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Dark Tower Events

Events can happen randomly each time you move into an unoccupied territory (with the exception of the Curse, which is inflicted on you deliberately by another player), or when you enter a Tomb or Ruin. When most of the events occur, there is a distinguishing sound from the Tower accompanied by a light-up picture of your fate.

1. Safe Move. Boring, but likewise not dangerous. You have moved successfully into the new territory without event.

2. Battle with Brigands! This can happen at any time in the wilderness, and almost always happens when entering a tomb, ruin or the Dark Tower. The Brigands are the standard minions of evil in these lands, and they're not very attractive, are they? First, you'll hear the battle horn, and the the digital display shows you how many Brigands are attacking you. Combat occurs in rounds; for each round you lose, a single Warrior dies, but for each round you win, the Brigands lose half their current number! Thus even a small force of Warriors can usually prevail against most Brigand attacks. If it looks hopeless, you can retreat, but you will lose one additional Warrior as you depart the field of battle. (The option to retreat expires when you have only one Warrior left.) If you defeat the Brigands, you may receive: gold, a dragonsword, a wizard, a magic key, a Pegasus, or nothing! If you win the battle at the Dark Tower, you win the game. If you only have one Warrior remaining in a multiplayer game, you will lose the battle but be allowed to continue on your way. If you are playing a single-player game and you lose your last Warrior, the game is over.

3. Dragon Attack! This bad boy takes away 25% of your gold and warriors, unless you are armed with the Dragonsword, in which case you slay the Dragon and get all the gold and Warriors he's been hoarding. Well... you don't actually slay the Dragon... you just drive him off; he can still come back later to maul the players. Each time the Dragon attacks, the Dragon pawn is placed in that territory, where it blocks the passage of other players.

4. Lost in Uncharted Territories! You must return to the territory you started from and lose a turn, unless you have hired a Scout, in which case you gain an immediate extra turn. There's nothing quite so much fun as getting Lost right outside the Bazaar while your Warriors are starving from lack of food.

5. Plague Strikes! Plague kills two of your Warriors, unless you have hired a Healer, in which case you gain an extra two warriors.

6. Cursed by a Wizard! This happens when another player has used his Wizard to place a curse on you. You lose 25% of your Warriors and Gold (just like in a Dragon Attack), which are transferred to the Cursing player. There is no countermeasure to prevent Curses.

7. Starvation happens when you're out of food. A nerve-wracking sound will play when you have less than four turns of food left, and after it's gone, you lose one Warrior per turn until you can get to a Bazaar to buy more. There is no special image for this event, but you will hear the Plague music play at the beginning of your turn.

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