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Disclaimer: The information listed below is about a game that is still under development, and so is incomplete and subject to change.

Civilization VI still uses a "1 Unit Per Tile" system, but adds a combined arms system in which a normal military unit can link with and stack together with a support unit, such as a builder, settler, field medic, battering ram, siege tower, anti-tank or anti-aircraft unit.

Starting in the Renaissance era, two of the same unit can be combined into a Corps, which is less powerful than two individual units, but more survivable and takes up less space on the map (to reduce overcrowding). Later in the modern era, three units can combine to form an Army. The ability to form Corps and Armies are unlocked in the Civics tree rather than the technology tree.

Units still earn XP and receive promotions. Units can be renamed (after receiving a second promotion), and there is even a random name generator.

Most infantry units have 4 figures at full strength, instead of the 12 in Civ V. According to art director Brian Busatti, even non-unique units will have some civilization-specific details and ethnically appropriate skin color.

Movement now requires that a unit has the full amount of movement points required to enter a tile. For example, if Warrior has a move of 2 but only 1 movement point left in a turn, it can't enter a hills tile (because Hills require 2 movement points). This change will increase the impact of terrain on movement, as you won't be able to ignore rough terrain just by using your last movement point on it.

Pillaging farms still heals units. Pillaging other improvements or districts gives resources appropriate to the tile type (i.e. science for a Campus), but does not heal the unit.

Naval units still come in ranged and melee varieties, and melee vessels can still attack coastal cities. The new Naval Raider type can attack coastal land units.

Some units (such as Settlers and Religious units) become more expensive as you build/buy more of them, similar to Great People in Civ V.

Strategic Resources

The mechanism for strategic resource requirements for units has changed. Similar to Civilization III and IV, unit that require strategic resources no longer consume resources; rather, there is simply a requirement that a city has access to that resource in order to build the unit in question. Cities with an Encampment always require 1 resource to be able to build the unit, and cities without Encampments require 2 resources. Unique units for civilizations never require strategic resources.

"[Support units] get their own layer of stacking. You can't have two support units in the same tile, but they can be combined with military units, or civilian units, or trade units, or whatever and not interfere with the stacking.” - Ed Beach

Embarked Units

Embarked unit graphics from various eras:

