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Series Credits
Produced by Intermedia Entertainment in association with TMS Entertainment, Mighty Orbots aired on Saturday mornings starting on September 8, 1984 (during the Transformers craze). The show only lasted for a single season and was canceled; thirteen episodes were made. These same episodes were also released on video in Japan (with Japanese dialogue). In the late 80's, MGM/UA released at least six of the American episodes on home video in the U.S.

Mighty Orbots was a rare venture in the world of animation; it was a joint project between American and Japanese artists, and had a sort of hybrid anime/cartoon style. Although the show was squarely targeted at a young audience, the quality of animation, voice acting and writing was far superior to anything that had previously been produced in America (this was back before everyone began farming their animation to Korea).

Executive Producers

Fred Silverman
Yutaka Fujioka


George Singer
Tat Ikeuichi
Nobuo Inada

Created by

Barry Glasser


Osamu Dezaki

Supervising Producer

Sachiko Tsuneda

Story Editor

Michael Reaves

Story Consultant

Hideo Takayashiki

Voice Director

Howard Morris

Voice Talents

Sherry Alberoni
Julie Bennett
Jennifer Darling
Barry Gordon
Jim MacGeorge
Bill Martin
Don Messick
Noelle North
Gary Owens
Bob Ridgely

Assistant Director

Shunji Ohga


Satoshi Dezaki
Rick Hoberg
Larry Houston
Kazuyuki Hirokawa
Norio Kashima
Noriyasu Kogawa
Don Manuel
David Russell
Mitch Schauer
Tom Yakutis

Art Director

Shichi Kobayashi

Key Background

Tsutomu Ishigaki
Yukihiro Shibutani
Taro Dakoba

Character Design

Ron Maidenberg
Akio Sugino
Katsuyah Kondoh

Mechanical Design

Katsumi Itabashi
Kaoru Izumiguchi

Animation Director

Akio Sugino

Key Animators

Shingo Araki
Skip Jones
Dave Spafford
Nobuko Tsukada
Masatomo Sudoh
Hiroshi Uchida

Director of Photography

Hirokata Takahashi

Supervisor – Ink & Paint

Kimie Yamana


Masatoshi Tsurubuchi

Post Production Supervisors

Sam Horta
Seiji Suzuki

Post Production Assistant

Kent Holaday

Theme Composed by

Tom Chase
Steve Rucker

Background Music by

Yuji Ohno

Recording Studios

B & B Sound Studios
Tohoku Shinsha Sound Studio


Youichi Ikeda

Associate Producers

Marilyn Kowalchuk
Mitsuo Yoshimura
Rikio Yoshida

Production Assistants

Nobuo Masuda
Maria Arnold