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The Galactic Patrol
Galactic Patrol HeadquartersThe Galactic Patrol is the military/police arm of the galactic government, the United Planets, and is headquartered on Earth. The Galactic Patrol seems to have a policy of concealing things in plain sight. The location of the HQ is supposed to be secret, but everyone (including Umbra) seems to know exactly where it is, as it is frequently targeted for destruction.

Like Star Trek's Starfleet Command, the Galactic Patrol seems generally more interested in police and exploration duty than actual combat, and they rely heavily on Mighty Orbots in this area. The one time GP forces actually engage Shadow forces without the Orbots' help ("Operation Eclipse"), they are soundly defeated.

RhonduRhondu & DiaThe Commander of the Galactic Patrol, Rondu is a member of an elf-like, psionic race. Whether they are aliens or some sort of relation to humans is not clear, as it is never explained. Wise and soft-spoken, Rondu gives the Orbots their assignments, and he alone among the Galactic Patrol knows all of their secrets.

Rondu's formidable mental powers are demonstrated in "Raid on the Stellar Queen," in which he is captured and used to power a monstrous ethereal creature called a "Thetan," and in "Operation Eclipse," in which he engages in a mental battle with his old friend-turned-traitor, Drennan. Beams of energy emanated from the sigil on each combatant's head-circlet.

DiaRondu's beautiful daughter, Dia, is one of the Galactic Patrol's most capable agents. As Dia herself says, "Mighty Orbots isn't the only member of the Galactic Patrol." An expert pilot and dangerous fighter, she unfortunately spends much of her time being rescued by Mighty Orbots. Rob has quite a crush on Dia, who seems oblivious to his interest. Ironically, Dia has hinted that she might be interested in the Orbots Commander (who is, of course, Rob in disguise).

Dia, in flight helmetDia is the officer in charge of Earth's defenses, but is frequently dispatched by Rondu on a variety of missions either in lieu of or in support of Mighty Orbots. Dia's CruiserShe jets around in a small cruiser with just enough room for herself and a prisoner. Her only equipment other than her uniform and helmet is a wrist-comm on one hand and a wristband force field projector (for subduing criminals) on the other. Whether or not all this is standard equipment for a GP agent is unknown; Dia is the only field agent we get to see.

Dia never demonstrates any mental powers in any of the episodes, but she does offer to help her father to break Drennan's psionic lock on the Orbots, so it would seem likely that she does possess such powers.

Rob Simmons
Rob & OhnoRob's day job is as a robotics engineer, where he interacts daily with Dia and Rondu. In addition to having designed and built the Orbots for the Galactic Patrol, Rob's labhe is frequently inventing various life-saving devices for those in need. Ohno acts as his lab assistant, and the other Orbots generally wander about the place and get into trouble. The lab houses recharge chambers for each of the Orbots, where they "sleep" (and bedtime is strictly enforced... by Ohno, of course).


GP Hardware

Rhondu's wristcommOther than Dia's cruiser, the only GP hardware we see are large transports and a few pod-like fighters ("Operation Eclipse'), and the short-lived Deflectron ("Trapped on the Prehistoric Planet"), a defense satellite capable of projecting an impenetrable force field around an entire planet. We also do see some interesting Galactic Patrol robots organizing the city evacuation in "The Phoenix Factor."