Unit List

Unit Class Era Requires Move Melee
Range AA
Cost* Mnt. Req.
Scout Recon Ancient - 3 10 - - - 30 0 -  
Warrior Melee Ancient - 2 20 - - - 40 0 -  
Eagle Warrior Melee Ancient - 2 28 - - - 65 0 - Aztec UU
Builder Civilian Ancient - 2 0 - - - 50 0 - 3 Build charges
Slinger Ranged Ancient - 2 5 15 1 - 35 0 -  
Settler Civilian Ancient - 2 0 - - - 80¹ 0 - Founds Cities
Trader Trade Ancient Foreign Trade 2 0 - - - 40 0 - Makes Trade Routes and roads
Archer Ranged Ancient Archery 2 15 25 2 - 50 1 -  
Galley Naval Melee Ancient Sailing 3 25 - - - 65 1 - Coast only
Viking Longship Naval Ancient Sailing 3 30 - - - 65 1 - Norway UU
Heavy Chariot Heavy Cavalry Ancient Wheel 2 28 - - - 65 1 - +1 move in open terrain
Maryannu Chariot Archer Cavalry Ancient Wheel 4 23 33 2 - 140 2 - Egyptian UU
War-Cart Heavy Cavalry Ancient - 4 30 - - - 55 0 - Sumerian UU
Spearman Anti-Cavalry Ancient Bronze Working 2 25 - - - 65 1 - +10 vs. Mounted
Hoplite Spear Ancient Bronze Working 2 25 - - - 65 1 - Greek UU
Battering Ram Support Ancient Masonry 2 0 - - - 65 1 - Damage city walls
Barbarian Horse Archer Light Cavalry Ancient - 3 5 15 1 - -   - Barbarian unit
Saka Horse Archer Light Cavalry Ancient Horseback Riding 4 15 25 1 - 100 2 - Scythian UU
Pítati Archer Ranged Ancient Archery 3 17 30 2 -   1 - Nubian UU
Immortal Melee Classical Iron Working 2 30 25 2 - 100 2 - Persian UU
Hypaspist Melee Classical Iron Working 2 36 - - - 100 2 - Macedonian UU +5 v. districts
Hetairoi Heavy Cavalry Classical Horseback Riding 4 36 - - - 100 2 - Macedonian UU +5 next to GG
Horseman Light Cavalry Classical Horseback Riding 4 35 - - - 80 2 Horses  
Varu Cavalry Classical Horseback Riding 2 40 - - - 120 3 - Indian UU
Swordsman Melee Classical Iron Working 2 35 - - - 90 2 Iron  
Legion Melee Classical Iron Working 2 40 - - - 110 2 - Roman UU
Ngao Mbeba Melee Classical Iron Working 2 35 - - - 110 2 - Kongo UU
Quadrireme Naval Ranged Classical Shipbuilding 3 20 25 1 - 120 2 - Coast only
Siege Tower Support Classical Construction 2 0 - - - 100 2 - Ignore city walls
Catapult Siege Classical Engineering 2 23 35 2 - 120 2 -  
Missionary Religious - Shrine 4 100 - - - 50¹ 0 - 2 Spread Religion
Apostle Religious - Temple 4 110 - - - 125¹ 0 - 2 Spread Religion, Evangelize Belief, Launch Inquisition
Inquisitor Religious - Temple 4 75 - - - 50¹ 0 - 2 Remove Heresy
Guru Religious - Temple 4 90 - - - 120¹     3 Heal charges
Warrior Monk Melee - ? 3 35 - - -        
Great Person Civilian - - 4 0 - - - - 0 - See by type
Pikeman Anti-Cavalry Medieval Military Tactics 2 41 - - - 200 3 -  
Berserker Melee Medieval Military Tactics 2 40 - - - 180 3 - Norway UU
Samurai Melee Medieval Military Tactics 2 45 - - - 180 3 - Japanese UU
Knight Heavy Cavalry Medieval Stirrups 4 48 - - - 180 3 Iron -
Mamluk Heavy Cavalry Medieval Stirrups 4 48   - - 180 3 - Arabian UU
Crossbowman Ranged Medieval Machinery 2 30 40 2 - 180 3 -  
Military Engineer Support Medieval Military Engineering 2 0 - - - 170 4 -  
Domrey Siege Medieval Military Engineering 2 33 45 2 - 220 3 - Khmer UU
Winged Hussar Heavy Cavalry Medieval Mercenaries 4 55 - - - 250 3 - Polish UU
Spy Civilian Renaissance Diplomatic Service 1 0 - - - 300 4 - Espionage missions
Crouching Tiger Ranged Medieval Machinery 2 30 50 1 - 160 3 - Chinese UU
Caravel Naval Melee Renaissance Cartography 4 50 - - - 240 4 -  
Privateer Naval Raider Renaissance Mercantilism 4 40 50 2 - 280 4 - Coastal raid
Sea Dog Naval Raider Renaissance Mercantilism 4 40 50 2 - 280 4 - English UU
Musketman Melee Renaissance Gunpowder 2 55 - - - 240 4 Niter  
Conquistador Recon Renaissance Gunpowder 2 55 - - - 250 4 - Spanish UU
Frigate Naval Ranged Renaissance Square Rigging 4 45 55 2 - 280 5 -  
Bombard Siege Renaissance Metal Casting 2 43 55 2 - 280 4 Niter Can't move and attack
Jong Naval Ranged Renaissance Mercenaries 5 45 55 2 - 300 5 - Indonesian UU
Field Cannon Ranged Industrial Ballistics 2 50 60 2 - 330 5 -  
Redcoat Melee Industrial Military Science 2 65 - - - 340 5 - English UU
Garde Imperiale Melee Industrial Military Science 2 65 - - - 340 5 - French UU
Cavalry Light Cavalry Industrial Military Science 5 62 - - - 330 5 Horses  
Cossack Light
Industrial Military Science 5 67 - - - 340 5 - Russian UU
Rough Rider Heavy Cavalry Industrial Rifling 5 67 - - - 385 2 - American UU
Ironclad Naval Melee Industrial Steam Power 5 60 - - - 380 5 Coal  
Medic Support Industrial Sanitation 2 0 - - - 370 5 - Heals adjacent units
Ranger Recon Industrial Rifling 3 45 60 1 - 380 5 -  
Archaeologist Civilian Industrial Natural History 4 0 - - - 400 - - explore Antiquity Sites
Minas Geraes Naval Ranged Industrial Nationalism 5 70 80 3 75 430 6 - Brazilian UU
Biplane Air Fighter Modern Flight - 60 55 3 - 430 6 -  
Observation Balloon Support Modern Flight 2 0 - - - 240 2 - Adds +1 range
Infantry Melee Modern Replaceable Parts 2 70 - - - 430 6 -  
Digger Melee Modern Replaceable Parts 2 72 - - - 430 6 - Australian UU
Artillery Siege Modern Steel 2 58 70 2 - 430 6 - Can't move and attack
Battleship Naval Ranged Modern Steel 5 60 70 3 65 430 6 Coal 1 tile air cover
Submarine Naval Raider Modern Electricity 3 65 75 2 - 480 6 - Invisible unless adjacent
U-Boat Naval Ranged Modern Electricity 3 65 75 2 - 430 6 - German UU
AT Crew Anti-Cavalry Modern Chemistry 2 70 - - - 400 4 -  
Tank Heavy Cavalry Modern Combustion 4 80 - - - 480 6 Oil ignores zone of control
Naturalist Civilian Modern Conservation 4 0 - - - 800 - - Creates National Parks
Bomber Air Bomber Atomic Advanced Flight - 65 80 10 - 540 7 Aluminum  
Fighter Air Fighter Atomic Advanced Flight - 80 65 4 - 540 7 Aluminum  
P-51 Mustang Air Atomic Advanced Flight - 85 65 4 - 540 7 - American UU
Anti-Air Gun Support Atomic Advanced Ballistics 2 0 - 1 65 455 5 - 1 tile air cover
Machine Gun Ranged Atomic Advanced Ballistics 2 65 75 1 - 540 6 -  
Aircraft Carrier Naval Carrier Atomic Combined Arms 3 65 - - - 540 7 Oil 2 air capacity
Destroyer Naval Melee Atomic Combined Arms 4 80 - - 50 540 7 - reveals Submarines
Helicopter Light Cavalry Atomic Synthetic Materials 4 82 - - - 600 7 -  
Nuclear Submarine Naval Raider Information Telecommunications 4 80 85 2 - 680 8 Uranium invisible unless adjacent
Mechanized Infantry Melee Information Satellites 3 90 - - - 660 8 -  
Rocket Artillery Siege Information Guidance Systems 2 78 85 3 - 680 8 - can't move and attack
Mobile SAM Support Information Guidance Systems 2 0 - 1 75 590 7 - 1 tile air cover
Jet Fighter Air Fighter Information Lasers - 90 75 5 - 680 8 Aluminum  
Missile Cruiser Naval Ranged Information Lasers 4 70 85 3 85 680 8 -  
Modern Armor Heavy Cavalry Information Composites 4 90 - - - 680 8 Uranium  
Modern AT Anti-Cavalry Information Composites 2 80 - - - 580 8 -  
Jet Bomber Air Bomber Information Stealth Technology - 78 80 15 - 680 8 Aluminum  

*Cost in Production, Faith or Gold as applicable. ¹Cost of this unit increases with each one you build. †Religious Strength


Movement: 3; Melee Strength: 10; Cost: 20 production
Technology: none
"Fast moving melee unit."


