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Sid Meier's CIVILIZATION VI: Rise and Fall

On May 11, 2016 2K announced a new expansion for Civilization VI titled Civilization VI: Rise and Fall. It is scheduled for release on February 8, 2018. The lead designer on the expansion is Anton Strenger, who was the Lead Systems & Gameplay Designer on Civilization: Beyond Earth. The producer is Andrew Frederiksen.


Great Ages

In addition to the civilization specific technological eras, there are now global Game Eras. At the dawn of each new Era, each civilization is evaluated on how well it did in the previous one and can qualify for a Golden Age, a Dark Age, or neither, determined by the civilization's Era Score in the previous era, which is increased by fulfilling certain objectives.

Having a Golden Age provides one "Dedication bonus" and bonuses to Loyalty and other game systems, but makes earning future Golden Ages slightly more difficult. Having a Dark Age hurts Loyalty in your cities and makes you vulnerable, but gives you an opportunity to earn a future Golden Age more easily. It also allows the use of special Dark Age policies and opens the door for an even more powerful Heroic Age (which provides three Dedication bonuses). Each technological era offers 4 different Dedications to choose from.

City Loyalty

Each city now has a Loyalty rating, which can rise and fall due to a number of factors. Cities with low Loyalty have reduced output and can be at risk of rebelling and becoming a Free City. Free Cities can be annexed by neighboring civilizations. Cities with high Loyalty can apply pressure to foreign cities.

Golden Ages and Dark Ages are a kind of loyalty bomb. In the best-case scenarios, triggering a Golden Age makes all of your citizens a little bit more loyal. Also, other cities nearby see the appeal of that civilization and may waver in their Loyalty to their current owner. The quickest and most direct way to boost Loyalty is to send a Governor to the city.


During a game, players can earn up to seven Governors. Each Governor has a different skill tree of promotions. You earn points (Governor Titles) through gameplay, such as researching new Civics. Then you must choose whether to spend those titles on appointing a new Governor or promoting an existing one. Governors can be assigned to a city, and will provide various bonuses. Each governor has five unique promotions that can be unlocked by Titles.

The Governors have unique personalities Ė even before you start choosing which ones to upgrade. Some thrive in taking an already established city to the next level, building Wonders and powering up trade routes. Others are more suited to new cities that are constructing their first districts and claiming their first bits of land. One can be a savior during a city siege, and can make or break a cityís defense against a powerful attacking army. Though normally Governors can only work in your own cities, there is one that can be assigned to city-states, affecting the Envoys you have there.

Known governors:

  • Raina the Financier - allows you to purchase city districts with gold.
  • Liang the Surveyor - grants extra builder charges.
    • Promotion unlocks City Park and Fishery tile improvements.
  • Amani the Diplomat - increases a city's loyalty and increases disloyalty in nearby foreign cities.
    • Can be placed in a city-state as a sort of super envoy
  • Cardinal

Improved Alliances

Alliances now have a type Ė Research, Military, Economic, Cultural, or Religious Ė that determines their benefits. As the alliance continues over time, the Alliance itself levels up and unlocks more powerful bonuses (there are 3 levels).


Emergencies are triggers that provoke diplomatic action from civilizations. This can include the first use of nuclear weapons, or the capture or conversion of a holy city. This appears to be mainly a mechanism by which other civilizations gang up on one civilization that is ahead of the others in some key capacity.

Historic Moments

Historic Moments are "mini-achievements" which the players earn during the game. They include things like circumnavigating the world, training your unique unit, founding a religion, and building districts with high adjacency bonuses. Historic moments increase your Era Score (helping to earn a Golden Age), and are added to the Timeline display, which shows a history of your accomplishments in-game.

New Civilizations

Rise and Fall adds 8 new civilizations and 9 new leaders (according to Ed Beach, one of the existing civilizations is getting a new leader).

Civilization Icon Leader Historical Agenda Unique Unit Unique Infrastructure Leader Bonus Special Ability
Netherlands Wilhelmina ? De Zeven ProvinciŽn Polder improvement Radio Oranje Grote Rivieren
Korea Seondeok ? Hwacha Seowon district Hwarang Three Kingdoms


Three Kingdoms (Korea): Mines yield +1 Science and Farms yield +1 Food if built adjacent to a Seowon.
Grote Rivieren (Netherlands): Major adjacency bonus for Campuses, Theater Squares and Industrial Zones if next to a river. Culture Bomb adjacent tiles when completing a Harbor.

