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Behold, the People of Blue.

Though at times overshadowed by their green-skinned counterparts, the Blue Peoples of fiction stand tall and proud, and at last get the recognition they have long deserved with this registry.

Perhaps surprisingly, the Blue Peoples often share many attributes in common. Most have some kind of mystical ability (magic, empathy, telepathy, telekinesis), and many have pointed ears or other elflike accoutrements.

If you know of a Blue People that is not included in this list, feel free to notify to suggest their inclusion. Keep in mind that to be accepted, a candidate must be:

  • Blue-Skinned - slightly purple or slightly blue-green is acceptable, but hair/fur and paint/tattoos don't count
  • Humanoid - or at least roughly so
  • A Group of People - a species or race, not an individual
  • Notable - should come from some recognizable published source

Before you submit a People, check the bottom of the page for a list of Honorable Mentions, that is, notable examples that may not quite meet one of the above criteria.


Key of Common Characteristics

- Mystic/Magic/Psionic
- Pointed Ears
- White Hair
- Beauty/Allure
- Matriarchy
- Aggressive/Militaristic
- Longevity/Regeneration
- Caste System

Alaerin (Legacy)

The Alaerin are a race of gigantic (10-12m tall) psionic, point-eared "near-humans" that populate many worlds in the Orion-Cygnus arm of the Milky Way. They originated on the world of Alarie, but were evidently engineered and seeded there, presumably by the same elder race that spread the wide variety of humanoids found throughout the galaxy. Alaerin blood is maroon, giving their skin a range of colors from blue to purple. Their large backward-tapering ears give them excellent hearing. The species is divided into two segments: females with the "hunter" gene that gives them greater size and strength, but suppresses psionic ability, and smaller males without this gene who have powerful telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Females outnumber males approximately 4 to 1. There is a small number of males with the hunter gene and females without it, but this represents only about 2% of the population. Alaerin live in clan-based societies composed of family groups, each consisting of a male, 2-4 mates and their offspring.

Altarians (Galactic Civilizations III)

The Altarians are a deeply religious race, and possess a unique history they claim was touched by powerful beings known as the Precursors. Kind and generous to a fault, their unique history means Altarians are prone to behaving more than a little self-righteously when dealing with other, lesser races. For some as yet unexplained reason, Altarians appear almost identical in appearance to Terrans. Altarian prophecy has spoken of the day they would one day meet their cousins, but few know if that prophecy had any to say about what would happen next. Altarians are careful researchers, generally content and influential with their neighbors. Their ships are known for being fast but fragile. In the third title in the series, the Altarian leader Akari Malara (pictured) has distinctly blue skin, but in previous titles the leaders had a more normal human complexion.

Amani (Tera)

The Amani are tough, powerful creatures with clawed hands and feet, great horned heads and gray skin with a bluish or purplish cast. Females are more human-looking, with long, dark or pale jets of braided hair. Created by the god Amarun to fight against the devas, the Amani were enslaved by the giants and further bred as warriors. Rescued from slavery by the goddess Kaia, Amani now value freedom above all else, and live with Kaia herself in their capital of Kaiator. Direct in speech and action, slow to trust, quick to anger, Amani are famed not only as warriors but also as skilled metal workers. Though some can use magic, it is not their forte. They have tough, damage-resistant flesh, and are difficult to knock off of their broad feet. The Amani today are important members of the Valkyon Federation.

Amazons (Chasing the Sunset)

This blue-skinned, blue-haired, all-female offshoot of elves lives in the appropriately-named "No-Man's Land." The Amazons have a well-deserved reputation as fierce and effective warriors. Many generations ago they were normal female elves who had formed their own all-female battalion so they could aid their warring people despite their culture's prohibition against female warriors. This "First Female Battalion" acquitted itself well in battle, but never could win over the trust of their male counterparts, and were eventually betrayed and exiled from their homeland. After a time of hardship and wandering, the Amazons eventually entered the service of a powerful but mysterious faerie entity, who transformed them into blue-skinned half-fey creatures who can now reproduce asexually (by laying eggs which then must be hatched at midnight). After a series of bloody wars in which the Amazons repelled several invasions of their new lands, the Amazons now live mostly undisturbed by outsiders, protected by the fearsome reputation they have earned.

Andalites (Animorphs)

Andalites have a centaur-like body configuration, with a humanoid upper body and a lower body similar to a deer. Their mouthless heads have large pointed ears and a pair of eyed tentacles. Their two upper arms end in seven-fingered hands, and their four lower limbs end in hoofs, with which they crush and feed on vegetation. They have a long tail which ends in a scythe-like blade which is used as an effective weapon. Their bodies are covered in fur, blue for the males and purple for the females. Andalites communicate via telepathy, and possess formidable technology, including the ability to physically transform into any organism whose DNA pattern can be absorbed through touch. Although the Andalites are benevolent by nature, they are locked in an unending war with the parasitic, mind-controlling Yeerks, who repaid Andalite kindness with aggression. Unable to spare forces to counter the Yeerk invasion of Earth, the Andalites have instead endowed a small group of human teenagers with their morphing ability, so that they may oppose the Yeerks on their own.

Andorians (Star Trek)

One of the founding members of the United Federation of Planets, Andorians have pale blue skin, white or silver hair, and a pair of antennae. They are self-described as passionate and aggressive. Their homeworld of Andoria is said to be cold, and Andorians have a wide range of temperatures at which they can survive. The antennae are explained as aiding in balance, and will grow back in 9 months if severed. The Aenar, a subspecies of the Andorians, are paler-skinned and have telepathic abilities. The Andorians disappeared from sight after the original series, reappearing only sporadically until they were resurrected and transformed in the Enterprise series. Unfortunately, the most famous Andorian in the whole milieu (Thelev from Journey to Babel) wasn't even an Andorian at all, but instead an Orion surgically altered to appear as Andorian.

Aquablue Natives (Aquablue)

These primitive inhabitants of an ocean planet (Aquablue) are noseless, hairless, and have gill slits where ears might be. They wear little more than loincloths and jewelry, females going conspicuously topless. They lived as peaceful fisherfolk until the arrival of an evil Terran corporation called Texec which began constructing destructive core-tap powerplants that threatened to send the planet into an ice age. Fortunately, the primitive fisherfolk had raised a human orphan (Nao) as one of their own, and he led them in revolt against his evil human brethren. He also took one of the natives (Mi-Nuee, pictured) as his wife, and they gave birth to a blond-haired hybrid son. Because, y'know, nature-loving blue aliens can't fight rapacious evil Earth corporations unless they have a human turncoat to show them how it's done.

Asari (Mass Effect)

An all-female (or rather mono-gendered), tentacle-haired, blue-skinned humanoid species, the Asari are natives of the planet Thessia. One of only three races on the ruling galactic Citadel Council, the Asari are able to mate through a form of parthenogenesis with individuals of any species or gender. As such, despite their position of authority as the senior member of the Council and ostensibly the most respected race in the known galaxy, they are apparently also regarded as the “loose women” of the galaxy, and seem to make up the majority of exotic dancers and high-end courtesans in Citadel space. They are long-lived, known to reach 1000 years of age or more. The Asari possess a form of telepathy (called “melding”) that they use in the mating process. All Asari are natural "biotics", meaning they have latent psionic talents that can be developed into formidable abilities.

Asmodians (Aion)

One of the two major factions of the shattered world of Atreia, the Asmodians are the "darker" faction, as opposed to their sworn enemies, the "lighter" elflike Elyos. Their harsh environment (Asmodae) has given the Asmodians characteristics similar to dark elves or demons -- ashen skin with a bluish or greenish hue, red eyes, clawed hands and feet, and sometimes pointed ears or even horns. There appears to be a great deal of individual variation among them, however; some look nearly human, while others nearly demonic. Similar to their Elyos counterparts, Asmodian Daevas are blessed with strength and the ability to fly, though their wings have darkened following many difficult years on Asmodae. They now follow the Shedim Lords, the five Empyrean Lords ordered by Siel and Israphel to protect the upper foundation of the Aion tower, the Tower of Darkness, and with them have established the city of Pandaemonium.

Atlanteans (Sub-Mariner)

The Atlanteans (also known as Homo mermanus) are an offshoot of humans, who adapted to underwater life in the ruins of the sunken realm of Atlantis. They have blue skin, pointed ears, and a pale membrane that protects the eyes. Hair is typically black or white. Atlanteans have gills for breathing underwater, and require special breathing apparatus when out of the water. They can withstand the cold and pressure of great depths, and are stronger and more robust than land-dwelling humans. Because of the limitation of their aquatic environment, the Atlanteans have little or no technology of their own, and live in a tribal, despot-ruled society. They have reacted to most human contact with overt hostility.

Aurin (Wildstar)

These diminutive natives of the forest world of Arboria have long furry tails and large rabbit-like ears. They are variously colored, with skin of pink, green or blue, and hair of almost any color. The females are smaller and more slender than humans, and the male Aurin are smaller still. Their society appears to be matriarchal, ruled by a female monarch. Good-natured and empathic, the Aurin were forest-dwelling hunters with a symbiotic relationship with the trees of their forest, and some possess formidable mental powers. Unfortunately, their kindness in helping the exiled Cassians of the Brightland rebellion against the Dominion was repaid by a Dominion assault on Arboria which inevitably forced the Aurin and their newly-crowned queen Myala Everstar to flee their homeworld. Currently they seek a new home on the newly-rediscovered, semi-legendary world of Nexus alongside the Cassian rebels and the other members of the Exile alliance.

Awoken (Destiny)

The Awoken are descendants of humans who abandoned Earth during the Collapse, the cataclysmic event that ended humanity's golden age. They fled to the far edges of known space to escape the Darkness, but something strange happened to them out there in the Black, leaving them permanently altered. The surviving Awoken have bluish-gray skin and bright-irised eyes, and command strange powers of mysterious origins. Awoken can experience visions in the form of dreams, and the Queen's Tech Witches possess powers of telepathy and illusion. Most Awoken now dwell in The Reef, a graveyard of the wrecked colony ships that attempted the exodus from Earth, located in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. There they established a reclusive matriarchal society, ruled by a queen (currently Mara Sov, pictured) and her cabal of Tech Witches. The Awoken of The Reef are notoriously unwelcome to visitors.

Baabians (Escape from Planet Earth)

These humanoid natives of the ringed planet Baab are comparatively small, with even larger specimens less than four feet in height, and have hairless blue skin and long tapered ears. They have four-fingered hands and a ridge that runs from the top down the back of the skull, which in females is elongated, fibrous and multicolored, appearing similar to human hair styled in a mohawk. Baabian society appears to be nearly identical to that of humans, though they are possessed of superior technology (they have mastered force fields and the awesome power of the Blubonium reactor). Though they routinely explore space, it appears that they do so largely for the entertainment value of the public at home; their BASA space organization is run like a television studio.

