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Loroi Ships
The distinctive twin-pronged, bladelike shapes of the Loroi vessels are meant to convey both the aggressive nature of the Loroi and their highly developed sense of aesthetics. Loroi ships are built for speed and hard-hitting firepower. Attack is their doctrine; heavy weapons are positioned so that they can all fire forward at the same time. 
The thickness of the armored forward prongs is a visual cue to the defensive strength of the ship, as that is where the primary defensive screen generators are housed. 

"Arrow" light interceptor 

"Highland" shuttle 

Ship silhouettes

Revised Vanguard-class battlecruiser design 

Revised destroyer design 

Katana-class battlecruiser concept 

Fighter concepts

Revised Rapier-class escort cruiser design 

Heavy blaster turret sketch

Vanguard-class battlecruiser concept

Pulse cannon turret sketch

 Emperor's flagship color concept

Warhammer-class destroyer concept

Greatsword-class battleship concept

Scimitar-class heavy cruiser color concept

Escort cruiser rough sketch

Early Tempest concept (called "Sabre" at the time)

Tempest command ship rough model

Tempest engine details

Tempest subsystems diagram

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