Movement: 2; Melee Strength: 20; Cost: 30 production
Technology: none
Promotions: ; +5 vs. Spearmen and Pikemen
"Weak melee unit."


Movement: 2; Melee Strength: 0; Builds: 3; Cost: 50 production
Technology: none
"May create tile improvements or remove features like Woods or Rainforest. Builders can be used 3 times. This can be increased through policies or wonders like the Pyramids."
Notes: This new version of the Worker now builds improvements instantly, but has only three Build charges before it is expended. The Chinese unique ability extends this number of charges to four, and there are Social Policies which also increase it. The number of figures displayed in the unit indicates the number of Build charges remaining. Builders cannot be automated. Builders are now responsible for water-borne improvements as well (instead of having dedicated Work Boats). Builders may repair pillaged tile improvements; this takes one turn and costs no build charges.


Movement: 2; Melee Strength: 5; Ranged Strength: 15; Attack Range: 1; Cost: 25 production
Technology: none
"Weak ranged unit. Better on attack than defense."
Notes: A 1-hex range missile unit which you start the game able to build.


Movement: 2; Melee Strength: 0; Base Cost: 80* production
: none
"May create new cities. Reduces city's Population by 1 when completed."
Notes: Settlers have a extra 1-tile sight range. The cost of Settlers increases each time you build one.

Eagle Warrior

Movement: 2; Melee Strength: 28
Notes: This unique unit for the Aztecs replaces the basic Warrior and can convert defeated enemies into Builders. This conversion ability works only against the units of other civilizations, not barbarians.

Heavy Chariot

Requires: Wheel
Movement: 2*; Melee Strength: 28; Base Cost: 65 production
"Hard-hitting, Ancient era heavy cavalry unit. Gains 1 bonus Movement if it begins a turn on a flat tile with no Woods, Rainforest or Hills."
Notes: *Chariots gain +1 movement when they start in open terrain.

Maryannu Chariot Archer

Requires: Wheel
Movement: 4*; Melee Strength: 23; Ranged Strength: 33; Attack Range: 2
Notes: Egyptian unique unit, replaces Heavy Chariot. *Receives bonus movement when it starts on open terrain.



Requires: none
Movement: 4*; Melee Strength: 30; Cost: ?
Notes: Unique unit for Sumeria, available for the start of the game. Suffers no penalty against spearman or other anti-cavalary units, and *gains extra movement if starts in open terrain.


Requires: Foreign Trade civic
Movement: 2; Cost: 34 production
"May make and maintain a single trade route."
Notes: Traders automatically build Ancient Roads as they move between cities. Tweakers.net claims that Traders count as support units and therefore can be linked to a military unit for protection (no corroboration on this claim yet). Trade units have an unusual arrow-shaped unit icon. Trade units still occupy their own layer, and so can stack in the same tile with other unit types. There is only one type of Trader, which can move across either land or sea (once Celestial Navigation is researched).


Requires: Archery
"First Ancient era ranged unit with a Range of 2."
Movement: 2; Melee Strength: 15; Ranged Strength: 25; Attack Range: 2; Cost: 33 production (quick)


Requires: Bronze Working
Movement: 2; Melee Strength: 25; Cost: 50 production (43 on fast)
"Ancient era melee unit that's effective against mounted units."
Notes: +10 combat bonus vs. mounted units.


Requires: Bronze Working
Movement: 2; Melee Strength: 25
Notes: Greek unique unit; replaces Spearman. Gains a +10 combat bonus when adjacent to other Hoplite units (appears to be a flat bonus, not per adjacent unit).

Battering Ram

Requires: Masonry
Movement: 2; Combat Strength: 0; Cost: 50 production (43 on fast)
"Ancient era support unit. When adjacent to a city, melee units may damage the city's Walls."

Barbarian Horse Archer

Movement: 3; Melee Strength: 5; Ranged Strength: 15; Attack Range: 1
Notes: This is a variant of the Scythian unique unit that can be built by the barbarians.

Saka Horse Archer

Movement: 4; Melee Strength: 15; Ranged Strength: 25; Attack Range: 1; Cost: 100 production
Notes: Unique unit for Scythia. Does not require Horses.

Pítati Archer

Notes: Nubian unique unit; replaces Archer.


Requires: Sailing
Movement: 3; Melee Strength: 25; Cost: 43 production (quick)
"Ancient era melee combat unit. Can only operate on Coastal waters until Cartography is researched."
Notes: This was also seen in early videos used as the graphic for Embarked land units, but that was a placeholder.

Viking Longship

Requires: Sailing
Notes: Unique unit for Norway; replacing Galley. Can heal in neutral territory. The Norwegian special ability to raid coastal tiles can be used to clear minor tribe huts and empty barbarian camps.


Requires: Shipbuilding
Movement: 3; Melee Strength: 20; Ranged Strength: 25; Attack Range: 1; Cost:
"Classical era ranged naval unit. Can only operate on Coastal waters until Cartography is researched."
Notes: An early naval unit with a range-1 bombardment attack.


Requires Horseback Riding; 1 Horses (2 without Encampment)
Movement: 4; Melee Strength: 35; Cost: 53 production (quick) + Horses*
"Fast-moving Classical era melee unit."
Notes: *This unit requires 1 Horse if the city has an Encampment, and 2 Horses otherwise.


Requires: Engineering
Movement: 2; Melee Strength: 23; Bombard Strength: 35; Attack Range: 2; Cot: 80 (quick)
"Classical era siege unit, ideal for attacking cities."
: This is a ranged unit rather than a support unit. Support units have 0 combat strength and a diamond-shaped icon (see Battering Ram and Siege Tower)

Siege Tower

Requires: Construction
Movement: 2; Combat Strength: 0
"Classical era support unit. When adjacent to a city, attacking melee units ignore Walls and immediately assault the city."