Barsam (Outsider)

The Barsam are large, powerfully built bipeds with tough, hairless leathery blue skin with white mottling. They have small yellow eyes with horizontally-slitted pupils, and their heads and limbs are festooned with bony spikes. They have digitigrade legs and a stubby vestigial tail. A healthy adult typically stands 2.3m tall, and weighs in excess of 150 kg (330 lbs). Barsam mature rapidly to adulthood and have robust generative capabilities that allow them to recover quickly from injury. Though these fearsome physical attributes do make them formidable warriors, and in the past their primitive ancestors had a bloody history of internal conflict, today the Barsam culture is a peaceful one that follows a religion of tolerance and inclusiveness, preaching that all sentient beings are brothers and should live in peace. Long-time allies of their distant relatives, the Loroi, the Barsam nation is now embroiled in the Loroi war against the Umiak, though most of their contribution is in terms of industrial and logistical support.

Benzites (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

Benzites are humanoids with hairless blue-gray skin and large pointed ears. In an oxygen atmosphere, Benzites require a breathing apparatus that is worn on the chest and reaches up to just in front of their mouth and nose slit. The slit is wider than the mouth and has four catfish-like projections. Their planet Benzar is not a member of the Federation, but the Benzites are allowed to apply to Starfleet Academy. Benzites have a quick, almost manic way of moving, and are very meticulous and eager to please. In contrast to Starfleet procedures, the Benzite space service calls for an officer to withhold the report of any unusual finding until a full analysis can be run and a resolution offered.

Blue Demons (Galaxy Quest)

Referred to in the script only as "blue demons," this squat humanoid species resides on the rocky planet Epsilon Gornier II. The size of human children, they have hairless, smooth mottled gray-blue skin, fan-shaped ears which fold to a pointed configuration, and large eyes that suggest nocturnal activity. Despite a "cute" appearance, the demons are voracious predators, and will cannibalize sick or injured individuals. The demons are intelligent, have mastered language and the concepts basic tool use (they know how to "hit it with a rock"), but their society seems feral, and they do not carry any belongings or even clothing.

Blues (Dungeons & Dragons)

Blues are a sub-species of Goblins with an innate knack for psionics. A blue is often smaller than an average Goblin, standing just about 3 feet tall and weighing about 40 pounds. Blues have noticeably blue-tinged skin, and their eyes are less dull than those of a common Goblin. Otherwise, they resemble their kin. They generally dress in short leather robes, dyed black. Blues speak Goblin and Common. They typically live among normal Goblin populations and support Goblin warriors in combat, sometimes as the leader of the gang.


Bolians (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

A Federation member race of humanoids, most distinguishable in appearance by the narrow yet distinctive ridgeline running at least from over the skull from the spine to the nose and down the neck. Bolian skin is blue, and so is their blood. They are usually hairless and have elongated earlobes. Though very few Bolians serve in Starfleet, they can be found in various places throughout the Federation, including on Earth. Bolians tongues have a cartilaginous lining that allows them to consume food too acidic or spoiled to be palatable to humans. Intimate relations between Bolians and humans can inflict the human with fatigue, nausea, and/or joint inflammation. So yes, Bolians are definitely the life of any party.

Brethren (Avengers)

This race of humanoid warriors was created by The Celestials from the bacteria of Omega Climion Six, to fight against their nemesis, the Eternals. Eventually the Celestials lost interest in their creation, who were set loose upon the galaxy. Pressed by their innate urge to destroy, the Brethren spread war throughout the galaxy, destroying civilizations on thousands of worlds. The Brethren are led by a hereditary despot, called the Thane. The royal family possess some limited telepathic abilities, which are used to control the bloodlust of their people. In Brethren tradition, native blood must be spilled on each new planetfall, and they normally take no prisoners, and abandon their own aged and infirm to die. Their holy text is forbidden to outsiders, and the truth of their artificial origin is kept secret except to the royal family. Brethren retain the ability of their ancestral organisms to revert to a giant amoeboid form, and a few can project energy beams from their eyes.

Centaurians (Sub-Mariner)

The nearby star system of Alpha Centauri contains several planets bearing humanoid species. Centauri IV is home to the Centaurians, who have blue skin, pointed ears, and a finlike red crest of hair that projects from the top of the skull and runs down the back of the head and neck. The males have marsupial-like pouches in their chests for carrying infants. The Centaurians are deeply mystical, worshipping the god Anthos. They possess an empathic ability that allows them to establish an intimate rapport with other life forms, though the more complex the organism, the more limited the empathic potential of the connection. The Centaurians have a roughly medieval level of technology and live in small hunter-gatherer family groups, proficient with the bow and knife. Their various Houses are organized into a Collective, which in turn is jointly led by a female Matriarch.

Chiss (Star Wars: Heir to the Empire)

Chiss are blue-skinned humanoids with dark hair and glowing red eyes from the planet Csilla. They are not usually Force-sensitive. The Chiss species remains a mystery to most of the galaxy; completely removed from the Galactic Republic, these blue-skinned humanoids evolved an advanced civilization known as the Chiss Ascendancy in the Unknown Regions of space. During the late days of the Sith exile, the Chiss became the first official allies of the Sith Emperor. In the years that followed, the Chiss assisted the Sith Empire in the invasion of Republic space. In later years when Palpatine reestablished the Empire, the Chiss would again emerge to assist the Sith Emperor.

Crescendolls (Interstella 5555)

An unnamed blue-skinned alien race is the source of this group of musicians kidnapped and brought to Earth to perform as an enslaved rock band in this hour-long animated Daft Punk music video. Not surprisingly, the character designer is Reiji Matsumoto of Space Battleship Yamato, for whom any respectable alien species is, of course, blue. In the video, the Crescendolls (which is the new name given to the band) are transformed to look like humans and apparently robbed of their free will, but they are rescued at length by a member of their race who discovered their abduction and pursued in his guitar-shaped spacecraft. The Crescendolls are freed and restored to their native blueness, though at the cost of their unnamed rescuer's life.

Dark Elves (various)

Sometimes called "Drow," these fallen versions of elves are found in many different fantasy settings. They often live underground and when abnormally colored usually have grayed skin, either light or very dark, sometimes with a bluish or greenish hue, and typically white or black hair. Whatever the specific form, Dark Elves are usually long-lived and have great aptitude with magic, which they may increase through unsavory bargains with dark powers. Like most elves, they are usually beautiful (though some have transmuted themselves into monstrous forms). The Drow of Dungeons & Dragons have very dark, almost black skin. In the webcomic DrowTales, some of the Drow appear bluish (apparently these are a subrace, known as the Drowusse or “gray drow.”) The Dark Elves of the Lineage series have very large ears and grayish skin with a slight blue cast. The Dark Elves of Baldur's Gate are also noticeably blue. Dark Elves in the Elder Scrolls series (called "Dunmer") are gray-blue, though more vampiric-looking and with red eyes. The Dark Elves of Marvel's Svartalfheim (Thor, Hercules) are distinctly blue.

Dark Nebula Empire (Yamato New Voyage)

Also translated as "Black Nebula Empire" (the Japanese name is Ankoku Seidan Teikoku), they are an aggressive, imperialistic nation that attacked Gamilas and Iscandar and then successfully invaded Earth itself. Individuals are characterized by blue skin and black-irised eyes with blue sclera, but they are actually cyborgs, having given up the pleasures of human flesh in exchange for longevity. The capital of their empire is the artificial planet Dezariamu, disguised as a future version of Earth for some reason, and sits at the vortex of a dark nebula which keeps two galaxies from colliding. There’s also some nonsense about the nebula being made of Dark Matter.

Deingil (Final Yamato)

Last in a series of aggressive blue-skinned alien races that attacked Earth, the Deingil are descendants of ancient Earthlings, rescued some 10,000 years ago by unknown aliens when Earth was first flooded by the passing of the mystical water-world of Aquarius. Unfortunately, in the present, the planet Deingil is visited again by Aquarius and destroyed when it is flooded. The survivors are a warrior race who believe only the strong should survive, and they proceed to attack Earth (naturally). Emperor Lugal (pictured) hatches a nefarious plan to warp Aquarius into Earth's path, then take over after it has flooded the planet. They never explained why a flooded Earth would be any better to live on than a flooded planet Deingil... but anyhow... the Deingil have an effective beam shield, and the dreaded “hyper-radiation missile” torpedo used to deadly effect against the Yamato and the Earth fleet in their first encounter.

Delvians (Farscape)

A sentient and mobile species of plant with a humanoid form and mottled blue skin. Most are hairless. Though they are plants, Delvians require food (including meat); though they respond favorably to strong sunlight (they call it a "photogasm"), it's not clear whether they actually photosynthesize. Most Delvians follow a spiritual discipline known as the Delvian Seek, the priests (Pa'u) of which can attain empathic and telepathic abilities through extensive meditation. Pa'u are also famous for their skill with sensual techniques (and for their corresponding sexual appetites). Delvian society is apparently ruled by these priests in a form of theocracy.

Devas (Hindu mythology)

The human forms of the various Hindu Devas or deities are usually depicted in religious artwork as having blue skin. Examples include Shiva and the various avatars of Vishnu (including Krishna). Being gods, the Devas naturally are immortal and possess various supernatural abilities, and are also typically notable for their beauty (Shiva, depicted at right, is a male Deva) and sexual prowess. Note that the female deities are called Devi, and are generally not depicted as blue, but instead have a normal skin color. Certain Devas are often depicted as having multiple sets of arms. Devas are often in conflict with their malevolent counterparts, the Asuras.

Divas (The Fifth Element)

The alien singer Plava Laguna is described as a "Diva," but it's not clear whether this is the name of her species or just her title; I will refer to the species as Divas for the sake of convenience. Divas are blue-skinned and very tall, with elongated heads that are hairless but sprout three tentacles on each side. Their blood is also blue. In the novelization, it is said that the Diva sings only once every ten years, and that the song only lasts for five minutes, and is totally captivating to anyone who hears it. She is also specified to be telepathic, and there is an empathic contact between she and Leeloo during the Diva Dance fight scene. (“Plava laguna” is Serbian/Croatian for “blue lagoon”, a reference to Fifth Element star Milla Jovovich’s film debut, and also a favorite Croatian vacation spot of director Luc Besson.)

Djinn (various)

Also known as Jinni or Genies, the djinn (singular djinni) are supernatural creatures of fire, able to take physical form. Djinn are mentioned frequently in the Quran, alongside angels and humans, as the only three intelligent creations of Allah. Like human beings, djinn have free will and can be good or evil. The Muslim equivalent of the devil is the djinni Iblis, who defied Allah and refused to bow to Adam; Iblis and his followers are known as the Shaitan or Shayatin. Djinn typically have magical abilities, and are often depicted as blue-skinned humanoids, sometimes with pointed ears and/or taloned fingers. In the Muslim tradition, djinn society closely resembles that of humankind, and is ruled by the most powerful among them, the giant Marid and the winged Ifrit.

