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These images are of original characters and environments, designed for my own projects or on commission.

"Outsider" webcomic: Design Elements

Loroi characters

Alien characters


Loroi starships

Umiak & Terran starships

Miscellaneous Character Design

"Second Six" fantasy characters

"Art of Immortality" concepts - Enyo, a childlike explorer with a flying bug-backpack

"Harg the Pirate" - Blix

The Smoking Boar BBQ

"UNity" - Stacey Danforth

"Maléfices III" - CCG cards

"Tales from the Desk of the Vice Admiral"/"Ragged" characters


"Time of the Titans" characters

Pirate Girl & Major

"Stars in Shadow" game: alien races

Random stuff

Mechanical and Environment Design

"Stars in Shadow" game: ships and space stations, ground bases, planets and starfields
"Honneamise"-style pusher-prop aircraft

"Time of the Titans" concepts

The images displayed on these pages are all copyrighted works of the respective artists.
Please do not use, alter or distribute any of these images without the artist's permission.