Requires: Iron Working, 1 Iron (2 without Encampment)
Movement: 2; Melee Strength: 35; Cost: 60 production (quick) + Iron*
"Strong Classical era melee unit."
Notes: Some ethnic variations can be seen in the swordsman units for different civilizations. *This unit requires 1 Iron if the city has an Encampment, and 2 Iron otherwise.


Requires: Iron Working
Movement: 2; Melee Strength: 40
Notes: Unique unit for Rome, replaces Swordsman. Can function as a Military Engineer to build a Roads and the Roman Fort, which gives +4 defensive strength and Fortification bonus to the occupying unit. Has a limited number of build charges. Is "more expensive" than the Swordsman.


Requires: Iron Working
Movement: 2; Melee Strength: 36
Notes: Macedonian unique unit; replaces Swordsman. +5 Combat Strength when besieging Districts. 50% Additional Support bonus.


Requires: Horseback Riding
Movement: 4; Melee Strength: 36
Notes: Macedonian unique unit; replaces Horseman. Additional +5 Combat Strength when adjacent to a Great General. +5 Great General points when killing an enemy unit. Starts with 1 free promotion.


Requires: Iron Working
Movement: 2; Melee Strength: 30
Notes: Persian unique unit; replaces Swordsman. Has a ranged attack.

Ngao Mbeba

Requires: Iron Working
Notes: Unique unit for Kongo, replaces Swordsman. Receives a bonus to ranged defense, and does not require Iron. Woods and Rainforests do not slow them down or block sight. The term means "shield bearer" in Swahili.


Requires: Horseback Riding
Movement: 2; Melee Strength: 40
Notes: Indian unique unit, presumably replaced Horseman. Reduces the Combat Strength of adjacent enemy units by -5.


Requires: Military Engineering; Upgrades to: Artillery
Movement: 2; Melee Strength: 33; Ranged Strength: 45; Range:2
Notes: Khmer unique unit. Can move and shoot in the same turn and exerts zone of control.

Military Engineer

Requires: Military Engineering, Armory
Movement: 2; Combat Strength: 0; Build charges: 2
"Medieval era support unit. Requires an Armory to produce. Can construct Roads, Fort, and Airstrip improvements."
: A mid-game unit which allows to you build roads where you like (instead of waiting for Traders to do it automatically).



Requires: Military Tactics
Movement: 2; Melee Strength: 45
Requires: Military Tactics
Notes: Samurai are a Japanese unique unit. Samurai fight as if they were at full strength until they are completely destroyed.


Requires: Machinery
Movement: 2; Melee Strength: 30; Ranged Strength: 40; Attack Range: 2; Cost: 120 production (quick)
"Medieval era ranged unit."


Requires: Military Tactics
Movement: 2; Melee Strength: 41; Cost: 134 (quick)
"Medieval era melee unit that's strong against mounted units."
Notes: As with the Swordsman, the Pikeman has ethnic variations to the models (mainly in the hats and weapons).


Requires: Military Tactics
Movement: 2; Melee Strength: 40; Base Cost: 180 production; Maintenance: 3 gold
Notes: Unique unit for Norway; does not replace any unit. Pillaging costs 1 Movement. +7 Combat Strength when attacking and -7 Combat Strength when defending.


Requires Stirrup, 1 Iron (2 without Encampment)
Movement: 4; Melee Strength: 48; Cost: 120 production (quick)
"Hard-hitting, Medieval era mobile land unit."


Requires Stirrup, 1 Iron (2 without Encampment)
Movement: 4; Melee Strength: 48; Cost: ?
Notes: Unique unit for Arabia, replaces Knight. Heals at the end of every turn, even if it has moved or attacked.

Crouching Tiger Cannon

Requires: Machinery
: Unique unit for China. "This high-power, short-range unit doesn't require specific resources to produce."

Winged Hussar

Requires: Mercenaries. Upgrades to: Tank
Movement: 4; Melee Strength: 55; Base Cost: 250 production; Maintenance: 3
Notes: Polish unique unit. Pushes defending enemy units back from their hex in any battle where they score more damage. Defenders that cannot retreat suffer additional damage.


Requires: Cartography
"Fast Renaissance era exploration melee naval unit."
Movement: 4; Melee Strength: 50

Sea Dog

Movement: 4; Melee Strength: 40; Ranged Strength: 50; Attack Range: 2
Notes: This is an English unique unit, probably a replacement for the Privateer. It can "bully" weaker units (?) and capture enemy ships.


Requires: Square Rigging


Requires: Mercantilism civic
Notes: Alas, the Privateer graphic is essentially the same as the Sea Dog.


Requires: Mercenaries
Notes: Indonesian unique unit; replaces Frigate. Formation units all inherit escort's Movement speed and +5 Combat Strength when in a formation.


Requires: Shrine
Movement: 4; Religious Strength: 100; Base Cost: 50 Faith.
"May convert Citizens to their Religion. May not initiate theological combat with units of other Religions (but can defend)."
: Has 2 Spread charges. As with Builders, the number of figures in the unit represents the number of charges remaining. Missionaries can only be purchased with Faith.


Requires: Temple
Movement: 4; Religious Strength: 110; Base Cost: 50 Faith
Actions: Spread Religion, Launch Inquisition, Evangelize Belief
"May convert Citizens to their Religion and initiate theological combat with units of other Religions."
: Apostles also have 2 Spread Religion charges. The entire unit can be spent to add a Belief to a religion, or to Launch Inquisition, which allows Inquisitors to be purchased.


Requires, Temple, Launch Inquisition
Movement: 4; Religious Strength: 70; Spread Charges: 2; Base Cost: 50 Faith
Notes: In order to unlock Inquisitors, you must first have an Apostle use the "Launch Inquisition" ability. The Inquisitor has a "Remove Heresy" ability, which consumes a Spread charge to reduce foreign religions in one of your cities. Inqusiitors cannot enter territory which is controlled by a foreign religion.