Draenei (World of Warcraft)

Descendants of the ancient Eredar of the planet Argus, the exiled Draenei bear the classic demonic features of their now-demonic ancestors: horns, hoofed feet, pointed ears and tails. However, the Draenei are as holy as the Eredar are evil, and dedicate themselves to the Light, aiding the Alliance on Azeroth and in Outland against the demonic Burning Legion. Draenei all have inherent magic healing abilities, and many delve into more sophisticated forms of magic use. Males are much larger than the females. The Draenei revere the Naaru, ancient beings of the Light, and follow their teachings closely. Various degenerate offshoots of the Draenei, now known as the Broken and Lost Ones, can be found at various locations in Azeroth and Outland.

Drazi (Babylon 5)

The Drazi are a famously ill-tempered alien species with scaly blue skin and thick, prominent skull ridges. Drazi are described as egg-laying hermaphrodites, with their reproductive organs located in a pouch under the left arm. The Drazi homeworld of Zhabar is hot and arid, the Drazi spending most of their time out of doors in the open air. Architecture on Zhabar emphasizes open balconies and narrow, crowded streets, to frustrate the use of armored vehicles in their many civil wars. The Drazi ruling council, known as the Shadak, is dissolved every five years, and reformed only at the conclusion of a ritual civil war. The Drazi Freehold was a member of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds, and the formidable Drazi military became an important weapon in the war against the Centauri and their Shadow overlords.

Drej (Titan A.E.)

The Drej are mechanical-looking blue beings of pure energy, roughly humanoid in in terms of body layout, with elongated heads and a weapon in place of one arm. The Drej are a hostile species who apparently control much of known space. They have been engaged in a war to destroy humanity, supposedly because they fear that humanity will eventually evolve into a serious threat to them. They have succeeded in destroying Earth, and now hunt the survivors of humanity throughout the galaxy. Though the Drej are composed of pure energy, they can interact with physical objects and receive damage from weaponry (though they can quickly regenerate if not destroyed). The Drej appear to be led by a sort of "queen" that is larger than the normal soldiers. The Drej language makes a muffled, rumbling sound.

Drow: see Dark Elves

Dunmer: see Dark Elves

Duros (Star Wars)

The Duros have large red eyes, and hairless skin of gray-green, blue-green, or in some cases blue. They have long, knobby fingers. In ancient times, the Duros' ancestors were slaves to the Rakata empire, and toiled to create the ancient Star Forge. Following the destruction of the Rakata due to plague, the Duros became one of the first of the modern races to develop hyperdrive, and later were one of the founding members of the Galactic Republic. Their home planet of Duro has become a mostly uninhabitable, polluted wasteland, and so the Duros live primarily in orbital cities above the surface. The starship yards in the Duro system rival even those in Corellia. Duros are famous as star pilots and adventurers, and occasionally, bounty hunters.

Elerians (Master of Orion 2)

Elerians are a blue-skinned, pointed-eared, telepathic species from the terrestrial world of Draconis. Their society is matriarchal, and to date only females are allowed to join the military. Those who do are provided with the best possible training; therefore, Elerian ships gain a defensive and offensive bonus in combat. While the females fight, the all-male philosopher class has developed incredible mental powers. Their meditations have produced remote knowledge of every system in the galaxy, and their telepathic powers are second to none. The Elerians' social structure is strengthened by a Feudal government in which only the female warriors hold positions of power; this rigid social structure sharply limits the rate of Elerian technological advancement.

Elfanoid (Wonders of the Universe)

An elflike humanoid species with blue skin, pointed ears and fanged canine teeth. They are depicted with three-fingered clawed hands (though the Humans in the show only have four-fingered hands, so it's not clear whether this is an abstraction). The Elfanoid are haughty and look down on Humans as inferior, but it's fair to point out that nearly all of the alien races in the show do the same; Humans appear to have a very low social status in this milieu, having destroyed their own civilization with the creation of the evil "Internets." The name "Elfanoid" is likely a placeholder, not mentioned in the show itself, but instead found on the character designer's deviantArt page... but in the absence of an official name it will have to do for now.

Eredar: see Draenei

Ether Tribe (Ka-Zar)

Also known as Ethereals, these are beings of pure energy. In physical form, they appear as blue-skinned, pointed-eared humanoids with red eyes. They appear naked, though without genitalia, and their skin is covered with striped blue markings. An Ethereal can transform himself (or herself) into a form of energy, becoming invisible and allowing flight and movement at great speed. Ethereals can absorb energy or unleash it in bolts at an opponent. The Ether Tribe live in a region of Antarctica called The Savage Land, heated to a tropical temperature by volcanic activity. This land is populated by ancient species such as dinosaurs, along with numerous hominid species and human-animal hybrids. Living hidden from the other tribes for many eons, the Ether Tribe re-emerged when the Savage tribes attempted to make contact with modern humanity, and are devoted to stopping this contact at any cost.

Evon (Master of Orion 3)

The Evon (pronounced "EE-von") are a pointed-eared humanoid species, distantly related to both the Humans and Psilons (and, presumably, the Elerians). Their people are easily recognized by their iridescent blue-black skin and shimmering gown-like clothing, and their cities and structures are elaborate and ornate, revealing an intricacy in design that seems to parallel everything that they do. They are both mystical and mysterious, a society rich in ceremony and ritual, evoking questions that they will not readily answer. This extreme secrecy has hampered their diplomatic relations with their Orion Sector neighbors. Similarly, the Evon devotion to ritual has limited the creativity of their researchers.

Frost Giants: see Jotuns

Frostlings (Age of Wonders)

A race of humanoids from the cold northern reaches of Athla, most are diminutive and pale in complexion, with large blue eyes. After the Second Age of Wonders, the Frostlings retreated into the snows and interbred with the native Frost Witches, developing a resistance to cold and some frost magic abilities. Frostlings have become skilled seafarers and conduct frequent raids from the sea on warmer lands, and have gained a reputation as barbarians. Those with strongest Frost Witch blood are taller than their brethren, with blue skin and white hair, and sometimes have formidable magical abilities. Frostling reverence for the Frost Witches has led them to adopt a matriarchal society of clans ruled by Ice Queens, each owing fealty to a High Queen. Men with strong Frost Witch blood become Royal Guards, utilizing their frost magic to transform themselves into beings of ice, to better protect the all-important Frostling women.

Frost Vrykul: see Vrykul

Galra (Beast King Go-Lion)

The Galra Empire (called the Drule Empire in the English version, Voltron) is an aggressive, despotic nation that, under the rule of Emperor Daibazaal, has conquered and enslaved much of the galaxy. The Galra themselves are humanoid with pointed ears and cat-like yellow eyes, and skin of a purplish-blue hue that ranges from pale to very dark (especially in the lower classes). Some Galra have a bony ridge that runs down the center of the crown of the skull. Galra society is divided into a ruling class, warrior and worker castes, and a population of slaves (mostly captured from other cultures). In addition to their high technology, some Galra have the command of occult powers, and use them to transmogrify animals or individuals into "beastmen," or gigantic monsters (suitable for a giant robot to fight) which are then set loose on whichever planet the Galra would like to destroy. After the Galra had successfully destroyed Earth, the remaining human survivors fled to the planet Altea where they gained the use of the ancient robot weapon Go-Lion, with which they helped the Alteans to frustrate the advance of the Galra Empire.

Gamilas (Space Battleship Yamato)

Called “Gamilons” in the English version Star Blazers. The first of a series of imperialistic blue-skinned alien empires to attack Earth, they sought to find a replacement for their dying world of Gamilas, but had also carved out a sizable interstellar empire. Under the direction of their dictator Leader Dessler (a.k.a. Desslok), the Gamilas bombarded Earth with radioactive weapons and pushed humanity to the brink of extinction. Unfortunately, Queen Starsha of neighboring Iscandar aided humanity with gifts of technology, and the rebuilt Earth battleship Yamato voyaged to Gamilas and utterly devastated the planet with its deadly hadō hō ("wave motion gun"). After surviving the catastrophe and failing (in several attempts) to gain revenge on the humans, Dessler eventually learned to respect his enemy and abandoned ruined Gamilas to take command of imperial holdings elsewhere. In time, he would become one of Earth's most important allies.

Gar (Masters of the Universe)

The Gar are a race of blue-skinned humanoids with pointed ears who lived in the land of Eternia. A thousand years in the past, the Gar were a noble race of philosophers and craftsmen, originating from the now-deserted island of Anwat-Gar, who were close allies of King Grayskull. However, the Gar Adi of the Council of Elders received a prophecy that Grayskull's future progeny would eventually lead the world to ruin. Shortly after the celebration in which the King celebrated his victory over the evil Hordak, the Adi led a coup that assassinated Grayskull. Since then, the Gar seem to have fallen into ruin, and few remain, including the temple guardian Sy-klone, the wicked sorceress Shokoti (pictured), and the half-Gar alchemist Keldor (a.k.a. Skeletor).

Gargoyles (Disney’s Gargoyles)

In the Disney-produced series of the same name, gargoyles are a type of magical nocturnal creatures that turn to stone during the day. Gargoyles have pointed ears, wings, tails, fanged teeth, clawed hands and feet, come in a variety of colors (including blue), and a variety of shapes, some having the appearance of various animals, sporting horns, beaks, etc. In Scotland in the Middle Ages, the gargoyles lived alongside humans in a cooperative relationship, but they were betrayed and nearly exterminated, the few survivors frozen in stone. Reawakened in modern New York City, the gargoyles are now split into two factions: the first, led by Goliath, try to find a new way of life cooperating with humans in the present. The second faction, led by Goliath's former lover Demona (pictured), cannot forgive human treachery and desire only the destruction of humanity.

Genasi (Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms)

Genasi are "plane-touched," that is, hybrid offspring of humans and genies or elementals, infused with elemental magic. Physically powerful and cunning, a Genasi's appearance varies by elemental type, their bodies etched with szuldar, lines of energy that glow in a color associated with the individual's element. Windsoul Genasi, descended from djinns and infused with the power of air, typically have blue szuldar, light blue or pale white skin, pale or blue hair or even crystals in lieu of hair, and may have pointed ears. As hybrids, Genasi do not have a unified culture, but are instead individuals spread amongst the various human cultures. Due to their affinity for elemental magic, Windsoul Genasi make superb conjurers and evokers.

Gors (Aelita)

These humanoid inhabitants of Mars have blue skin, silver hair and a rudimentary third eye. They were once telepathic, but have since lost this ability with the advance of technology. Gors are descendants of the native Martians and Atlanteans from Earth (who arrived after the sinking of their home continent). Their society is a heavily stratified technocracy with a large gap between the working and ruling classes; the workers are almost slaves, living in underground corridors near their machines, while the ruling Engineers wield almost theological power. Mars faces an ecological crisis; falling temperatures are reducing the critical flow of water from the melt of the ice caps. Martian society is thrown into turmoil when the flames of worker revolt are fanned by the visit of a pair of Earthlings from the fledgling Soviet Union.

