added a whole bootload of artwork by Amy "Chrome" Leeds to the Guest gallery.

25 July 2010: Sorry for the pause in comic page updates; I got sidetracked for a while with the Civilization V website.

Meanwhile, check out Chrome's Beryl Star Trek fanart! No one can resist Beryl and tribbles!

12 July 2010: Added an Insider page for Races of the Umiak Hierarchy, and updated the equivalent Loroi Union page.

5 July 2010: New page: 77
Some fireworks to celebrate the holiday.

20 June 2010: New page: 76

15 June 2010: The enlarged comic images now extend back to page 29, and I have reformatted most of the Insider pages to the new width. 

7 June 2010: As part of the ongoing effort to modernize the website, I am increasing the size of the comic page images from ~600 pixels wide to ~800. The new format provides a cleaner image and allows the text bubbles to clobber the artwork a little bit less. I have updated from page 50 to the current page in the new format.

1 June 2010: New page: 75
Also added a few new pieces of artwork to the guest gallery.

17 May 2010: New page: 74

12 May 2010: New page: 73
Added to the Cast page.

4 May 2010: New page: 72
Added a few items (previously seen in the WIP thread) to the character concepts page.

29 April 2010: I finally figured out how to create a Facebook page for Outsider. This is an alternate method to RSS for keeping up with page updates.

26 April 2010: New page: 71
Added a new image to the Loroi ships concepts page.

20 April 2010: New page: 70
Modified the front page with a new illustration and updated format, and there is also a new "to be continued" page image.

30 March 2010: New page: 69

24 March 2010: I appeared as a guest today on the Starship Moonhawk Presents podcast on TalkShoe. The Outsider-related discussion starts about 10 minutes into the podcast and is roughly an hour, and covers mostly technical details of story, setting and comic production.

22 March 2010: New page: 68

8 March 2010: New page: 67
The talky bit is almost over.       

25 December 2009: Happy Holidays!

19 November 2009: New page: 66

29 October 2009: New page: 65
Also posted new images in the Loroi Ships concept page.

07 September 2009: Sorry for the delay in posting new pages; I'm having some problems with my art tablet which I will try to get corrected shortly. In the meantime I have posted new guest art from Amy Leeds and Martin Koza.

20 July 2009: New page: 64

16 July 2009: Posted new guest art from Jure Nendl.

7 July 2009: New page: 63

29 June 2009: New page: 62
Expanded the Insider page on Loroi Rank Structure.

22 June 2009: New page: 61
Added a Dramatis Personae (Cast) page.

15 June 2009: New page: 60
Posted new guest art from Icekatze.

7 June 2009: New page: 59

1 June 2009: New page: 58
And it wouldn't be an update without new guest artwork from Koori.

18 February 2009: New page: 57

24 December 2008: Merry Christmas! 
Posted four new pieces of guest artwork from Koori.

31 October 2008: Happy Halloween!

6 October 2008: New page: 56
Posted another new piece of Guest artwork from Koori.

14 September 2008: New page: 55

9 August 2008: Posted one new piece of Guest artwork.
Sorry for the delay in updates; I will post the new page as soon as it is available.

19 May 2008: Posted two new pieces of Guest artwork.

12 May 2008: New page: 54

30 April 2008: New page: 53

23 April 2008: New page: 52
I made a wallpaper image of the bridge shot that had to be cut down a bit to fit into the page. Flavors: 1280x1024, 1600x1200.

16 April 2008: Episode 8 of PodWarp 1999 begins with a roughly 30-minute discussion of Outsider, and is appropriately titled "The Least Best Episode Ever." I am hoping that someday when doing these things I will learn to slow down, breathe, and stop eating the ends of my sentences, but so far no go.

14 April 2008: New page: 51
Yes, a new page. I have posted a variety of new Insider stuff, including a new Creator's Diary entry and substantial revamps of the History of the War and Trade Language pages. I also added a bootload (15, to be specific) of new images to the Guest Art page, including some older ones which had got lost in the depths of my hard drives -- which prompted the division of the guest page into two sections (the new entries are all in the first page).

10 March 2008: Ben Paddon of Jump Leads has created a sci-fi webcomics-oriented audio program called PodWarp 1999, and I have been participating along with Tauhid Bondia of Good Ship Chronicles, Mark Mekkes of Zortic, and Tom Truszkowski of Station V3. It's mostly unstructured talk about science fiction in general, but if you want to hear how silly our voices sound, take a listen. Ben's British accent in particular is most entertaining.

