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There is a variety of useful items and treasure that you can lug around in Dark Tower. Some of these can be purchased at a country's Bazaar.

Gold. Players start the game with 30 bags of gold, and winning battles with Brigands is the only way to gain more. Gold is the medium of purchase at the Bazaars. Gold is transported by the player's warriors, and they can only hold 6 bags each. Any gold you have in excess of this must be left behind. Purchase a Beast to alleviate this problem. In any case, the most gold you can possess is 99 bags... because there are only two digits on the tower's display!

Rations of Food. Each player begins with 25 rations of food. Each turn you take, your warrior force consumes a certain amount of it, whether they move or not. 15 warriors or less will consume one ration per turn; 16 to 30 will consume two rations per turn; 31 to 45 will consume three rations per turn; 46-60 4; 61-65 5; 76-90 6; 91-99 7. The most food you can carry is 99. A ration of food always costs 1 bag of gold; there's no point in haggling.

Warriors. Your fighting force in the war against the Tyrant King's Brigands. Though the player starts the game with ten warriors, more can be (and must be) hired at a Bazaar. The maximum number of Warriors you can have in your force is... you guessed it... 99. In the multiplayer game, you will always be left with at least one Warrior regardless of the ills that befall you, but the single player game will end in defeat if your last warrior dies. Warriors can be killed in battle, by Plague, or "abducted" by a Dragon or Curse. Other ways to gain Warriors without paying for them include: being struck by Plague when you have a Healer, and being awarded with a Wizard (which allows you to steal Warriors and gold from another player).

Beast. A Beast is valuable because it can carry 50 bags of gold, over and above the 6 bags per man that your Warriors can carry. Beasts are immune to combat, and don't consume any food. You can only own a single Beast, which is all you should need (since you can't have more than 99 bags of gold, anyway).

Scout. You can never get lost if you have hired a Scout; he will see you safely through uncharted territories. In fact, if you are the victim of a "Lost" event and you have a Scout, not only do you not lose a turn, but you immediately gain an additional turn.

Healer. In a similar fashion to the Scout, the Healer protects against the Plague event. Not only does the Healer prevent the loss of life during a Plague, but actually awards you with two new warriors! (I still haven't figured out how that one works). The Healer doesn't prevent losses in battle, or to starvation.

The following treasures can't be bought, only won in battle:

Dragonsword. A special prize, for if the Dragon attacks you, the sword will slay the Dragon and give you all the warriors and gold that the fire-spitting beast has collected during the game. When you slay the Dragon, you lose the Dragonsword. The Dragon, meanwhile, is only "temporarily slain." After a Dragon attack, place the Dragon pawn in the affected territory; until the next attack, this territory is now off limits to players.

Pegasus. This flying horse can be used to transport anywhere on the board. Once it is used, it's gone. There is no special procedure for using the Pegasus, just move anywhere on the board and cash in the token. If you cross a frontier, be sure to pause there and press the FRONTIER button so the tower knows you're in a new kingdom. Each player may only have one Pegasus token at a time, so if you already have a Pegasus and the tower awards you another, ignore it. (Actually, the game doesn't keep track of your Pegasi, so you can cheat and use this feature whenever you want, as many times as you want). The Pegasus is the only treasure for which you hear a special sound; so everyone will know when you've won one.

Wizard. A special treasure that allows you to Curse another player. When the Wizard offers you his services, you choose an opposing player, and you are awarded with 25% of that player's warriors and gold. The Wizard is then used up, and lost. A Wizard must be used as soon as it is awarded; you can't "save" a Wizard for later use. Just sit back and enjoy the angry curses from the player you just Cursed.

Brass KeyMagic Keys of Brass, Silver and Gold... after a battle you may be awarded one magic key. You must own all three to be able to enter the Dark Tower and win the game. You will only receive one key in each foreign kingdom, and they are awarded in order as follows: Brass, Silver, then Gold. You will not find a key in your home kingdom, and you will never find two of the same keys. You can't leave a foreign kingdom without owning the magic key for that kingdom, but as soon as you find it, you should move on without delay.

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