Granok (Wildstar)

Originating on the planet Gnox, the Granok are hulking creatures of living stone. They vary widely in appearance, with differing rocky protuberances, and stony flesh ranging from gray to green to bright blue. Prior to alien contact, the Granok lived in primitive, scattered tribes following their Way of Stone, a stoic, conservative, martial lifestyle. Contacted by agents of the sinister Dominion who sought Granok fealty, the stubborn Granok responded by sending the ambassadors back in pieces. This resulted in a prompt Dominion invasion of Gnox, which Granok partisans (after coopting Dominion weapons and technologies) were able to repel. However, these partisans' reward for fighting with technological tools (in violation of the Way of Stone) was to be branded as traitors and exiled from Gnox. Having taken to the stars, these Granok live as mercenaries and have joined the other Exiles in the Free Companies of Nexus, seeking to settle their score with the Dominion on this new untamed planet.

Guardians of the Universe: see Oans

Hera-seijin (Dragonball Z)

The people known only as the Race of Hera (Hera-seijin) are the remnants of a humanoid species that lived on the planet Hera, now presumed to be destroyed. They have greenish-blue skin, pointed ears, and orange hair. A small group of survivors, known as the Galaxy Soldiers, survive as pirates and mercenaries under the leadership of the infamous space pirate Bojack. Most of the Galaxy Soldiers have mystical fighting powers, and some have the ability to transform into a "full power" state, similar to the Saiyans and their ability to transform into "Super Saiyan" mode, in which their powers are increased. Bojack brought his people to Earth's World Martial Arts tournament with the goal of destroying every fighter on Earth (and thus clearing the way to galactic conquest), but led himself and the last of his race to destruction at the hands of the Human/Saiyan hybrid fighter, Gohan. 

Ice Elves (Thor)

Ice Elves are a subspecies of the Light Elves that reside in the frozen portion of Alfheim. They have vibrant blue skin, hair and eyes. The Ice Elves were revealed when one of their palaces was wiped out by the Ano-Athox warlord Uthana Thoth. Light Elves possess superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, and reflexes. Additionally, they have a penchant for archery. Not to be confused with the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim, who are also blue.

Jentek (Alien Legion)

The Jentek are native to Belgar II in the Auron Galaxy. Genetically engineered long ago as slave stock to meet the rigors of a heavy gravity environment, the Jentek have a humanoid upper torso above and a long prehensile tail below which they use for movement. The tip of the tail contains a set of retractable blades which can serve as a dangerous weapon in close combat, and the Jentek have developed formidable martial arts which make optimal use of this natural weapon. Jentek have large pointed ears, and each of their two hands has two fingers and an opposable thumb. When the Galarchy took control of Belgar II, slavery was abolished and the freed Jentek were granted citizenship in the Union.


Jotuns (Thor)

Also known as the Frost Giants, these blue-skinned, red-eyed, ten-foot-tall giants live in the frozen regions of Jotunheim. They are physically very powerful and extremely long-lived. Although they can withstand the normal temperatures to be found in Asgard and in the temperate regions of Earth, intense heat causes them to shrink in size rapidly, as if melting. Long exposure to cold will eventually cause them to grow back to their previous size. The frost giants' powers are strongest in their own realm of Jotunheim, presumably due at least in part to the frigid climate of much of the realm. The Frost Giants are foremost among the enemies of the Asgardian gods, and are an aggressive, warring people. At least some frost giants have the power to create magical illusions; in particular, Utgard-Loki, the Frost Giant monarch, is a master of sorcery.

Kalonians (Lensman)

The Kalonians are a blue-skinned, blue-eyed, blue-haired humanoid species possessing formidable psionic and telepathic abilities. Kalonian males dress in finery of blue and purple with gold jewelry and daggers. Kalonian society is an extreme patriarchy; female Kalonians exist only to produce Kalonian men. Kalonians are a member of Boskone, a vast hierarchy of evil that conspires to wrest control of the universe from Civilization's Galactic Patrol and its psionic Lensmen. Superficially, Boskone seems like a criminal syndicate, engaging in piracy, smuggling, drugs, corruption, and nearly any form of vice. But in truth they are a trans-galactic empire devoted to autocracy and unrestrained struggle for power, directed, through a complex network of proxies and hidden relationships, by an ancient evil unseen and unknown even by most of their minions: the immortal, inhuman, other-dimensional Eddorians. Cold, cruel, keen and "hellishly capable," Kalonians serve as important agents for their unseen masters, as notable leaders at many points throughout the Boskone hierarchy, as psionic "Black Lensmen," and even as officers in the space fortresses guarding the planet Eddore itself.

Kiwi (Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers)

The Kiwi are short, squat bluish-purple aliens with large glassy eyes and large bat-like ears. They live in peaceful, rural farming communities on the bucolic planet Kirwin, which is protected by a powerful energy shield. The Kiwi came into conflict with the sinister Crown Empire when they offered sanctuary on Kirwin to the Girkins, another sentient species driven nearly to extinction by the Crown. The Girkins are ideal for the creation of psycho-crystals, which are used by the Crown to power their Slaver Lord agents. Pressed to the limit by the formidable Crown forces, the Kiwi and their Andorian allies (no relation to the Star Trek Andorians) turned to Earth for help, providing humanity with technologies for hyperdrive and powerful cybernetic implants. Once humanity had joined the fight, however, the Crown discovered that humans were nearly as good as Girkins for the creation of psycho-crystals...

Koumazoku (Shinrabansho)

The Koumazoku or "Imperial Demon Clan" are creatures from the demon realms, typically with blue skin, pointed ears, horns, tails, wings, and yellow eyes with black sclera. The demons have been summoned into the mortal realm and organized into the Imperial Demon Clan by the usurper Masterion. From his base in the Central Kingdom, his demon armies implement his plan for the destruction of the four nations of the earth and domination of the world. Demon Clan members have magical abilities, and attributes of all four of the earthly clans: horns (Holy Dragon Clan), a tail (Beast Fang Clan), wings (Flying-Heaven Clan), and armored shells (Armored-Gauze Clan). Demon General Astaroth (pictured) has a special ability called gekkahyoujin ("lunar calamity ice blade") and commands legions of lower-ranking (but still powerful) Gyuuki demons, which have a more beast-like appearance than their succubus-like overlord.

Kree (Fantastic Four)

The Kree are an ancient race of humanoid aliens whose empire has dominated more than a thousand worlds across the Large Magellanic Cloud. Purebred Kree have blue skin, but the majority of the race have interbred with other humanoids and have human-colored flesh. Kree range from 5 to 8 feet in height, and have great strength and toughness due to having evolved on a high-gravity world (Hala). The Kree were given high technology nearly one million years ago by the green-skinned Skrulls, but the Kree resented their benefactors and the two civilizations have been at war ever since. Some Kree (notably females) have psionic abilities, including the ability to influence the minds of others, and in some cases, to drain the life force of others. The Kree Empire is ruled as a military dictatorship from the capital (Kree-Lar) by the Supreme Intelligence, an immense computer system that has been augmented with the preserved brains of Kree's greatest minds.

Loroi (Outsider)

Loroi are a blue-skinned telepathic species with pointed ears. They have hair of a wide variety of colors, and some individuals can have formidable psychokinetic abilities. Loroi society is matriarchal (males being only about 10% of the population) and ruled by the female warrior class. Loroi individuals are famous for their beauty and longevity (potentially living for 400 years or more), however the Loroi nation is equally infamous for its aggressive militarism and tendency to dominate its neighbors. The Loroi claim to be descended from the Soia, an ancient precursor race that left many blue-fleshed organisms biochemically related to the Loroi scattered through known space. The Loroi now control a vast empire, but are currently locked in a 25-year-long war against their bitter rivals, the insectoid Umiak.

Magellans (Polaris Sector)

The Magellans are an ancient, technologically advanced humanoid species originally from the Large Magellanic Cloud. They have cat-like eyes, and blue-purple hair and skin, but are otherwise nearly identical to humans (to the point where the two species can interbreed). Female births outnumber males by more than a thousand to one. Magellan society is deeply spiritual and values aesthetics and grace above nearly all else; Magellans as a group have a reputation for kindness and peaceful behavior. In Magellan religion, it is taught that the race is descended from supernatural beings who dwelt in the Magellanic cloud, and their descendants migrated to the Milky Way either as a punishment or a quest (depending on which religious school is doing the teaching).

Maltusians: see Guardians of the Universe

Mazone (Space Pirate Captain Harlock)

The Mazone are a race of humanoid plant beings from a star system beyond the Andromeda galaxy. Most appear to be female, though because the species reproduces asexually, appearance of gender would seem to be superficial. Mazone are variously depicted as blue, white, or green-skinned. When a Mazone dies, the corpse spontaneously combusts in a gout of blue flame, leaving nothing but ashes. The Mazone visited Earth in the distant past, possibly taking a hand in the development of Humanity; now that their own home system has been destroyed by a supernova, the Mazone are back, as invaders. Ruled by Queen Lafresia, as cruel as she is beautiful, the Mazone have become ruthless in search of a new home. Catching Earth at a time of decadence and carelessness, the only force capable of responding to the Mazone invasion is... the Space Pirate Captain Harlock's vessel Arcadia.

Merewif (Bravest Warriors)

The Merewif (also spelled "Merwhiff" in the comic version) are aquatic creatures with blue skin and pointed ears, and a mermaid-like tail that replaces the legs while in water. They come from the idyllic purple world of Mirvahda. Plum (pictured) has three-fingered hands and two-toed feet in the animated series, but is depicted with four-fingered hands in the comic. The Merewif have a telepathic ritual called the "Mere-vo", in which a couple switch bodies for a limited period. Merewif individuals are equally at home in and out of the water, though their skin gets dry and itchy if out of water for too long. Plum also has a second brain which houses an ancient personality; it's not clear whether this is a standard Merewif feature.

Merfolk (Magic: The Gathering)

Merfolk are a creature type that almost exclusively uses Blue mana, provided by islands. The various Merfolk groups differ greatly in appearance: some look like traditional mermaids with humanoid upper bodies and fishlike tails; others (Merrows) have a much more fishlike appearance in their heads and upper bodies, with scaly or spiny protrusions, tentacles or tendrils; more recent releases tend to look more humanoid, with legs instead of tails. Many are blue-green or blue in color. Most have pointed or finlike ears. Though from many different planes and subcultures, Merfolk are described as universally warlike and aggressive. Tribes of Merfolk include the Merrows, Selkies, Silvergills, Rootwaters, and Vodalians (among others).

