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Here is where I put a few extra tidbits.

Below is an ABC promotional photograph that was sent to media outlets in August of 1984, shortly before the series debuted. It may be an early concept, or perhaps just a promotional image. In the image, Rob's beam car is a motorcycle, and Ohno seems to have both a dress and a tail. The promo blurb mentions five robots rather than six.

The following text was included on a note with the photo: Click on image to view a larger version:


"Mighty Orbots," a new animated, futuristic adventure series about five lively robots with superpowers, debuts on the ABC Television Network's Saturday morning children's schedule (9:00-9:30 a.m., EDT) which premieres for the 1984-85 season on SATURDAY, SEPT. 8.

ABC Photograph

Below is a series of Mighty Orbots animation model sheets. These are scans of photocopies, and I have edited them to reduce the number of pages, but I have left the TMS copyright notices intact. I'll add more of these as I find time.

Click on each image to view a larger version:

You can find a few extra goodies in the /archive directory.