20 February 2008: Andreas has added a page to his Sidestory comic

28 January 2008: Added a few new and updated images to the Alien Characters concept page, and cleaned up the Loroi essay a bit. I've resumed updating the Work-in-Progress forum.

31 December 2007: Happy Holidays from Outsider! Though the comic's hiatus has extended longer than I expected, updates will return in the new year.

Kris Straub of Starslip Crisis is currently featuring Tempest as one of the combatants in his crossover spinoff Alterverse War. Also posted another guest wallpaper from Serkan Osman. (edit: Looks like Kris abandoned his Alterverse War strip in the middle of the Tempest segment. The Loroi bring another victim to his knees!)

31 July 2007: Posted a wallpaper-sized guest art of Alex from Serkan Osman. I have started a Work-in-Progress forum thread where I am posting some of the art I'm working on.

3 June 2007: Andreas added three new pages to his Sidestory comic.

19 March 2007: Added six concepts to the Loroi Characters gallery.

22 February 2007: Added some updated concepts to the Loroi, Aliens and Umiak Ships art sections.

31 October 2006: Happy Halloween! Today is, if you can imagine it, the fifth anniversary of the posting of the first pages of Outsider

Since some folks have been asking for it, I've set up a basic RSS feed to let people who use RSS 2.0-capable news readers know when the comic is updated.

9 October 2006: Outsider is on temporary hiatus while I do some contract work. 

24 July 2006: New pages: 49, 50

10 July 2006: Just a bit longer for the new pages. The bridge set is very complex, but hopefully it will be worth the wait. Sorry again for the delay. In the meantime, Andreas has updated his Sidestory comic, and here's a peek at a tapestry from the bridge entry scene.

26 June 2006: No new page this week. Because of the heavy amount of design work and 3D modeling necessary for the next scene, there may be some delays over the course of the next few pages. Thanks for your patience.

19 June 2006: No new page this week, but here is a concept art piece of the Barsam.

12 June 2006: New page: 48

05 June 2006: New page: 47

29 May 2006: New page: 46
Happy Memorial Day.

22 May 2006: Added two concepts to the Characters gallery.

15 May 2006: Spent the week working on the Loroi cruiser 3D model. Also added new Guest Art from Riess.

06 May 2006: New page: 45
Also added two pieces of new Guest Art from DeepChrome.

24 April 2006: I was in Las Vegas most of this past week attending a Lightwave training seminar, so I don't have a new page for you today. I do have some Insider updates that have been in the hopper. New entries: Fuel & Support, Loroi Caste Titles, Loroi Rites of Passage. Updated entries: Trade Language Lexicon (added 250 words), Races of the Loroi Alliance (updated Mannadi entry), Telepathy and Weapons Technology & Tactics (added new section at bottom in each).

17 April 2006: New page: 44
Added a new Creator's Diary entry, new Guest Art, and Andreas has new pages for his Sidestory fan comic.

10 April 2006: New page: 43
Added three concepts to the Characters gallery.

01 April 2006: I have changed webhosts (which should prevent the errors seen recently). Please bear with the broken links while I re-upload the site. This week's update will be delayed.

27 March 2006: New page: 42

20 March 2006: New page: 41

13 March 2006: Added more concept artwork to the Characters gallery.

06 March 2006: Added one piece of concept artwork to the Characters gallery.

27 February 2006: Added two pieces of new concept artwork to the Loroi Ships gallery. Updated the Loroi Ship Classes page to reflect the new types.

13 February 2006: Fixed the broken Guest Art gallery, and added four new pieces.


13 January 2006: Updated the Character Design gallery.

Please bear with me while I work out some difficulties with my web host. This site may disappear from time to time until this is resolved.

29 December 2005: Happy Holidays!
New pages coming soon.

27 June 2005: New page: 40
Alas, the "new" method of sending updates emails (using dedicated bulk email software) works even worse than the previous one; my ISP is not amused. Back to the drawing board...

23 June 2005: I rewrote the guts of the Outsider website; it may not look very different, but it now uses cascading style sheets instead of frames, and should be more robust and easier to maintain. If you notice a few broken links, please bear with me. I have also implemented a new Updates Mailing List (thanks to those who offered suggestions), which I will test out when I post page 40, shortly.

09 June 2005: Added new concept artwork (Vanguard battlecruiser) to the Loroi Ships gallery.

19 May 2005: New page: 39
I'm still unable to send emails from my home computer, so I still need to work something out for the Updates mailing list.