Hwarang (Seondeok): +5% Culture and +5% Science in all cities with an established Governor.
Radio Oranje (Wilhelmina): Your Trade Routes to your own cities provide +1 Identity per turn [strengthen loyalty] for the starting city. Trade Routes to foreign cities or from foreign cities provide +1 Culture to you.

New Units

There are 4 new generic units in the expansion, but presumably quite a few more civilization unique units.

Unit Class Era Requires Move Melee
Range AA
Cost* Mnt. Req.
Pike and Shot Anti-Cavalry Renaissance? ? ? ? - - - ? ? - Pikeman upgrade
Hwacha Ranged Renaissance ? 2 30 50 2 - ? ? - Korean UU; can't move and attack in the same turn
De Zeven ProvinciŽn Naval Ranged? Renaissance? ? 6 50 60 2 - ? ? - Netherlands UU; bonus vs districts
Supply Convoy Support Atomic? ? ? ? - - - ? ? - Medic upgrade
Spec Ops Recon Atomic? ? ? ? - - - ? ? - Ranger upgrade
Drone Support Information? ? ? ? - - - ? ? - Observation Balloon upgrade


Pike and Shot

Notes: Pike and Shot is a new anti-cavalry unit to fill the gap between Pikeman and Anti-Tank.


Notes: Korean unique ranged unit. Cannot move and fire in the same turn.

De Zeven ProvinciŽn

Notes: Unique unit for the Netherlands. Appears to replace the Frigate. It has increased ranged and melee combat strength, but has a penalty against other ships (-17), and a bonus against defensible districts (+7).

Spec Ops

Notes: a ďNavy SEAL-inspiredĒ unit that caps off the Scout line, and has the ability to para-drop.


Notes: a modern upgrade to the Observation Balloon.

Supply Convoy

Notes: a Medic upgrade that increases the movement speed of stacked units in addition to healing.

New Districts and Wonders

Rise and Fall adds 8 new World Wonders, 2 new districts, and 14 new buildings.

Government Plaza (district)

Based on your current government type, you will be able to build a number of new buildings in your government district, each of which unlocks policy cards. You can only have one Government Plaza per civilization.

Seowon (district)

Base Cost: 27; Maintenance: 1 Gold
Yield: +6 Science. Must be built on Hills. +1 Great Scientist point per turn, -1 Science from each adjacent district tile, +1 Science from each Government Plaza tile. Citizen Yields: +2 Science
Notes: Unique district for Korea; replaces Campus. Starts with a fixed Science bonus, which is reduced for each adjacent district.


Notes: It is not yet clear whether this is a Wonder or a new district (or perhaps a variant of the Entertainment district).

Archivo de Indias (wonder)

Notes: This is a Spanish renaissance-era archival building located in Seville.

Great Buddha (wonder)

Notes: This may be a representation of the bronze Daibutsu at the Kōtoku-in temple in Japan.

St. Basil's Cathedral (wonder)

Statue of Liberty (wonder)

South Pole Station (wonder)

Kilwa Kisiwani (wonder)

Requires: Machinery
"Grants bonus envoys and boosts yields from City States of which you are the Suzerain." (Wonder video)
Notes: Kilwa was a medieval African city-state on the coast of Tanzania.

Temple of Artemis (wonder)

New Improvements

Rise and Fall adds 2 new tile improvements (which both appear to be linked to Governors), but there may be more that are civilization-specific.


Notes: This is reportedly a special improvement unlocked by the governor Liang the Surveyor.

City Park

Notes: This is reportedly a special improvement unlocked by the governor Liang the Surveyor.


Yield: +2 Food, +1 Production, +0.5 Housing
Notes: Unique improvement for the Netherlands. Constructed in coastal water tiles "with sufficient adjacent coastline."

New Resources

There are three new resources.




New Natural Wonders

Rise and Fall adds 7 new Natural Wonders.

(Red Marsh)

Delicate Arch

Notes: A landmark in Utah (USA).

Mount Roraima

Notes: Mount Roraima is the highest of the Pakaraima chain of tepui plateaus in South America.

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