Mordesh (Wildstar)

Elflike humanoids from the planet Grismara, the Mordesh suffer from a species-wide degenerative disease which was the result of alchemical attempts at immortality. Mordesh have numerous mechanical prostheses covering parts of their bodies in advanced states of decay, and have pocked flesh of a variety of unhealthy colors, including purple, green, and blue. Though the quick work of Mordesh scientists was able to slow the progress of the disease and temporarily prevent the entire race from devolving into mindless cannibalistic zombies, Grismara was quarantined and expelled from the Dominion. Seeking a cure for this disease on the legendary Eldan planet of Nexus, the Mordesh have joined the other Exiles in their fight for control of that planet against the Dominion.

Na’vi (Avatar)

Very tall (3m), beast-eared, mottled/striped blue-skinned natives of the moon Pandora in the Alpha Centauri A system. The Na'vi have a tendril protruding from the backs of their heads which appears to be a braid of hair, but is actually neural connector that allows them to connect empathically to each other and to other Pandora organisms that have similar connectors. Though the Na'vi are technologically primitive, they can use this neural link to ride or control various organisms to dangerous effect, and they are themselves physically formidable giants. The Na'vi came into conflict with humanity when corporate interests found "unobtanium" on Pandora and began to ruthlessly mine it without regard to ecological damage or disruption of Na'vi communities.

Namaran (Dark Nova)

The Namaran are a human offshoot with blue-to-indigo tinted skin, amber eyes and elongated (though not pointed) ears. Adapted to the darker environment of their homeworld Tsurik, Namaran have improved low-light vision and hearing. Namaran have a form of hereditary memory, able to pass a parent's skills to offspring of the same gender. The Namaran are most noted amongst humans for their physical beauty and their aggressive, warlike nature; the Namaran culture is highly militaristic and dictatorial, not unlike that of ancient Sparta on Earth. The Namaran have on several occasions repelled invading forces with superior technological capabilities, including the Kraegarym and the Khurian Empire.

Nakai (Stargate Universe)

These aliens have semi-transparent blue skin and glowing eyes. They are tall but not physically robust (as even wimpy Dr. Rush was able to subdue one with his bare hands), but are very technologically advanced, with hyperspace-capable ships, and devices that allow them to probe the minds of others, quickly learning languages and basic information. However, they are still not as advanced as the Ancients, and so have shown great interest in the Destiny (an automated starship, constructed by the Ancients, boarded accidentally by a group of humans). Little is known about the Nakai, since most contact has been indirect, through the means of an Ancient device that allows the swapping of consciousnesses. They seem naturally hostile, ignoring most attempts to communicate with them and reacting to most situations with violence.

Neosapiens (Exosquad)

A genetically engineered offshoot of humans, Neosapiens are very large and powerfully built (2 to almost 3 meters tall), with hairless blue skin, lumpy ridged skulls, and four-digit hands and feet. Though individuals have male or female external characteristics, Neosapiens are sterile and reproduce only through artificial methods. Individuals bear a distinguishing "brood mark" on the forehead. The Neosapiens were engineered as slave labor for the terraforming efforts on Mars and Venus. Though superior in strength and sensory acuity to humans, Neosapiens lack creativity and imagination. Nevertheless, they eventually rebelled against humanity and gained nominal control of Mars, but still lived as second-class citizens, denied many freedoms afforded to most humans. This continued oppression inevitably led to a second rebellion, during which the Neosapiens used their artificial reproduction techniques to create several specialized sub-races or "broods," including the brain-enhanced Neo Megas, and the beast-like Neo Warriors and Neo Lords.

Neridi (Outsider)

Neridi are small (80-100cm tall) blue-skinned bipedal creatures with large disc-like yellow eyes, elongated heads and large floppy ears. The bucolic world of Derro serves as the Neridi capital, but they are not native to this world. The Neridi share similar biochemistry with two other sentient alien species in the same region of space (the Loroi and Barsam); this suggests that all three are descendants of much more ancient species from a different part of the galaxy. Having been allies with the Loroi since the early days of starflight, the Neridi now form an important part of the Union that includes the Loroi, Barsam, and a number of others. Neridi are well known for being convivial and unassuming, and have operated successfully and profitably in the shadow the militaristic Loroi as merchants and administrators. Neridi have adopted many Loroi standards and customs, and even use Loroi Trade as a primary language within their own borders. They have colonized many new worlds (some jointly with the Loroi) and are now the second most numerous race in the Union. The are currently, along with the rest of the Union, embroiled in a desperate genocidal war against the oppressive, insectoid Umiak Hierarchy.

Nexellans (Tinpot Hobo)

Nexellans are powerfully-built humanoids with blue skin and pointed ears. M'Shindi Skath (pictured) is from the homeworld of Modi Nexella. M'shindi has worked on several starships as an engineer-for-hire, most recently having made her home on the starship Rendezvous. Like many freelance workers, however, 'Shin is finding herself unable to compete with the large corporations that are becoming prevalent throughout the galaxy. Now serving aboard the Tinpot Hobo as a freelance engineer, 'Shin is kind-hearted, fiercely loyal and a highly capable individual.

Night Elves (Warcraft III)

Called Kaldorei in their own Darnassian tongue, the forest-dwelling Night Elves are the original elves of Azeroth (from whom the later High Elves descended). They are taller than humans and have blue or purple skin, luminous eyes, and very long pointed ears. Night Elves are inherently magical and have the ability to "shadowmeld," or to become invisible in a dark area. Night Elves seek to live in harmony with nature, and worship the moon goddess Elune. Once reclusive and native to the western continent of Kalimdor, since the Third War have become members of the Grand Alliance and can be found throughout Azeroth. Once immortal, the Night Elves have since lost their longevity with the destruction of the world-tree Nordrassil in the war, though they are currently regrowing it. Night Elves can use druidic, holy or arcane magic (though the latter is frowned upon). The females tend to be the soldiers (called Sentinels), while males are more often druids. The Night Elves are led jointly by High Priestess of Elune Tyrande Whisperwind and her mate, Archdruid Malfurion Stormrage.

Nightborne (World of Warcraft: Legion)

Nightborne (or Shal'dorei) are descendants of the original ancient Night Elves, who chose to remain secluded in the the Broken Isles after the Great Sundering separated them from their brethren in what became Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. Spending ten thousand years in isolation within the city of Suramar in the vicinity of the Nightwell (a font of arcane power analogous to the Sunwell of the High Elves) transformed the Nightborne into formidable users of arcane magic, but who became addicted to the Nightwell's power. Nightborne sustain themselves by drinking arcwine, which is fortified by the power of the well; deprived of this sustenance, they wither into the Nightfallen, eventually succumbing to madness and death. With the return of the Burning Legion to Azeroth, Nightborne Grand Magistrix Elisande surrendered to the Legion and lowered Suramar's protective shield, making the Nightborne part of the world again. The Broken Isles would become a battleground between the Legion invaders (aided by their Nightborne servants) and the rest of the peoples of Azeroth.

Oans (Green Lantern)

Also known as the Guardians of the Universe, this is an all-male group of short, blue-skinned, pointed-eared humanoids with white or black hair. Originating on the planet Maltus billions of years ago, the Maltusians were among the first intelligent life forms in the universe. Over the ages they evolved formidable psionic abilities, becoming functionally immortal. When their power became too great for their children to responsibly manage (Maltus became a wasteland through abuse of these psionic powers), the Maltusians stopped reproducing and segregated themselves by gender, the males relocating to the planet Oa (at "the center of the Universe"). The male Oans devoted themselves to passionless science, and founded the Green Lantern Corps, an intergalactic police force. The female Maltusians, however, refused to abandon passion and relocated to the planet Zamaron, where they developed a martial culture and created their own rival Lantern Corps, known as the Star Sapphires (see: Zamarons).

Okaarans (New Teen Titans)

In ancient times, the natives of Okaara, the 13th of the 25 planets in the Vega system, were a yellow-skinned humanoid people. After tampering by the advanced Psions, who attempted to cross-breed the peaceful Okaarans with the savage, warlike Branx, the result was a modified species of Okaarans, both more aggressive in nature, and some with unexplained powers. Current Okaarans have heavy brows, brutish noses and tusks that protrude from the lower jaw. They have no ears, and skin of yellow or blue. The Okaarans' penchant for violence has led to endless conflicts that laid waste to much of Okaara and several of the planets of the Vega system, but also to the development of a martial culture which has become respected throughout the galaxy, to the point where Okaara is now a destination for heroes seeking training in the martial arts.

Orlandans (Missile to the Moon)

"Orlanda" is a dying humanoid society on the Moon that has somehow become exclusively female. These space sirens have names like Alpha, Lambda and Zema, walk around in silk underwear and spiked heels and are ruled by "The Ledo," a blind, evil temptress. They must live exclusively underground to avoid the burning sun and rock-men that roam the surface, and must contend with giant spiders and falling oxygen levels. And so, naturally they want to steal any Earth ship that happens by to make their escape... but darn those Earth men are just so irresistable. This remake of Cat-Women of the Moon was originally black and white, but when it was colorized, the women were colored very blue indeed, and their blueness has persisted in the comic version (pictured).

Ortolans (Star Wars: Return of the Jedi)

The Ortolans are a race of stocky, blue pachydermoid bipeds with long snouts, and large floppy ears. Ortolans come from the frigid, mineral-rich planet Orto. Ortolans have a keen sense of smell to help them forage for food, able to sense food up to two kilometers away. This was an adaptation to their planet's harsh climate and short growing season, which made food supplies scarce. Ortolans also have hearing that extends well into the subsonic range. Ortolan society is reasonably industrialized, though not as technologically advanced as other species. Despite this, their economy is mostly based on barter, with credits primarily used to trade with offworlders. Two of the most famous Ortolans were the Jedi Knight Nem Bees and the musician Max Rebo.

Osamodas (Wakfu)

Osamodas are blue-skinned summoners with white hair, pointed ears, short horns, and long spaded tails. They inhabit the World of Twelve, which suffered a massive flood (caused by a grief-stricken giant ogre who climbed atop a mountain and cried for a thousand years). The trauma of this disaster somehow turned the Osamodas blue over time (previously they had normal human-colored skin). Despite looking like little devils, Osamodas are good of heart and their civilization is founded on caring for the beasts that roam the islands. They can cast elemental spells of Air, Fire and Earth, and are usually accompanied by a Gob-Gob, a summoned starfish-like creature that aids Osamodas in capturing the souls of defeated monsters and using them in their summoning spells. An Osamodas' Whip (their name for the summoner class) has a spell to merge with his or her Gob-Gob to temporarily assume the form of a Dragon.

Pantorans (Star Wars: The Clone Wars)

The Pantorans are a blue-skinned humanoid species native to the moon of Orto Plutonia in the Pantora system. Other than their appearance and a resilience to cold, the Pantorans seem to be indistinguishable from humans. During the period of the Clone Wars, the Pantorans were governed by a body of elected officials, and represented in the Galactic Senate by a young female named Riyo Chuchi (pictured at right). The Pantorans requested, and were granted, a Republic military outpost in their system to protect them from the separatist forces. An incident involving foreign Talz settlements and the disappearance of a clone trooper regiment involved the intervention of several famous Jedi (Obi-wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker), but nothing interesting or notable occurred.