29 April 2005: Back from some computer downtime. I have added an Environment Design page with a few concept images, and Andreas has added new pages to his Sidestory.

13 February 2005: New page: 38
I seem to be having problems with the Updates mailing list... I think I’ve exceeded the maximum number of recipients per email message for my ISP. I will have to think of a new way of dealing with the list, and in the meantime I apologize to the folks who signed up recently but still aren't getting notifications.

03 February 2005: New page: 37

01 January 2005: Happy New Year! Added a Character Design concept page, and additional entries to the Loroi and Umiak ship concepts pages.

15 August 2004: Added some starship concept artwork to the Loroi Ship page. Andreas also updated his sidestory comic.

01 August 2004: New page: 36

15 June 2004: New page: 35
Also posted a data page on Terran Ship Classes.

02 June 2004: New page: 34

18 May 2004: New page: 33
I also updated the data page on Loroi Ship Classes.

11 May 2004: New page: 32
I also updated the data page on FTL Technology.

29 April 2004: New page: 31

21 February 2004: Added some starship concept artwork to the Loroi and Umiak/Terran Ship pages.

21 December 2003: New page: 30
A few of the update list emails are bouncing back -- if you signed up for the updates, but haven't received any emails from me, please send me a current email address.

13 December 2003: Finished page 26.

11 December 2003: New page: 29
NewTek promptly replaced the key, and Lightwave is back in business.

30 November 2003: I have the panels for page 29 drawn and inked, but I'm currently without my 3D software (a few weeks ago my graphics card and the hardware key for Lightwave spontaneously self-destructed; I've replaced the card but am still waiting for a replacement/fixed key from NewTek), so I can't finish the pages just yet. But rest assured that I'm working on them, and as soon as Lightwave is working again I should have pages up in short order.

15 November 2003: Added a bunch of stuff to Insider.

12 November 2003: Added new artwork to the Guest Art page and to Andreas' Sidestory. New pages are coming soon, so check back later this month.

16 September 2003: Added a color concept for a Loroi Battleship to the Concept Art page.

01 July 2003: Added some data to the Insider page, including a Diary entry.

22 May 2003: Page 27 updated.

17 April 2003: I've created a Concept Art page with a number of new color concepts for Loroi ships, as well as a few older concepts that haven't been seen before. Andreas has also updated his Sidestory fancomic with three new pages.

23 March 2003: Pages 26, 27 & 28 have been updated (fixed coloring). There is also new guest artwork from Katie George and Callisto. 

13 March 2003: New page: 28
There is also new guest artwork from Rob Bursey, Megan Sowerby, and John Rigsbee.

13 February 2003: New page: 27
Almost done with this horrid little scene.

06 February 2003: Updated page 26, a bit. Added a Forum Digest to the Insider section.

30 January 2003: No new page this week, but page 25 is finished. There is also a new page of Andreas' Sidestory, and new guest art from Skarulez9.

23 January 2003: New page: 26
Okay, no medal. I will catch up. But not today. :)

16 January 2003: New page: 25
The new page is unfinished, but the dialogue is there. I'll post the finished page as soon as it's done, and will do my best to have a finished page 26 ready on schedule next week.

09 January 2003: New page: 24
Bah! Didn't think I could do it, did you? I should get a friggin' medal for getting this one done on time... geez I'm tired. :)

02 January 2003: Updated/new pages: 22, 23
Outsider is back in the saddle again and returns to weekly Thursday updates, so "yippie kai-yay" and various felicities. Other updates: New guest art from Matt Bayne. Fixed a parenthetical error on page 21, and a logical error in the captain's speech on page 3.

24 December 2002: Happy Holidays, everyone!

31 October 2002: I'm going to take a break from updating the comic to work on some other projects for a little while. More info in the Creator's Diary entry.

27 October 2002: Here's the current state of page 22, such as it is. I also put up a static 2D version of the map for those who are unable to view the Java version.

24 October 2002: I've put up a starmap and Andreas' Sidestory comic in the Insider section. The actual page update has been postponed a day to Friday. :)

03 October 2002: New page: 22
I could draw yesterday, but I seem to have lost that ability today. I call the situation "despair." Ah well, pardon the bloody God-awful mess of an unfinished page. :)

05 September 2002: Page 21 is finished.

29 August 2002: The pages 19 and 20 have been revised. Thanks for your patience. And now: onward!

22 August 2002: What I decided to do was to retroactively revise one of the character designs in the existing pages 19-21. However, due to crush time at work, all I've really accomplished this week is the revised design itself. Luckily, there is new guest art to distract you. Fly!

