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Disclaimer: The information listed below is about a game that is still under development, and so is incomplete and subject to change.

Research works much as before, but each technology has a "Eureka" objective attached to it. This objective is a mini-quest (such as "Meet another Civilization" or "Build a Quarry") that, when completed, will award a research credit worth 50% (!) of the science needed to unlock that tech. You will get this research credit whether or not you are currently researching the technology in question. As with Civ V, there is no tech trading.

The research tree is smaller than in Civ V, because a number of items have been moved to the new Civics tree (see below). Taken together, these two trees have about 118 total, 40 more items than the Civ V tech tree.

“We wanted to make sure your progress in the tech tree was something you had more control over, something where you could push your progress if necessary. So what we’ve done is, for pretty much every technology in the tech tree, we’ve associated a specific activity that’s sort of like a quest. And if you finish that activity, boom, we give you a big credit, about 50% of the science that you need to unlock that particular technology is granted to you. So the tech tree is now set up so that it adjusts itself based on your play style. If you’re playing the game militaristically, all of a sudden the militaristic path through the tree is going to open up and be easy for you. If you’re playing the game building a navy, all of a sudden all of these maritime technologies are going to open up for you. It rewards you for being active in certain parts of the game.” - Ed Beach

Technology Tree

Here is a full version of the tree from the 03-Aug videos. Keep in mind that this is almost certainly not the final version of the tree.

Click on the image for a larger version.

Tree Analysis

There are hidden bonuses for each tech that are not listed in the tree view. I will list these in the "Other" column as I find them.