Phantom Tribe (El-Hazard: The Magnificent World)

A race of blue-skinned humanoids that were pulled into the world of El-Hazard when the Eye of God (a massive floating superweapon) was last activated in ancient times. Shunned by the ancients, they live as outcasts and hold a deep-seated grudge against all the other peoples of El-Hazard. The members of the Phantom Tribe have innate powers of illusion, allowing them to disguise themselves as humans and create environmental illusions such as flash floods that are realistic enough to convince a person that he is actually drowning. The goal of the Phantom Tribe under their leader Galus (pictured) is to gain access to the Eye of God and use it to destroy all of El-Hazard.

Rishans (Alien Dice)

The Rishan are a race of humanoids who were genetically engineered as servants by a multinational corporation, and served in a state of slavery for many generations throughout the galaxy. When it was revealed that the Rishan genome was not an original creation but rather a modification of the human genome (in violation of Galactic law), the Rishan were released from legal bondage, though most still are employed as servants and treated as an underclass by the other races. Rishans tend to be tall, with blue or violet skin, and hair of white or dark blue or red. Rishan skin is often marked with patterns or mottling which signified their role or who owned them. They have large pointed ears and can live 140 years or more. Rishan culture is still a work in progress, as the former slaves struggle to forge an identity for themselves.

Sea Reapers (Giants: Citizen Kabuto)

The Sea Reapers inhabit the waters of a planetoid known only as "Island." They have pale, luminous skin of a greenish blue and red eyes with black pupils. The Sea Reaper queen Sappho is intent on total domination of their world by force. The Reapers kidnap and subjugate the Smarties (Island's other sentient species), and Sappho has created a monstrous giant called Kabuto to make certain that none can oppose her. The Sea Reapers are magical and can cast spells such as summoning firestorms or tornadoes, but are also adept at the use of sword and bow. Sea Reapers are at home in the water, moving very swiftly underwater, being able to breathe underwater, and regenerating health while submerged. Having little need for clothing underwater, most Reapers wear little more than a filmy waist wrap (though some occasionally don a bikini top to cover up for the ESRB). The Sea Reapers are primarily portrayed as antagonists, with the exception of the Sea Reaper princess, Delphi, who revolts against the tyrannical methods of her people and fights directly against them, eventually confronting and defeating her own mother.

Sedonians (Hunter Prey)

Sedonians have pale bluish-grey skin. Their hairless heads carry tattoos to indicate individual rank. They have a military culture, believing in warrior honor but not above lying to get what they want. They follow the chain of command to a strict letter. The Sedonians rule an interstellar empire which contains at least two other alien species, including the Sliak. The Sedonians are at war with both Humanity and the Drax. They worship a polytheistic religion with twelve deities and twelve afterlives, and have initiated genocidal campaigns against those who refuse to believe in their religion, including the Drax, and Humanity for attempting to harbor the Drax.

Shivarra (World of Warcraft)

The Shivarra, also known as Shivans, are a six-armed female mystical demon species living in Outland (the shattered remnants of the planet Draenor), averaging nearly twice the height of a human. They range in color from purplish to blue to green and have large pointed ears and glowing eyes. Most can cast fire-based spells. Currently, not much is known about these dangerous demons except the small excerpt of information stored on the Exodar Holographic Emitter in the Exodar: Shivarra serve the Burning Legion as priestesses and military chaplains. They are devout and charismatic and as such are a driving force behind the Burning Legion as all their efforts are bent on bringing Sargeras' vision into being. The Burning Legion, a vast army of demons and corrupted beings led by the corrupted Titan Sageras, seeks to destroy any trace of order in the universe, including all life.

Skeech (Wildstar)

A species of bipedal, barely sentient blue-skinned goblin-like humanoids, Skeech can be found wherever cave systems exist on the planet Nexus. Though they prefer to dwell underground, Skeech often emerge to hunt the areas surrounding their subterranean lairs. They are carnivorous and cannibalistic, with a primitive tribal social system and a simple shamanistic religion. Skeech shamans are powerful magic users; their attacks include elemental projectiles that freeze their victims in place, as well as painful ice shards that erupt from the ground beneath them. Different Skeech tribes often make war upon each other, with the losers usually serving as the main course at the winner's victory feast. Though possessed of enough spoken language to be considered sentient, all recorded efforts at diplomatic contact by either the Dominion or the Exiles have ended in violence. Their language is extremely rudimentary, consisting mainly of grunts, shrieks, and variations of the word 'skeech'. Despite their primitive nature, the Skeech are accomplished cooks (though their ingredients often include sentient beings).

Slavers (X-Men)

This race of blue-skinned, cone-headed interdimensional aliens seem universally to be grotesquely obese. They have black hair often gathered into top-knots and nefarious-looking moustaches. They claim to be humble interdimensional traders of "everything," but their extensive use of brainwashed slave labor has earned them another name: "Slavers," and the eternal enmity of the Captain Britain Corps, the self-appointed defenders of all of the dimensions of crosstime. The Slavers' bodyguards, whom they refer to as "Hounds," are prisoners who have been behavior-modified to loyally serve their new masters. When possible, the Slavers like to use mutants such as the X-Men as subjects for their brainwashing. With their interdimensional portals and such powerful servants, the Slavers are in a unique position to find and exploit peoples who will have little opportunity to defend themselves.


Called Schtroumpfs in the original Belgian comics, these are small woodland creatures “just three apples tall.” Smurfs have dark blue skin and very short stubby tails. The original Smurfs were all male and essentially immortal, and they were fixed in number: 99 in all, including their leader, Papa Smurf. Each Smurf has a name descriptive of his profession or personality (Cobbler Smurf, Brainy Smurf), and the word "smurf" itself is used as a wildcard for nearly any term in Smurf speech. The Smurf world was changed when the 100th Smurf, the female Smurfette, was created by Gargamel (who hoped to use her as a lure to capture Smurfs, which he wants to use as reagents for his alchemy). However, Papa Smurf was able to foil the trap and convert Smurfette into a "real" Smurf.

Sylvari (Guild Wars 2)

Sylvari are a race of plant-like beings spawned from the mountainous Pale Tree that dominates the Tarnished Coast of Tyria. They have a vaguely elfin appearance with pointed ears, slanted luminous eyes, and leaf-like or petal-like hair. They vary in coloration, mostly from green to blue. Sylvari are born fully-grown and fully-educated from golden pods beneath the Pale Tree into the shelter of the many-leveled tree-city called the Grove. Some Sylvari live out their entire lives within the shelter of the Grove, but many choose to wander, to adventure, and let their memories of their pre-birth Dream take them where it may. Though Sylvari have gender characteristics, they do not reproduce sexually, and their lifespan is unknown; the race appeared only 25 years ago, and none has yet shown signs of aging. It is not known, even to the Sylvari themselves, for what reason the Pale Tree began creating them. The Sylvari are divided into cycles, determined by the time of day at which they awoke, which is believed to affect their personalities. 

Syreen (Star Control)

Syreen are blue-skinned humanoids with psychic abilities. Syreen society and especially military roles are dominated by the females. Native to the paradisiacal planet Syra, the Syreen became galactic nomads after their homeworld was destroyed by a Mycon Deep Child (a terraforming spore pod that converts a planet into a hellish volcanic wasteland that the Mycon prefer for habitation), leaving only a few thousand survivors, the majority of whom were female. For a time the Syreen wandered through space aboard their Habitat Fleet, until they reached human territory, at which point they became embroiled in the war against the Ur-Quan slavers. The Syreen in combat use psychic amplifiers to coerce enemy crews.

Talokians (Legion of Superheroes)

These blue-skinned, pointed-eared humanoids inhabit several planets of the Talok star system. The denizens of Talok VIII have darker skin than their relatives of Talok III, and practice a sort of ancestor worship, in which the will and power of the ancestors are transmitted through a hereditary Shadow Champion, who is usually female. This champion (and others of her bloodline) have mystical powers to manipulate darkness: to be able to see in absolute darkness, and to project shadows to blind foes or even attack them directly. The Talokians joined the community of the United Planets in the 30th Century, after an invasion by the supervillain team Fatal Five was repulsed by the Legion of Superheroes, aided by then-current Shadow Champion Tasmia Mallor (pictured). Tasmia subsequently joined the Legion under the moniker "Shadow Lass."

Tangeans (Buzz Lightyear of Star Command)

Tangea is the lush, vibrant planet of the Tangeans, having only recently joined the Galactic Alliance. The Tangeans are divided into two subspecies: the Royals, who have blue skin and pointed ears, and the Grounders, who have brown skin and look very different. It seems likely that the two can still interbreed. Tangean Royals have formidable telepathic and telekinetic abilities, including "ghosting," or the ability to turn insubstantial and pass through solid objects. They also can read minds and manipulate the memories of others. A Tangean Royal's skin turns yellow when overexposed to sun. The Grounders also appear to have mental powers, such as the ability to mind link with a Royal, or to shoot pulses of energy from their foreheads. Princess Mira Nova (pictured) was the first Tangean to join the Space Rangers.

Tau (Warhammer 40,000)

Tau have grey-blue skin, red eyes, hoofed feet and four-digit hands. Their faces are flat and noseless, and their bald foreheads are divided by a vertical groove that runs upward from a hairless brow. Tau society is divided into five castes: Fire (warriors), Earth (technicians and engineers), Water (merchants and diplomats), Air (pilots), and Ethereal (political and religious leaders). The populations of the castes have diverged to the point where each is now effectively a separate subspecies. Tau have innate resistance to psychic abilities, and lack any such abilities themselves. The Tau Empire is a relatively new player on the galactic scene, having risen to high technology in only the last few thousand years, and has been growing rapidly in a small but dense region of space on the eastern edge of the Galaxy. The Tau are united by a principle they refer to as "The Greater Good," which encourages peaceful cooperation and teaches that every sentient being is equal and plays an important role. The Tau seek to spread this philosophy, inviting alien worlds to join their cause voluntarily instead of fighting. However, if these overtures are refused, the Tau may well decide to conquer the planet and add it to their growing interstellar empire... for the greater good.

Tiven (S.EXpedition)

The Tiven are a humanoid species with blue skin and hair of a variety of exotic colors (including green and purple). They have an empathic ability called "soulbinding" that is normally used between mates, which allows sharing of emotions of sensations; it can be active for three hours, but then cannot be used again for several weeks. Tiven have very particular breathing requirements and so must wear respirator masks when dealing with most other species. Galactic agent Rea (pictured) has as one of her lifegoals to mate with every species she runs into; it's not clear whether this promiscuity is characteristic of all Tiven, or just particular to Rea. Also, we have only thus far seen female Tiven. Rea described Retten-3 as her "home planet," but it's not clear whether Tiven are native to this planet (as she seems to have to wear a respirator outdoors there).