Warrior Monk

Movement: 3; Melee Strength: 35
Notes: Purchaseable with Faith with the appropriate religious Belief. Has its own promotion tree, which can increase its strength to as high as 60.


Requires: Rifling
: 3; Melee Strength: 45; Ranged Strength: 65; Attack Range: 1
"Fast-moving industrial era recon unit."
: A midgame upgrade for the Scout.


Requires: Natural History
Movement: 4; Combat Strength: 0
Notes: Has the "Excavate Artifact" action. It appears that each Museum building can only support a certain number of Archaeologists.


Movement: 1; Cost: 201 production
"Performs secret missions in foreign cities and protects your cities from enemy Spies."
Notes: Though the Spy is built and appears on the map like a regular unit, it works more or less the same way as spies from Civ V or Beyond Earth. Spies are dispatched to cities via a menu, and once there can choose from a number of available missions based on the districts in the target city.


Movement: 2; Melee Strength: 43; Bombard Strength: 55; Attack Range: 2
"Renaissance era siege unit, ideal for attacking cities."


Requires: Gunpowder, 1 Niter (2 without Encampment)
Movement: 2; Melee Strength: 55


Movement: 2; Melee Strength: 55
: Spanish unique unit, replaces Musketman (it's literally a reskin of the Musketman at this point). +10 Combat Strength when stacked with an Apostle, Inquisitor or Missionary. If a Conquistador is adjacent to a city when it is captured, it automatically convert to Spain's majority religion.


Requires: Military Science
: 2; Melee Strength: 65
: Unique unit for England. Gains a bonus fighting on foreign continents, and can disembark without using a movement point.

Garde Impériale

Requires: Military Science.
Movement: 2; Melee Strength: 65
Notes: French unique unit. Receives a combat bonus (+10) for fighting on the home continent, and Great General points from kills.


Requires: Military Science

Rough Rider

Requires: Rifling
: American unique unit; this is a heavy cavalry unit which is available in addition to the regular Cavalry unit. +10 Combat Strength in Hills, gain Culture from kills on their home continent and have a low maintenance cost.



Notes: Russian unique unit, replaces Cavalry. Can move after attacking.

Field Cannon

Requires: Ballistics
Movement: 2; Melee Strength: 50; Ranged Strength: 60; Attack Range: 2
Notes: This is a ranged rather than a siege unit, and so it can move and attack in the same turn.


Requires: Steam Power
Movement: 5; Melee Strength: 60


Requires: Sanitation

Minas Geraes

Requires: Nationalism
Movement: 5; Melee Strength: 70; Ranged Strength: 80; Attack Range: 3
Notes: Unique unit for Brazil, replaces Battleship but is available earlier. It has "improved defense and ranged attack" and requires the Nationalism civic (instead of the normal technology).


Observation Balloon

Requires: Flight
Base Cost: 240 production; Maintenance: 2 Gold
Movement: 2; Melee Strength: 0
"Modern era support unit. Adds +1 Range to adjacent bombard strength units."
Note: The range increase appears to work only with Siege units, not with other ranged units. The balloon also seems to add to the visibility of the siege unit.


Requires: Replaceable Parts
Movement: 2; Melee Strength: 70; Base Cost: 430 production; Maintenance: 6 gold


Requires: Combustion
Movement: 4; Melee Strength: 80


Requires: Steel

Machine Gun

Requires: Advanced Ballistics


Requires: Replaceable Parts
Movement: 2; Melee Strength: 72
Notes: Australian UU; replaces Infantry. +10 Combat Strength when fighting on Coastal tiles. +5 Combat Strength when fighting in Neutral or Foreign territory.


Requires: Steel
Movement: 6; Melee Strength: 60; Ranged Strength: 70; Attack Range: 3; Requires: Coal


Requires: Electricity


Requires: Electricity
Movement: 5; Melee Strength: 65; Ranged Strength: 75; Attack range: 2
Notes: German Unique Unit, replaces Submarine. Has a lower production cost and receives a combat bonus (+10) in deep ocean.

AT Crew

Requires: Chemistry
Movement: 2; Combat Strength: 70
"Modern era counter to cavalry class units."
Notes: This is a combat unit rather than a support unit.


Requires: Conservation
Movement: 1
"A late-game civilian who can create a single National Park to attract Tourists. Must be purchased with Faith."


Requires: Combined Arms
Notes: This appeared as a pair of ships in early shots, but is a single ship in the released game.


Anti-Air Gun


Notes: The Helicopter operates as a normal land unit, though it can move over water.

Nuclear Submarine

Notes: Can carry nuclear weapons, and can bombard land targets as well as naval targets. Cannot travel under ice.

Modern Armor

Requires: Composites

Mechanized Infantry

Requires: Satellites

Rocket Artillery

Notes: Cannot move and fire in the same turn.

Modern AT

Requires: Composites


Mobile SAM

Missile Cruiser

Requires: Lasers
Notes: Although this is called a "Missile Cruiser," it's very small -- about the size of of the modern version of the Fishing Boats. The design is clearly based on the Soviet "Nanuchka-III"-class antisubmarine missile corvette.

Air Units

Air units behave a little differently in Civilization VI. They can only be built in cities with an Aerodrome district, which can only base a limited number of air units (upgradeable with various buildings). They can be rebased at other Aerodromes, city centers, Carriers or Airfield improvements. Fighters (including Biplanes and Jet Fighters) can be "deployed" to an open tile from which they can attack or intercept, but must return to a proper base to repair.


Requires: Flight
Notes: Ack! There's no pilot!


Requires: Advanced Flight

P-51 Mustang

Requires: Advanced Flight
"American unique air unit that replaces the Fighter. Better attack against fighters, farther range, and earns experience faster."
: Note that the insignia is of the "Red Tails" squadron of the Tuskegee Airmen.


