Last Update: Friday, February 07, 2014

Tempest Interiors
The Loroi ship interiors are mostly off-white or gray; the variations in color are almost entirely due to lighting. Since the Loroi characters themselves are so colorful, it seemed wise to keep the environments somewhat subdued.

Bridge layout 

Bridge chairs 

Bridge CON1 console color concept 

Bridge visualization

Corridor junction overpaint

Corridor door overpaint

Console "bend test"

Bridge 3D mockup

Console graphic elements

Chair base concepts

Bridge layout revision

Chair base revision 

Transparent floor idea

Bridge island steps

Bridge aft section concept

Bridge lighting test


Highland Interiors
The interior of the Loroi shuttle was a bit challenging to model because of the restricted space that the virtual camera has to move around. A bit like a real movie set, the sides had to be designed so that they could be removed to make room for the camera.

Deck plan 

Shuttle chairs 


Planetary Exteriors
A few outdoor concepts. There are only a few outdoor settings in the comic (well... one, actually), but I did a few of these as illustrations for the Insider pages.

The Teidar academy at Deinar

A Taben sailing vessel

The Perrein shadowlands

A Maia grain field

A desert on Mezan


Other Interiors
The red-lit Umiak interiors are meant to give a more unfinished, claustrophobic feel than the spacious, clean Loroi interiors.

Kikitik's bridge

More to come!