Traags (La Planète Sauvage)

The Traags are a race of blue-skinned humanoid giants inhabiting the planet Ygam. They stand several hundred feet tall and are hairless, with bulging round red eyes and fan-shaped ears. Traag society depends on telepathic abilities that appear to be artificially produced; Traag children are educated through the use of a headset that transmits information directly into the mind, and the Traag elders participate in meditative "melding" sessions. Traags also reproduce through this method: Traag meditations produce bubbles which fly to an area of headless statues (bear with me); the bubbles alight as heads on the statues which then come to life, and dance and copulate with each other, allowing the Traag to reproduce. Traags share their world with a group of normal-sized humans known as "Oms." Most Oms were primitive and lived wild or were kept as pets for Traag children, but one group became educated through the use of a stolen Traag teaching headset, and developed their own technology. What followed was an inevitable escalating conflict between the Traags and Oms. 

Trollans (Masters of the Universe)

Trollans are a race of diminutive, magical race of beings from Trolla, a world in another dimension from Eternia. Trollans wear red robes, red hats, and hide their faces beneath hats and behind scarves. In Trollan society, showing one's face to each other is considered an intimate act, similar to humans sharing a kiss. Trollans appear to be blue-skinned humanoids with pointy ears. However, their feet remain hidden under their robes. Trollans have natural magical abilities, including levitation, which they use exclusively instead of walking. Despite this innate magical aptitude, some are more accomplished magicians than others.


Trolls (Warcraft II)

The aboriginal inhabitants of Azeroth, trolls are tall and lanky, with large pointed ears and protruding tusks. They have three-fingered hands and two-toed feet, and vary in color from bluish purple to blue-green. Ancient troll empires (the Amani and Gurubashi) ruled much of Azeroth that was not controlled by the Night Elves, but trolls have since devolved into little more than tribal savages, displaced by humanity and the various other, more successful races. Only a few small troll communities (such as Vol'jin's Darkspear tribe) have managed to redevelop any kind of civilized society; the majority of trolls in Azeroth are merely fodder for adventurers' blades, lurking amid the ruins of their ancient settlements. Trolls have a natural regeneration ability, and can use shamanistic magic.

Twi’leks (Star Wars: Return of the Jedi)

Twi'leks are humanoids with very colorful skin (of which blue is one example) and a distinctive pair of tentacles (called lekku) sprouting from either side of the head in lieu of hair. Males have human-looking ears, but the females have cone-shaped structures instead. Twi'leks are native to the planet Ryloth. Female Twi'leks are famous for their beauty and seductive skills, and like Mass Effect's Asari, the Twi'leks seem to make up a disproportionate percentage of exotic dancers and slave girls in the galaxy. Twi'leks can be Force-sensitive and train to become Jedi or Sith.

Twili (Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess)

The Twili are a race of beings who inhabit the Twilight Realm, most of whom have transformed into various kinds of monstrous Shadow Beasts; but their true form is humanoid and blue-skinned, with strange glowing markings on their bodies, and red or yellow eyes. Eons ago, the Twili were a group of dark sorcerers of unknown ethnicity referred to as Dark Interlopers, who were condemned to the Twilight Realm by the Golden Goddesses of Hyrule as punishment for their misgoverned attempt to use magic to claim the Triforce. Their "old magic" became known as the Fused Shadows, a powerful instrument. However, during their failed attempt to conquer the Sacred Realm, their Fused Shadow was split into four pieces and scattered throughout the two realms, the Twilight realm and Hyrule. The tribe lived and evolved in the Twilight Realm for centuries in isolation, mere shadows of what they once were, as over time they grew used to their surroundings and came to accept their fate. While some learned to love the beautiful peace that can be found only in Twilight, it drove other inhabitants mad.

Undead (various)

Creatures of the living dead (or "undead") often have flesh in various states of deterioration or decay, and sometimes this takes on a blue color. Whether or not the undead qualify as a people depends on the setting, but I have included this catch-all entry for miscellaneous blue undead creatures. Undead are typically hostile (sometimes needing to feed upon the living) and difficult to kill, and often exhibit supernatural abilities (since they are themselves usually magical in nature). Examples include:

  • Forsaken (World of Warcraft): the humans of Lordaeron (on the planet Azeroth) were transformed into undead by the terrible plague unleashed by the Scourge. Though they later broke free of the Lich King's control, they remain cursed with undeath and exist only to gain revenge both upon the Scourge and upon the living. Their queen Sylvanas is noticeably blue, as are many of her subjects.
  • Ghouls (Darkstalkers): Lord Raptor has blue skin.
  • Zombies (Darkstalkers): Lei Lei (a.k.a. Hsien-ko) is a Chinese zombie or jiang-shi, with blue skin and hair.
  • Mummies (Thundercats): Mumm-Ra the Ever-living (pictured) is blue and refers to himself in the third person.
  • Vampires (Adventure Time): Marceline is blue.

Vedrans (Andromeda)

This hairless, blue-skinned, blue-blooded centaur-like race from the planet Tarn-Vedra in the Andromeda galaxy was among the earliest people to discover Slipstream travel and found an interstellar empire. They are a matriarchal society, organized into female-led herds and tribes, and ultimately ruled by a female Empress. Over the millennia, the once-warlike Vedrans developed a more benevolent society, their empire evolving into the Systems Commonwealth. After their Commonwealth spread to the Milky Way galaxy, it eventually fell into war with the Kalderans, and at length, Tarn-Vedra disappeared from the known Slipstream routes, the Vedrans dissapeared, and the Commonwealth fell.

Vineans (Yoko Tsuno)

The blue-skinned natives of the planet Vinea (far away in a distant galaxy) had high technology, including interstellar travel and artificial telepathy (granted by the headsets that they wear). When the binary star system of their homeworld became unstable, the Vineans sent out space arks containing millions of their people in hibernation, seeking new worlds. One such ark eventually reached Earth some 100,000 years ago, but since humanity was at that time still in a primitive state, the Vineans built their settlement underground. Over the ages, the Vineans fell under the restrictive control of their city central computer. In the 20th Century, the Vineans finally came into contact with humanity, who helped them to free themselves from their corrupted computer overlord.

Volm (Falling Skies)

Volm are humanoid aliens from an unknown region of space, who have arrived on Earth to aid Humanity in its struggle against the invading Espheni overlords. The Volm homeworld was enslaved hundreds of years ago by the Espheni (who "harness" and control their subjects with biomechanical parasites), and the Volm who fled in generation ships have waged war against them ever since, coming to the aid of other planets facing Espheni invasion. Volm are taller than humans, with mottled hairless blue-gray skin, large wide-set yellow eyes, and a bat-like large-nostriled nose. Volm hands have three fingers and a thumb, and their blood is purple. Volm are physically very robust, able to withstand physical trauma that would injure a human, and they have a regenerative ability which allows them to recover from serious injury within a matter of hours.

Vrykul (World of Warcraft)

Varieties of the half-giant Vrykul can be found throughout the continent of Northrend on Azeroth. In addition to the normal (the Dragonflayer and Winterskorn of Howling Fjord) and sea-green seafaring versions (Kvaldir and Skadir), there is a Frost Vrykul variety with blue skin and hair that dwell dwell in Storm Peaks and Icecrown Glacier. Notably, the Hyldnir (of Sifreldar and Brunnhildar in Storm Peaks, the only Vrykul faction not hostile to the player) are matriarchal, whose males labor as slaves in the mines, and are devotees of Thorm and Sif. The other major Frost Vrykul group is the Ymirjar of Ymirheim in central Icecrown, who are servants of the undead Lich King. The undead-aligned female Vrykul may be transformed into Val’kyr, valkyrie-like winged ghostly/angelic forms. Males who “fail” in battle are raised up as undead Vargul. Many Vrykul can use magic. The Vrykul are actually the ancestors of Humans on Azeroth; when they inexplicably began giving birth to runted offspring (Humans), this caused the Vrykul to lose faith in the Titans, and they began to follow the evil Old Gods instead.

Wraith (Stargate Atlantis)

The Wraith are a vampiric, telepathic race who feed on the "life-force" of humans. They have pale, marred flesh (usually tinted bluish or greenish), slits on either side of the nose, gnarled teeth and tangled hair of white, black or red. Wraith feed on humans through the use of an organ on the palm, which is pressed against the chest of the victim; the process is very painful and leaves only a desiccated husk. If properly fed, a Wraith's regenerative capabilities make her functionally immortal. Wraith can feed on each other as well as humans. The Wraith are the dominant power in the Pegasus galaxy, controlling a vast empire of human populations that are used as herds, periodically "culled" for nourishment. Wraith are divided into castes (warriors, workers, commanders, Keepers) and organized into Hive ships, each led by a female Hive Queen. The various Hives are connected via their long-range telepathic network, however, Hives are territorial and rarely cooperate. The Wraith as a collective species go through long periods of hibernation, lasting hundreds of years, in which they wait for their human herds to repopulate. During this hibernation they are watched over by their Keeper caste.

Yordles (League of Legends)

Yordles come from Bandle City on the planet Runeterra, and are generally less than 1 meter tall. The females have an elfin appearance, with blue skin, pointed ears and white hair, while the male Yordles have rodent-like faces and fur, and very different coloration. They have poor eyesight but excellent hearing. Yordles require far more social interaction with their own kind than humans do. Yordles generally are a peaceful and amicable race, often marked with streaks of joviality and light prankishness; their moral compass is most often pointed toward goodness and benevolence. Their desire for social interaction drives them toward this ethos, as the mental health of a Yordle is very much dependent on the positive company he or she keeps. A Yordle who is kept in isolation for too long – especially from contact with other Yordles – runs the risk of becoming withdrawn and sullen, or even insane.

Zamarons (Green Lantern)

The Zamarons were formerly the female members of the ancient species known as the Maltusians. Eventually becoming psionic and immortal, the females split from the males of their species (who became the Guardians of the Universe) and relocated to the planet Zamaron. Unlike the male Guardians who adopted a philosophy of peace and justice and logic, the Zamarons saw no need to restrict themselves and developed a martial culture embracing emotion, and focused on developing their physical abilities rather than just their mental ones. The Zamarons formed their own Lantern Corps, known as the Star Sapphires (so-named because of the violet crystals into which their psionic energies are stored). Zamarons have a variety of appearances; the original Maltusians were blue-skinned with pointed ears, but the Zamarons have over billions of years morphed into a variety of humanoid forms, including hairless, nose-less versions, and variants that look indistinguishable from humans.