Requires: Advanced Flight
Movement: 5; Melee Strength: 65; Bombard Strength: 80; Attack Range: 11

Jet Fighter

Jet Bomber

Great People

Great People are now similar to the Founding Fathers in Civ 4: Colonization, in that each named individual gives unique benefits, and they are pulled from a common pool with rival civilizations. Great people are still earned by accumulating Great Person Points, but at any given time, one great person of each type (Great Admiral, Artist, Musician, Writer, Engineer, General, Merchant, Prophet, Scientist) is available to all civilizations, and everyone can see everyone else's progress toward earning each one. Each time a great person is recruited, the GPP cost for the next person of that type is recruited for all civilizations. You can also choose to pass over a currently available great person in hopes of getting access to a better one.

You can "rush-buy" a Great Person with Patronage by spending an amount of Gold or Faith proportional to the amount of GPP's still needed to recruit that person. You can't do this if someone already has enough points to recruit that Great Person, or if you have previously passed over that Great Person. Great Persons can also be generated by certain Wonders (the Stonehenge wonder creates a Great Prophet).

Each Great Person has a unique ability that presumably consumes the unit. Great Generals and Admirals also have a passive ability. It appears that all Great People have a Movement of 4 and a Combat Strength of 0.

Great Prophet

Movement: 4; Melee Strength: 0
Notes: All the Great Prophets have the same ability: Found Religion. They can no longer spread religion or add beliefs (these functions are now taken by Missionaries and Apostles. They are generated by Great Person Points instead of Faith. Stonehenge awards a free Great Prophet. It looks like there are only a limited number of Great Prophets in each game, and once they are recruited, no more religions can be founded (and it looks like once you've found a religion, no more Great Prophets can be recruited).

Great Prophet List:
(Classical Era): Founds a Religion, and establishes this city as a Holy City.
Laozi (Classical Era): Founds a Religion, and establishes this city as a Holy City.
John the Baptist (Classical Era)
Siddhartha Gautama
Irenaeus (Medieval Era): Founds a Religion, and establishes this city as a Holy City.
Adi Shankara (Medieval Era): Founds a Religion, and establishes this city as a Holy City.
Songtsan Gampo (Medieval Era)
O no Yasumaro (Medieval Era)
Simon Peter
Thomas Aquinas (Renaissance Era)
Francis of Assisi
Haji Huud (Renaissance)
Madva Achaya (Renaissance)

Great General

Notes: All Great Generals have a passive ability in addition to their unique active abilities: Provides +5 Combat Strength to land units of the appropriate 2 eras (the listed era and the one following) within 2 tiles. So after the 2 eras that a General is good for, you'll probably want to spend him or her.

Great General List:
Hamilcar Barca
(Classical Era): Grants 1 promotion level to a military land unit.
Boudica (Classical Era): Converts adjacent Barbarian units to your control.
Sun Tzu (Classical General): The Art of War (Great Work of Writing)
Æthelflæd (Medieval Era): Instantly creates a Knight unit.
El Cid (Medieval Era): Forms a Corps out of a military land unit
Genghis Khan (Medieval Era): Grants 1 promotional level. 25% combat bonus for mounted units.
Jeanne D'arc (Renaissance Era): Create a Relic.
Ana Nzinga (Renaissance Era): Gain 1 Envoy.
Gustavus Adolphus (Renaissance Era): Instantly create a Bombard unit.
Simon Bolivar (Industrial Era) Gain 2 Envoys.

Great Admiral

Notes: All Great Admirals have a passive ability in addition to their unique active abilities: Provides +5 Combat Strength to naval units of the appropriate 2 eras (the listed era and the one following) within 2 tiles. So after the 2 eras that an Admiral is good for, you'll probably want to spend him or her.

Great Admiral List:
(Classical Era): Instantly creates a Quadrireme unit.
Gaius Duilius (Classical Era): Forms a Corps out of a military naval unit.
Artemisia (Classical Era): Grants 1 promotion level to a military naval unit.
Santa Cruz (Renaissance Era): Forms an Army out of a military naval unit.
Yi Sun-Sin (Renaissance Era): Instantly creates an Ironclad unit with 1 promotion level.
Francis Drake (Renaissance Era): Gain 75 Gold (on Standard speed).
Ching Chih (Industrial Era): Gain 100 Gold. Military units get +60% rewards for plundering sea Trade Routes.

Great Scientist

Hypatia (Classical Era): Libraries provide +1 Science. Instantly builds a Library in this district.
(Classical Era): Provides the Eureka bonus for Mathematics along with another random Classical or Medieval tech.
(Classical Era): Triggers the Eureka moment for 3 random technologies from the Classical or Medieval era.
Omar Khayyam
(Medieval Era): Triggers the Eureka moment for 2 random technologies and the Inspiration moment for 1 random civic from the Medieval or Renaissance era.
Abu Al-qasim Al-rahrwai
(Medieval Era): Passive: +20 HP healing for units within one tile. Active: Triggers the Eureka moment for one random technology from the Medieval or Renaissance era. Wounded units can heal +5 HP each turn.
Hildegard of Bingen
(Medieval Era): Gain 100 Faith. This Holy Site district's Faith adjacency bonus provides Science as well.
Galileo Galiei
(Renaissance Era): Gain 250 Science for each adjacent Mountain tile.
Emile du Chatelet
(Renaissance Era): Triggers the Eureka moment for 3 random technologies from the Renaissance or Industrial eras.
Isaac Newton (Renaissance Era): Instantly builds a University and Library in this district. Universities provide +2 Science.


