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Meet the Orbots
The Orbots are a group of six super robots (Tor, Bort, Crunch, Bo, Boo, and Ono) created by robotics genius extraordinaire Rob Simmons, to serve with the Galactic Patrol in defense of the United Planets. Rob must be a lonely fellow, as he gave each of his creations a personality. All of the Orbots (except Ohno) can fly and have the power to transform from normal "robot mode" (in which they are "disguised" as ordinary Galactic Patrol robots) to "Orbots mode", a blockier form which allows them to join together to form "Mighty Orbots", a powerful giant robot. Each individual Orbot has a special ability; when combined, they are nearly undefeatable. The fact that the six Orbots and the giant Mighty Orbots are one and the same is kept secret, even to other members of the Galactic Patrol; only Rob and Rondu know the secret. Each Orbot has a wrist communicator.

Orbots Commander & Beam Car
The Beam CarRob Simmons pilots Mighty Orbots under the alter ego of "The Orbots Commander." In keeping with the transformer theme of the rest of the team, Rob's omni-suit transforms into a spiffy Galactic Patrol uniform. He rides (with copilot Ohno) in the Beam Car, an air/space/underwater vehicle which transforms into the control center of the combined Mighty Orbots (after flying in through a door in the robot's chest). Though swift, the Beam Car is unarmed.

Rob as the Orbots CommanderWhether combined as a unit or as individuals, Rob commands the Orbots in traditional Giant Robot fashion, acting as much like a quarterback as a pilot, soliciting opinions from the team and issuing orders like "Let's give 'em the old Meteor Madness Play." The Orbots can unite and separate only on Rob's command.

The persona of the "Orbots Commander" is very different from that of Rob as his normal geeky scientist self; he's quite famous and extremely self-confident. Even Dia, Rondu's strong-willed daughter, has a crush on the mysterious Orbots Commander (even though she pays no attention to Rob).

Ohno & Tor face offNamed for her propensity to exclaim "Oh no!", little Ohno is Rob's lab assistant, copilot, and the unofficial second in command of the Orbots. Ohno was the first Orbot that Rob completed; she is necessary to provide "ignition" when Mighty Orbots unites (a key slides out of her chest and activates the bridge control panel), and she can use this key to access computer systems (al la R2-D2), Ohno gets bossy (again)but other than this her only special ability is to harass people. She is the only Orbot who can't fly, and so must ride in the Beam Car with Rob. Despite her "cutesy" role as comic relief, Ohno is actually quite likeable and gets in some clever lines now and then. In emergency situations, she carries a toolkit/battery pack which can be used to repair or recharge damaged Orbots. Ohno's "Orbots Mode" merely supplies her with a helmet (like Rob's), fancy boots and a cape.

Tor and Bo hang outThe core of the team, mighty Tor forms the torso of Mighty Orbots. His special power is incredible strength; while he's not exactly stupid, he has the typical strongman character: brash, slightly arrogant, simplistic, and delivering Schwarzeneggerian one-liners in the heat of battle. Tor and Ohno have butted heads a few times on who should be Rob's second in command, but Ohno has triumphed each time. Tor is continually trying to impress Bo and Boo with his physical prowess; he is usually more successful with Boo than Bo.


Bort is surprisedBort forms the right leg of Mighty Orbots; his special ability is shape-changing. His personality is likewise unstable; he's indecisive, occasionally fearful, and low on confidence. When joined as Mighty Orbots, Bort's shape-changing ability can be transferred to any part of the vehicle, and is most often used to transform Mighty Orbots' hands into specialized tools or weapons. In his spare time, Bort often serves as an exercise machine for Tor or a chair for Bo.

Bort and Crunch, as sort of the "losers" of the Orbots, are good friends and frequently hang out together.

Crunch looks for something to eatCrunch forms the left leg of Mighty Orbots. As his name suggests, his special ability is that he can eat absolutely anything and everything (preferably metal) and convert it into energy. Unfortunately, his appetite is as big as his intellect is small. Occasionally, Crunch's ability has been useful to provide emergency energy for the team. More often, however, his uncontrollable appetite destroys private property, Rob's experiments, or critical machinery, and gets the Orbots into a heap o' trouble.

Bo & Boo
Bo channels energyThe offensive firepower of the team, Bo forms Mighty Orbots' left arm. Her special ability is power over the elements, the most wide-ranging and formidable power among the Orbots. Bo can control fire, wind, earth and water remotely, as if by telekinesis, and raise or lower the temperature of an item. She can manipulate the weather on a small scale. She can also project beams of heat or cold from her hands; when joined with the group, this ability becomes Mighty Orbots' primary weapon. Bo also shares some of her sister Boo's field-control ability; Bo has on several occasions projected or disrupted force fields. Bo is the "bad girl" of the two; given to wild schemes, ruthless practical jokes, and shameless boy(robot)-chasing.

Boo, Bort and BoThe right arm of Mighty Orbots, Boo can project force fields or invisibility fields, and can also teleport and project illusions. She also shares some of Bo's carte blanche beam powers. Personality wise, she and Bo are opposite sides of the same coin; Boo is the "good girl"; quiet, passive, shy and soft-spoken. She's as boy-crazy as Bo, but more embarrassed about it. As Bo is the dominant personality of the pair, she's frequently involving Boo in her schemes (and getting them both into trouble), but the two are still inseparable.

Mighty Orbots
Mighty Orbots under full throttleWhen joined together as a team, Mighty Orbots grows in size, and the special powers of each member are available to the whole group. Mighty Orbots can fly (including through space and underwater), and the chassis has Tor's incredible strength. Thanks Mighty Orbotsto Boo, it can teleport or turn invisible. Bo's energy beams provide the primary ranged weapon, and Boo's shields can protect Mighty Orbots or be projected around another target. Mighty Orbots can strike with its hands, or use a Bort-transformed custom appendage, such as a drill or mace. Crunch doesn't add much to the group (except a leg), though he sometimes detaches and has a snack to recharge the team when they are low on energy.