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Disclaimer: The information listed below is about a game that is still under development, and so is incomplete and subject to change.

Historic Moments

Historic Moments are "mini-achievements" which the players earn during the game. They include things like circumnavigating the world, training your unique unit, founding a religion, and building districts with high adjacency bonuses. Historic moments increase your Era Score (helping to earn a Golden Age), and are added to the new Timeline display, which shows a history of your accomplishments in-game.

Moment Description Era Score
First Army Your civilization's first Army is formed. 1
  Your civilization adopts its first Tier 1 Government. 2
  You have completed your civilization's first Neighborhood district. 2
  For the first time, one of your units reaches its fourth level of promotion. 1
  You have completed your civilization's first Commercial Hub with a starting adjacency bonus of 4 Gold or higher. 3
  You have completed your civilization's first Harbor with a starting adjacency bonus of 4 Gold or higher. 3
  You Have completed your first Campus with a starting adjacency bonus of 3 Science or higher 3
  The Holy City of another Religion has been converted to our Religion. 5
  A Great Prophet founds a Religion, bringing light to your people. 2
  Your Religion launches an inquisition. 1
Aggressive City Placement    
Artifact Extracted    
Barbarian Camp Destroyed    
Battle Fought    
Cause for War    
City Returns to Original Owner    
City-State Army Levied    
Desert City    
First Armada    
First Corps    
First Fleet    
Foreign Capital Taken    
Great Person Recruited    
Landed on the Moon    
Manhattan Project Completed    
Mars Component Launched    
Master Spy Earned    
Met New Civilization    
Old Great Person Recruited    
Operation Ivy Completed    
Pantheon Founded    
Satellite Launched into Orbit    
Ship Sunk    
Snow City    
Strategic Resource Potential Unleashed    
Trading Post Established in New Civilization    
Tribal Village Contacted    
Tundra City    
Unit Promoted with Distinction    
World Wonder Completed