Great Engineer

James of St. George (Medieval Era): Instantly builds Ancient and Medieval Walls in this city, and provides enough Gold per turn to pay for their maintenace.
Isidore of Miletus (Medieval Era): Grants Wonder production.
Bi Sheng (Medieval Era): Lets this city build an additional District regardless of population, and triggers the Eureka for Printing.
Filippo Brunelleschi (Renaissance Era): Grants 211,047 Production towards wonder construction.
James Watt (Industrial Era) Instantly builds a Factory and Workshop in this district. Factories provide +2 Production.
Ada Lovelace (Industrial Era): Triggers the Eureka moment for the Computers technology. Lets the city build one more district than the population limit allows.

Great Merchant

Colaeus (Classical Era): Gain 100 Faith. Grants 1 free copy of the Luxury resource on this tile to your Capital city.
Zhang Qian (Classical Era): Gain an additional trade route, and foreign trade routes to this city provide +2 gold for both civs.
Marcus Lacinius Crassus (Classical Era): Gain 60 Gold. Your nearest city annexes this tile in the territory
Giovanni de Medici (Renaissance Era) -Instantly build a Bank and Market in this district. The Bank gets 2 Great Work slots, which can hold anything except Relics.
Jakob Fugger (Renaissance Era): Gain 350 Gold. Gain 2 Envoy.
John Jacob Astor (Industrial Era): Gain 500 Gold. Gain 2 Envoys.
Raja Todar Mal (Renaissance Era): Your Trade Routes to your own cities gain +0.5 Gold for each specialty district at the destination. Gain 1 Envoy.
William Randolph Hearst (Industrial Era): ?

Great Writer

Homer (Classical Era): Odyssey and Iliad.
Bhasa (Classical Era): The Madhyama Vyayoga (Great Work of Writing), Pratima-nataka (Great Work of Writing).
Qu Yuan (Classical Era) Chu Ci and Lament for Ying.
Ovid (Classical Era): Metamorphoses, Heroides
Christine de Pizan (Classical): The Book of the City of Ladies, The Treasure of the City of Ladies
Li Bai (Medieval Era): Drinking Alone by Moonlight, In the Mountains on a Summer Day
Murasaki Shikibu (Medieval Era): The Diary of Lady Murasaki, The Tale of Genji
Goeffrey Caucer (Medieval Era): The Canterbury Tales, Troilus and Criseyde
Miguel de Cervantes (Renaissance Era): Don Quixote, Novelas Ejemplares (Exemplary Novels)
William Shakespeare (Renaissance Era): Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet
Jane Austen (Industrial Era): Pride and Prejudice (Great Work of Writing), Sense and Sensibility (Great Work of Writing).
Edgar Allen Poe (Industrial Era): The Tell-Tale Heart, The Raven

Great Artist

Michelangelo (Renaissance Era): Sistine Chapel Ceiling (Religious Art), Pieta (Sculpture), and David (Sculpture)
Donatello (Renaissance Era): Saint Mark (Sculpture) and Gattamelata (Sculpture) and Judith Slaying Holofernes (Sculpture)
Andrei Rublev (Renaissance Era): Annunciation (Religious), Saviour in Glory (Religious), Ascension (Religious)
Hieronymus Bosch (Renaissance Era): The Garden of Earthly Delights (Religious), The Last Judgment (Religious), The Haywain Triptych (Religious)

Great Musician

Johann Sebastian Bach (Industrial Era): "Little" Fugue in G minor and Cello Suite No. 1
Yatsuhashi Kengyo (Industrial Era): Rokudan no Shirabe and Hachidan no Shirabe.
Antonio Vivaldi (Industrial Era): Four Seasons: Winter, La Notte Concerto
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Industrial Era): Eine kleine Nachtmusik, Symphony #40 Mvt. 1
Ludwig van Beethoven (Industrial Era): Ode to Joy (Symphony #9), Symphony #3 (Eroica Symphony) Mvt. 1


Rather than being generic, promotions are now specific to each unit type. For example, scouts might receive a bonus in their movement stats, whereas warriors receive an early advantage against barbarians. Accepting a promotion now ends the unit's turn, but it does heal the unit by about 50% of its total health. Promotions can be saved from turn to turn, but the unit will not earn more experience while it has an unspent promotion.

Each promotion tree has two branches with three tiers, and then the fourth tier is shared between the two branches.

Recon promotions:

I Ranger: Faster movement in Woods and Jungle terrain.
    II Sentry: Can see through Woods and Jungle.
        III Spyglass: +1 sight range.
I Alpine: Faster movement on Hill terrain.
    II Guerrilla: Can move after attacking.
        III Ambush: +20 Combat Strength in all situations.
IV Camouflage: Only adjacent enemy units can reveal this unit.

Melee promotions:

I Battlecry: +7 when attacking melee and ranged units.
    II Commando: Can scale Cliff walls.
        III Zweihander: +7 Combat Strength vs. anti-cavalry units
I Tortoise: +10 when defending against ranged attacks.
    II Amphibious: No Combat Strength and Movement penalty when attacking from sea or river.
        III Urban Warfare: +10 Combat Strength when attacking in a district.
IV Elite Guard: +1 additional attack per turn if Movement allows. Can move after attacking.

Anti-Cavalry promotions:

I Echelon: +5 combat bonus vs. cavalry units.
    II Square: Double Combat Strength when occupying the same hex as a support unit.
        III Redeploy: +1 Movement.
I Thrust: +10 combat bonus vs. melee units.
    II Schiltron: +10 Combat Strength when defending vs. melee class units.
        III Choke Points: +7 Combat Strength when defending in Woods, Jungle, Hills, or Marsh.
IV Hold the Line: Adjacent units of a different class get +10 Combat Strength vs. cavalry.

Heavy Cavalry promotions:

I Charge: +10 attack vs. fortified defender.
    II Marauding: +7 Combat Strength vs. units in districts
        III Armor Piercing: +7 Combat Strength again other heavy cavalry units.
I Barding: +7 defense vs. ranged attacks.
    II Rout: +5 Combat Strength against damaged units.
        III Reactive Armor: +7 Combat Strength when defending against heavy cavalry and anti-cavalry.
IV Breakthrough: +1 additional attack per turn if Movement allows.