15 August 2002: I had one of those "what the heck am I doing?" days on Tuesday, and decided I need to make some changes to the last few pages. While I figure out how to go about doing that, here's unfinished page 21.

08 August 2002: The final version of page 20 is here. The Forum address has changed slightly (due to maintenance); it's now located here.

27 July 2002
I added Chris Brault's cool Fireblade fanart to the Guest Gallery.

25 July 2002
I don't plan to get in the habit of posting unfinished pages, but in light of recent delays, and in the interest of advancing the storyline, here's the page 20 layout (with dialogue). Only peek if you don't mind looking at rough pencil scribblies.

22 July 2002: New page: 19
(grumbles incoherently)

13 June 2002
I didn't get a chance to work on the comic much this week, so the new page is still not done. Bad timing, I know. I'll post it as soon as it's finished. Meanwhile, you can have a look at the new Guest Art section at Insider, which has 32 pieces of Outsider fanart (6 of which are new).

06 June 2002
No new page this week; the panels are all drawn, but as I feared, the 3D backgrounds still need a lot more work. In other news, Outsider has been nominated for "Best Science Fiction Comic" in the 2002 Cartoonists' Choice Awards. Thanks!

30 May 2002: New page: Chapter 1 Cover
I'm in the process of constructing the digital sets required for the next page, and finished enough of one to finalize the cover.

23 May 2002: New page: 18
I was hoping that the new Chapter 1 cover (the current blank cover is just a placeholder image) would be ready for today's update, but it isn't... and as it's something of a spoiler, it's probably just as well.

16 May 2002: New pages: 16, 17
The Prologue is completed! Okay, so it's been completed since Monday night... but I don't want people to think that the update day isn't still Thursday, because, well... it still is. I've also added a Creator's Diary entry to the Insider section, where I talk a bit about, y'know... stuff. For those who've been asking about a forum: Bench Comics has set up a forum for Outsider over at Digital Webbing; it's not official (I'm not a moderator there), but as I don't actually have an official forum, it'll do.

09 May 2002: New page: 15
I've been able to get a little bit ahead, so expect two pages (and the end of the Prologue) next week. See you then!

02 May 2002: New page: 14
Thanks for the very positive feedback I've received over the past week. It's much appreciated.

25 April 2002: New page: 13
The new page probably won't set anyone's hair on fire art-wise, but I'm glad to be updating again. Hopefully I'll be able to keep on a regular schedule for a while. I also fixed the color job on page 12.

07 February 2002: New page: 12
As you might expect, since I only completed page 11 two days ago, page 12 was a bit rushed, and the color needs to be touched up. I'll do that as soon as I get the chance.

05 February 2002: The fully-colored version of page 11 is up.

02 February 2002: New page: 11
Although the last two panels of page 11 are not completely colored, I went ahead and posted it. I expect to be incapacitated by Superbowl festivities until Monday, so at least you can follow the continuity. I'll post the finished version of the page as soon as it's done. There has also been a retroactive change to the dialogue on page 3; Alex's narration in the second panel now mentions the name of his partner.

21 January 2002: I updated the About page with a small FAQ. Go Rams!

17 January 2002: New page: 10
Finally into double-digits. The plot thickens, as they say.

03 January 2002: New page: 9
Well, at 9 pages this is now officially the longest comic I've ever done. Hey, at least I'm excited. :)

22 December 2001: New page: 8
Vote for Outsider in the Top 200 if you so desire. One of the things I'm going to try to do over the holiday break is to get several pages ahead, to try to keep on schedule in 2002. Happy Holidays!

13 December 2001: New page: 7
Since the updates come so late at night on Wednesday, starting now I'm going to go ahead and put Thursday's date on them, and say that the official update day is Thursday.  I'd like to thank everyone for the very positive feedback I've received on the comic thus far. It's been quite motivating and is much appreciated.

08 December 2001: New page: 6
Better late (or so they say) than never. Blame Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Also added a simple guestbook.

28 November 2001: New page: 5

14 November 2001: New pages: 3 4
I think I've decided to make Wednesday night the official update time. Which means Thursday morning is probably the best time to check for new pages. :)

05 November 2001: Basic About page is up.

31 October 2001: New pages: Cover 1 2
First update.