Last Update: Saturday, September 06, 2014  

Umiak Ships
Unlike most fleets, the Umiak don't use traditional "classes"; almost every ship is unique in some way. However, they can be grouped into general size categories, ranging from light (gunboats and light escorts), to superheavy (heavy battleships and dreadnoughts). Umiak warships of all classes tend to be very heavily armed and protected; Umiak doctrine is to swarm the enemy at close range, using their superior numbers and powerful short-ranged weapons to best effect.

Umiak light (gunboat) sketches

Cruiser sketches 

Strike cruiser color test

Strike cruiser color concept (aft)

Superheavy concept

TTK Ultraheavy battleship concept

Gunboat color test 

Missile ship color test 


Naam attack force thumbnails

Superheavy front view

Medium (destroyer)

Strike cruiser view

Terran Ships
The new kids on the galactic scene, the Terran Colonial Authority's starships are designed more for exploration and police duties rather than combat, and use weapons and drive systems considered to be obsolete by the more advanced Loroi and Umiak. The largest ships in the Terran fleet are heavy cruisers, and most are destroyer-sized patrol and scout vehicles.

Scout rough sketch

Scout multi-view sketches 

Scout color concept

Terran heavy cruiser sketch

Cruiser revision

Cruiser color

Terran ship silhouettes

More to come!