Light Cavalry promotions:

I Caparison: +5 Combat Strength vs. anti-cavalry
    II Depredation: Pillaging costs only 1 Movement point
        III: Spiking the Guns: +7 Combat Strength vs. siege units.
I Coursers: +5 Combat Strength when attacking ranged and siege units.
    II Double Envelopment: 2x flanking bonus.
        III Pursuit: +1 Movement.
IV Escort Mobility: Formation units all inherit escort's Movement speed.

Ranged promotions:

I Volley: +5 ranged attack vs. land units.
    II Arrow Storm: +7 ranged attack vs. land and naval units
        III Exercise zone of control.
I Garrison: +10 combat bonus when occupying a district or fort.
    II Incendiaries: +7 Ranged Strength vs. district defenses.
        III Emplacement: +10 Combat Strength when defending vs. city attacks
IV Expert Marksman: +1 additional attack if unit has not moved.

Siege promotions:

I Grape Shot: +7 combat bonus vs. land units.
    II Shrapnel: +10 Combat Strength vs. land units.
        III Advanced Rangefinding: +10 Combat Strength vs. naval units
I Crew Weapons: +7 combat bonus when defending.
    II Shells: +10 Combat Strength vs. district defenses
        III Expert Crew: can attack after moving.
IV Forward Observers: +1 Range.

Naval Melee promotions:

I Embolon: +7 Combat Strength vs. Naval units
    II Reinforced Hull: +10 Combat Strength when defending vs. ranged attacks.
I Helmsman: +1 Movement.
    II Rutter: +1 sight range.
III Auxiliary Ships: Heal outside of friendly territory.
III Convoy: +10 Combat Strength when in a formation.
IV Creeping Attack: +14 Combat Strength vs. naval raider units.

Naval Ranged promotions:

I Line of Battle: +7 Attack vs. naval units.
    II Preparatory Fire: +7 Combat Strength vs. land units.
        III: Supply Fleet: Heal outside of friendly territory.
I Bombardment: +7 Combat Strength vs. district defenses.
    II: Rolling Barrage: +10 Combat Strength vs. district defenses.
        III: Proximity Fuses: +7 Combat Strength when defending vs. air attacks.
IV Coincidence Rangefinding: +1 Range.

Naval Raider promotions:

I Boarding: Obtain Gold from naval victories
    II Homing Torpedoes: +10 Combat Strength vs. naval units.
        III Silent Running: Can move after attacking.
I Loot: +50 Gold from coastal raids
    II Swift Keel: +1 Movement.
        III Observation: +1 sight range.
IV Wolfpack: +1 additional attack per turn.

Naval Carrier promotions:

I Flight Deck: +1 additional aircraft slot.
    II Hangar Deck: +1 additional aircraft slot.
        III Folding Wings: +1 additional aircraft slot.
I Scout Planes: +1 sight range.
    II Advanced Engines: +1 Movement
        III Deck Crews: can heal after attacking.
IV Supercarrier: Heal outside of friendly territory.

Air Fighter promotions:

Cockpit Armor: +7 Combat Strength when defending vs. anti-air.
Dogfighting: +7 Combat Strength vs. fighter class units.
Drop Tanks: +2 Range.
Ground Crews: Heal while patrolling or deployed.
Interceptor: +7 Combat Strength vs. bomber class units.
Strafe: +17 Combat Strength vs. non-cavalry units.
Tank Buster: +17 Combat Strength vs. cavalry units.

Air Bomber promotions:

Box Formation: +7 Combat Strength when defending vs. fighter class units.
Close Air Support: +12 Combat Strength vs. land units.
Evasive Maneuvers: +7 Combat Strength when defending vs. anti-air.
Long Range: +2 Range.
Superfortress: No minimum health required to air pillage.
Tactical Maintenance: Can heal after attacking.
Torpedo Bomber: +17 Combat Strength vs. naval units.

Religious Apostle promotions:

Chaplain: Apostle operates as a Medic, providing extra healing to units within 1 tile.
Debater:+20 Religious Strength in Theological Combat.
Heathen Conversion: Can convert all adjacent Barbarians to your side by using a religious charge.
Indulgence Vendor: Gain 100 Gold if this unit converts a city to your Religion for the first time.
Martyr: Relic is created if this Apostle dies in Theological Combat.
Orator: Can spread Religion 2 extra times.
Pilgrim: Gains 3 extra spreads when moving adjacent to a natural wonder for the first time.
Proselytizer: Religious spread eliminates other Religions in the target city.
Translator: Religious spread is triple strength in cities of other civilizations.

Espionage promotions:

Ace Driver: If caught on a mission, have a much higher chance of escape (+4 levels).
Cat Burglar: Steal Great Works as if 2 levels more experienced.
Con Artist: Siphon Funds as if 2 levels more experienced.
Demolitions: Sabotage Production as if 2 levels more experienced.
Disguise: Takes no time to establish presence in an enemy city.
Guerilla Leader: Recruit Partisans as if 2 levels more experienced.
Linguist: Time to complete all missions reduced by 25%.
Quartermaster: If this Spy is in home territory, all your Spies operate at +1 level.
Rocket Scientist: Disrupt Rocketry as if 2 levels more experienced.
Seduction: Counterspy as if 2 levels more experienced.
Technologist: Steal Technology as if 2 levels more experienced.

Warrior Monk promotions:

Shadow Strike: 2x flanking bonus.
Twilight Veil: Only adjacent enemy units can reveal this unit.
Exploding Palms: +10 Combat Strength in all situations.
Disciples: When defeating an enemy unit, spread their religion to nearby cities.
Sweeping Wind: +1 additional attack per turn if movement allows.
Dancing Crane: +1 Movement.
Cobra Strike: +15 Combat Strength in all situations.