Technology Cost Era Unlocks Boost Other
Pottery 25 Ancient Granary building - Allows harvesting of Wheat and Rice.
Animal Husbandry 25 Ancient Camp, Pasture improvements - Allows harvesting of Cattle and Sheep.
Mining 25 Ancient Mine, Quarry improvements - Allows chopping of Woods, and harvesting of Copper.
Sailing 50 Ancient Fishing Boats improvement, Galley unit Found a city on the coast. Allows Builders to embark.
Astrology 50 Ancient Stonehenge, Holy Site, Shrine Find a Natural Wonder. -
Irrigation 50 Ancient Plantation, Hanging Gardens Farm a resource Allows clearing of Marsh.
Writing 50 Ancient Library, Campus Meet another civilization -
Archery 50 Ancient Archer Kill a unit with a Slinger -
Masonry 80 Ancient Battering Ram, Pyramids, Ancient Walls Build a Quarry Allows harvesting Stone
Bronze Working 80 Ancient Reveal Iron resource, Encampment, Barracks, Spearman Kill 3 Barbarians Allows chopping of Rainforest
Wheel 80 Ancient Heavy Chariot, Water Mill Mine a Resource -
Celestial Navigation 120 Classical Lighthouse, Great Lighthouse, Harbor Improve 2 sea resources Allows Traders to embark, and harvesting of Fish.
Currency 120 Classical Commercial Hub, Market Make a Trade Route  
Horseback Riding 120 Classical Horseman, Stables improvement Build a Pasture  
Iron Working 120 Classical Swordsman Build an Iron Mine  
Shipbuilding 200 Classical Quadrireme, Colossus Own 2 Galleys Allows all land units to embark.
Mathematics 200 Classical Petra Build 3 different specialty districts +1 Movement for all naval units.
Construction 200 Classical Terracotta Army, Siege Tower Build a Water Mill  
Engineering 200 Classical Aqueduct, Catapult Build Ancient Walls  
Military Tactics 275 Medieval Huey Teocalli, Pikeman, Berserker, Samurai  Kill a unit with a Spearman  
Apprenticeship 275 Medieval Workshop, Industrial Zone Build 3 Mines +1 Production to the Mine Improvement
Stirrups 275 Medieval Knight Have the Feudalism civic  
Machinery 275 Medieval Crossbowman, Lumber Mill Own 3 Archers -
Education 310 Medieval University, Hagia Sophia Earn a Great Scientist  
Military Engineering 355 Medieval Armory, Military Engineer, Medieval Road Build an Aqueduct [Routes upgrade to Medieval Road]
Castles 355 Medieval Alhambra, Medieval Walls Have a government with 6 policy slots Bonus Culture for Great Wall adjacency. Catherine gains an extra Spy slot.
Cartography 490 Renaissance Caravel Build 2 Harbors +1 Gold from Fishing Boats, naval and embarked units can enter Ocean, +1 move for Embarked units
Mass Production 490 Renaissance Shipyard, Venetian Arsenal Build a Lumber Mill  
Banking 490 Renaissance Bank, Great Zimbabwe Have the Guilds civic +1 Gold from Quarry
Gunpowder 490 Renaissance Reveal Niter resource, Musketman Build an Armory  
Printing 490 Renaissance Forbidden City Build 2 Universities +1 diplomatic visibility, double Tourism from Writing works
Square Rigging 600 Renaissance Frigate Kill a unit with a Musketman  
Astronomy 600 Renaissance Potala Palace wonder Build a University adjacent to a mountain.  
Metal Casting 600 Renaissance Bombard Own 2 Crossbowman  
Siege Tactics 600 Renaissance Renaissance Walls, Fort improvement Own 2 Bombards  
Industrialization 700 Industrial Factory, Ruhr Valley wonder, [Industrial Roads?] Build 3 Workshops +1 Production to Mine
Scientific Theory 700 Industrial Oxford University Have The Enlightenment civic Allows Research Agreement diplomatic action. +1 Food from Plantation.
Ballistics 700 Industrial Field Cannon Have 2 Forts in your territory  
Military Science 700 Industrial Military Academy, Cavalry, Garde Imperiale Kill a unit with a Knight -
Steam Power 805 Industrial Ironclad, Reveal Coal, Railroad Build 2 Shipyards [Routes upgrade to Railroad], +2 Movement for embarked units
Sanitation 805 Industrial Medic, Sewer Build 2 Neighborhoods +1 Housing to Stepwell Improvements
Economics 805 Industrial Big Ben, Stock Exchange Build 2 Banks  
Rifling 805 Industrial Ranger Build a Niter Mine -
Flight 900 Modern Hangar building, Aerodrome district, Observation Balloon, Biplane, Airstrip improvement Build an Industrial era or later wonder Bonus Tourism to all improvements that provide Culture.
Replaceable Parts 900 Modern Infantry Own 3 Musketman Upgrades Farm improvements to Mechanized Agriculture. +1 Food Adjacency bonus for Farms.
Steel 900 Modern Eiffel Tower, Artillery, Battleship Build a Coal Mine +1 Production to Lumber Mill
Electricity 985 Modern Seaport, Submarine, Power Plant Own 3 Privateers  
Radio 985 Modern Resort improvement, Broadcast Center Build a National Park  
Chemistry 985 Modern Research Lab, AT Crew Complete a Research Agreement  
Combustion 985 Modern Tank, Reveal Oil, Oil Well Extract an Artifact +1 Movement for embarked units
Advanced Flight 1065 Atomic Airport, Bomber, Fighter, Reveal Aluminum Build 3 Biplanes  
Rocketry 1065 Atomic Spaceport district, Missile Silo improvement, Launch Earth Satellite Project Boost only through Great Scientist or Spy +1 Production from Quarry
Advanced Ballistics 1065 Atomic Anti-Air Gun, Machine Gun Build 2 Power Plants  
Combined Arms 1065 Atomic Aircraft Carrier, Destroyer Build an Airstrip  
Plastics 1065 Atomic Offshore Platform Build an Oil Well +1 Food from Fishing Boats
Computers 1195 Atomic - Have a government with 8 policy slots +1 Spy, Double all Tourism yields
Nuclear  Fission 1195 Atomic Build Nuclear Device project, Manhattan Project, Reveal Uranium Boost only through Great Scientist or Spy  
Synthetic Materials 1195 Atomic Helicopter Build 2 Aerodromes +1 Gold from Camps
Telecommunications 1340 Information Nuclear Submarine Build 2 Broadcast Centers  
Satellites 1340 Information Mechanized Infantry, Moon Landing project Boost only through Great Scientist or Spy  
Guidance Systems 1340 Information Rocket Artillery, Mobile SAM Kill a Fighter  
Lasers 1340 Information Jet Fighter, Missile Cruiser Boost only through Great Scientist or Spy  
Composites 1340 Information Modern Armor, Modern AT Own 3 Tanks  
Stealth Technology 1340 Information Jet Bomber Boost only through Great Scientist or Spy  
Robotics 1560 Information Launch Mars Habitation project Have the Globalization civic +1 Production from Pastures
Nuclear Fusion 1560 Information Build Thermonuclear Device, Launch Mars Reactor, Operation Ivy Boost only through Great Scientist or Spy  
Nanotechnology 1560 Information [Plantation Project?] Build an Aluminum mine  
Future Tech 1780 Information - - Awards Score points