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History and Purpose

The Well of Souls was first created on Geocities on August 27, 1997. The idea at the time (as it is today) was to have a place to display Arioch's artwork, and also be able to make information pages for obscure stuff like Dark Tower and Mighty Orbots. The site moved to SimpleNet in December of 1997, and changed domain to in November of 1998. I have since added galleries by other artists and the Homeworld Shipyards page. I hope that visitors to the site will continue to enjoy the content posted here on a regular basis. Note however that Well of Souls is not a free hosting service; please don't ask to be hosted.

About the Webmaster

The crusty, formless entity known as Arioch is responsible for this site; any questions, concerns or comments about the Well of Souls can be directed to In the "real world," Arioch is known as Jim Francis, and currently resides in San Jose, California where he works professionally as a software developer. If you need to know more than that, just ask.


Thanks to Primera and for having cool sites that I could steal design ideas from.

Legal Stuff

Ah, yes; I knew you were just dying to get to this part. Except where noted, all of the images and text contained within these pages are original, copyrighted material owned by the authors (that's us). This means that even though all of it is freely accessible to the public (that's you), it's still unlawful to modify or redistribute without the consent of the authors (us again). If you would like to include items here in your own website (or where ever), simply ask. Chances are that we will be only too happy to agree, provided that appropriate credits are given. Simply e-mail me at; or the appropriate artist (depending on which section the content in question is from). Otherwise, well... we may get very angry, and we can't have that, now can we?

About Linking to This Site

The Well of Souls is "link free," meaning that you may feel free to put links on your page to this one. There's no need to ask permission. Buttons and banners for this purpose are located here.

While you're free to link to any page here, I would ask that you not link directly to any images. If you choose to display a banner (or other content) of ours on your own site, please copy the image file to your own server, rather than linking directly to the image here. This is generally considered a netiquette no-no.