Zentraedi (Macross)

Also Romanized as Zentradi or Zjentohlauedy, these giant warriors were artificially created some half-million years ago to serve the "Protoculture," an ancient alien civilization that controlled most of our galaxy. Standing as much as 10 meters tall, the Zentraedi are bred for war; aside from their massive size, they are otherwise nearly identical to humans except for their variable skin color, which can be greenish or purplish, or occasionally bluish. A few also have pointed ears. Zentraedi are extremely strong and durable, able to fight battle mechs bare-handed, and withstand the vacuum of space without protection for short periods. The Zentraedi do not age, and so can have extremely long lifespans. Female examples (known as Meltrandi) have been segregated from the males; the Zentraedi reproduce exclusively through cloning, and the Protoculture had discouraged any emotion or affection among the Zentraedi to better keep them under control. Zentraedi individuals can be "micronized" to human size using a variant of their cloning technology. The Zentraedi nomadic warrior culture collapsed when they were exposed to technologically inferior but culturally and spiritually superior "Microns" (humans), who were able to reach the buried emotions of the Zentraedi through terrestrial culture and humane actions, especially music and acts of love and kindness. Since then, many Zentraedi have lived among humans, interbreeding with them.

Z'narnians (Jackie's Story)

Z'narnians are a diminutive people with blue skin, large webbed ears, and webbed fingers and toes. They have long tails and brightly colored hair of a variety of hues (including green, purple and pink). They usually walk unshod. Z'narnians have the natural ability to project a spherical force field, which prevents matter from both entering and exiting, and so can be used both to protect something from external harm or to "catch" a falling object (but apparently not to "lift" an object). Z'narnian souls travel to a realm called Rehtom ("Mother" spelled backwards) after death, where they presumably wait to be reborn in a form of reincarnation. 

Zora (Legend of Zelda)

The Zora are aquatic, blue- or blue-green-skinned humanoid creatures that exist in the oceans of Hyrule, Labrynna and Termina. They can breathe via gills and swim swiftly underwater; they can survive outside of water for limited periods, but may fall ill if out of water for too long. The appearance of Zora varies greatly; most have webbed feet and finlike protrusions at the hips and forearms, but they have a variety of different head shapes, from long heads looking like dolphin tails, to heads with drooping tentacle-like hair, to wedge shaped heads with webbed ears (like Princess Ruto, pictured). And these are just the Sea Zora; there is also a variety of River Zora looking more like the Creature From the Black Lagoon, and who are almost universally hostile. The Sea Zora are a more peaceful people, ruled by a royal family and worshipping Jabu-Jabu, their eternally hungry fish-like deity. Zora seldom wear clothing, but do make weapons and armor (especially exotic helmets) for their warriors. Newborn Zora hatch from eggs, and somewhat resemble tadpoles (shaped strangely like musical notes).

Zotrians (Ulysses 31)

Zotrians are a blue-skinned, elf-eared telepathic people from the "White Planet" of Zotra. They are noted for their beauty and have very pale hair and yellow eyes with cat-like irises. Yumi (pictured), the Zotrian girl rescued by Ulysses, is immune to fire and exhibits some telekinetic abilities. It was the killing by Ulysses of the Cyclops during this rescue of Yumi (and Telemachus, Ulysses' son) that angered the Gods of Olympus and provoked Zeus into cursing Ulysses' ship and crew, sending them on a quest to find the Kingdom of Hades to break the curse. Yumi's older brother, Eumaeus, also joins the vessel, but he spends most of the voyage frozen by Zeus' curse along with the majority of the crew.

Honorable Mention

Below are listed entries that do not qualify as Blue Peoples, but are worth mention.

Abh (Crest of the Stars)

Although pureblood Abh have blue hair, and the nobility even have pointed ears, the Abh don’t actually have blue skin (though it often looks that way because of the bluish shipboard lighting). The Abh are a space-dwelling people that rule an interstellar empire with a feudal government and social structure. The blue-haired Abh themselves are a genetically-engineered variant of humans, tailored to live in space. Their ruling clan the Abriels, have very pale skin and pointed ears. In the name of self-defense, the Abh have set themselves the task of conquering all human peoples and placing them under Abh "protection." Normal humans who cooperate with the Abh can and do become part of the Abh social structure, including in some cases part of the noble classes.

Cat-Women (Cat-Women of the Moon)

Last survivors of a humanoid civilization on the Moon, these space sirens are telepathic, all-female, and have the ability to teleport. They have arched Vulcan-style eyebrows and wear groovy black leotards and Egyptian style collars, and have names like Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. Naturally they seek to subjugate men to their will and capture Earth. But just as naturally, one of them fell in love with a human male and screwed up the whole plan. Because the movie is black and white, we can't tell whether the moon women are blue... some of the color promotional art depicts them as blue, and some as green. I've included them here because this movie was remade as Missile to the Moon, which, when colorized, depicted the women as blue-skinned.

Estrow (Our Intrepid Crew)

These "lords and ladies of the Oorts" have purple skin, elongated ears, and large dark-irised eyes with black sclera. Our only Estrow example, named Eloree nan Jimbo nan Drake phor Arwen of the House of Dust, has long almost-black purple hair. Generations ago, the Estrow "left Sol's warmth for the depths of space, [singing] of freedom and opportunity" to live in the Oort clouds, where they presumably evolved (or were gene-tailored) into their current form. Their large eyes give them keen vision in low light, probably necessary for their dark native environment. Eloree's eyes displayed a smoky effect when she was sparring that hints at some kind of mystical ability. The Estrow are said to have monks that "meditate upon tidal rythms." Other species seem to universally treat the Estrow with fear and deference, indicating that the Estrow hold great power, and that the Estrow Houses are easily offended and quick to seek vengeance. Eloree is very purple and not really blue, so the Estrow will have to remain an honorable mention unless it turns out there are other examples of a bluer hue.

Evelynne (League of Legends)

Also called "The Widowmaker," Evelynne is a blue-skinned, pointed-eared, yellow-eyed, red-haired magical assassin from Valoran on Runeterra. She has the ability to "shadow walk," or move without being seen, and can throw lightning bolts and gain sustenance from the deaths of her opponents. It is not known what (if any) species Evelynne belongs to; some contend that she is cursed with a form of vampirism, or perhaps is one of many forms of undead that haunt the Shadow Isles (a fog-shrouded island northwest of Valoran). Evelynne herself refuses to help clarify her origin. As such, it cannot be currently determined whether she is a unique individual or a member of a Blue People.

Jülziish (Perry Rhodan)

Though the Jülziish are called "Blues" by the Terrans, this is due to their downy blue fur; their skin is actually violet-pink. And though they are humanoid in general layout, they have huge disc-shaped skulls atop a long boneless stalk of a neck, with four eyes spaced around the perimeter of the skull, and a mouth at the base of the neck. Their long arms end in seven-fingered hands. Jülziish are native to Gatas, a warm oxygen world in the Verth system. The Jülziish are the dominant form of life in the Eastern Sector of the Milky Way galaxy, and are divided into many nations.

Mystique (X-Men)

A supervillain in Marvel's X-Men setting, Raven Darkhölme (a.k.a. "Mystique") is perhaps the most famous of the many blue-skinned superheroes/supervillans, but she is a mutant human, and not a member of a race or group. She is mother to Nightcrawler, who looks similar, but has deformed hands and feet. Mystique's mutant ability is shapeshifting. She is a villain throughout most of the series, but eventually changes sides and joins the X-Men.

Nac Mac Feegle (Discworld)

Also known as Wee Free Men or "pictsies," the Nac Mac Feegle are an aggressive type of fairy folk, standing six inches tall. They have shaggy red hair, and are covered all over with blue tattoos and blue paint, in patterns which indicate their clan. They wear kilts or leather loincloths, use feathers, bones or teeth as decorations, and carry swords almost as large as themselves—though they go in for kicking and head-butting too. The Feegles spend their time drinking, fighting and stealing cattle. They are immensely strong and durable for their size and will not hesitate to fight anything or anyone, including creatures much larger than themselves. However, the Feegles' skin is not naturally blue, but rather painted and tattooed to look that way, so technically they do not quality as a Blue People.

Nebari (Farscape)

Though Chiana (pictured) often appears to be blue, this is apparently due to the shipboard lighting; the Nebari officially have pale gray skin and white hair, though they do have blue blood. Their home planet is ruled by the Nebari Establishment, an Orwellian regime that maintains utter conformity through use of mind control. Young Nebari are tested and placed into a position in society based on their abilities, and are expected to accept without question. Those Nebari individuals failing to conform to these strict controls are "stabilized" or "mind-cleansed" to fit in. Even displays of heightened emotion are considered to break conformity and are therefore discouraged; Nebari Establishment officials maintain a sedate, unnervingly calm demeanor even when torturing enemies or when under attack themselves.

Protoss (Starcraft)

The Protoss are an ancient race native to the world of Aiur, created by the legendary Xel'naga. Protoss are roughly humanoid, three meters tall and powerfully built, with gray skin, four-fingered hands with double-opposable thumbs and digitigrade feet, and glowing eyes. They do not have a nose or mouth, subsisting through a form of photosynthesis off of sunlight. They are powerful telepaths, communicating and sharing their thoughts through the Khala, part religion and part telepathic gestalt. Protoss are very long-lived, with individuals known to survive for a thousand years or more. The Protoss consider themselves a warrior race, and divide themselves into various castes, including the holy Templar, the leading Judicators, and the working Khalai. Some individualistic Protoss have rejected the communal Khala and were cast out from Protoss society, forming external sects. These include the Nazarim or Dark Templars, and the Tal'darim (who worship the Xel'naga as gods). Although some Protoss look bluish and are often bathed in blue lighting, and they do have blue/purple blood, as far as I have been able to learn, their skin is gray rather than blue.

Shiva (Final Fantasy X)

Shiva is an "Aeon," a summonable creature of magic in the various Final Fantasy games. She usually appears as a tall, beautiful female, often with a bluish color and elfin characteristics. In Final Fantasy X, Shiva has purplish-blue skin and blue hair. Shiva has several spell-like abilities, including "heavenly strike" and "diamond dust." Though there are multiple versions of her throughout the series, and it's not clear whether an Aeon is an individual, Shiva cannot currently be classified as a people.

White Walkers (Game of Thrones)

Also called "The Others" by the people of Westeros, they are a race of supernatural humanoid creatures, tall and gaunt, with luminous blue eyes and milk-white flesh. They can raise the dead (though they are not themselves undead) and have have mystical power over ice and cold; they can forge crystal weapons out of ice that can shatter normal steel and penetrate chainmail as if it were silk, and where they go, winter storms follow them. Such is their power over cold that they seem immune to fire; but the same cannot be said of their undead wight minions. Their leader, the Night King, also has the mystical powers of a Greenseer, able to peer through time and distance, and to see and attack other Greenseers within their visions. According to legend, the White Walkers were created in the distant past by the elflike Children of the Forest to aid them in their war against the First Men, but it appears these creations somehow escaped the Children's control. Ultimately, the Children and Men banded together to push back this threat, ending the Long Night and building the great ice Wall that confines the Walkers in the far north, the Land of Always Winter. There the White Walkers have slept beneath the ice and snow... until now. Though the White Walkers have blue eyes (and by some reports, blue blood), and they are nearly always lit in icy blue light, their skin is described as pale gray or milk white, and not actually blue.