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Victory Conditions

Each of the Victory types is optional and can be disabled:

Map and Game Settings


There is not much information on Modding other than it is supposed to have increased support in comparison to Civ IV.


I guess I had to put this somewhere: Civilization V uses Valve's Steam service for digital rights management and online updates. All users (even those that buy the boxed DVD version of the game) will be required to register with Steam to activate the product, although it is possible after registration to play in offline mode. Consult Greg Laabs' Official Civ V Steam FAQ for further information.

AWOL Features from Civilization IV

The following is a list of features from Civ IV: Beyond the Sword that did not make a return in Civ V. This is not meant to be a negative thing, just information... I get a lot of questions about these items.


The following are a few items that were seen in earlier screenshots prior to release, but were removed from the game or changed prior to release.

Early Spearman

The Spearman model pictured below was seen in early shots, but hasn't been seen recently, and didn't make it into the shipped version of the game. Notice also that the unit had 4 ranks of 4, whereas the current version has 3 ranks of 4.

Early Settler

An early placeholder graphic for the Settler.

Jungle Flowers

These red flowers were seen in forest and jungle terrain in very early screenshots. They are not in the release version of the game.


This blotch was glimpsed in early shots on grassland and plains tiles. I thought perhaps it might be saltpeter (another throwback to Civ III), but it hasn't been seen in newer shots, and is not in the release version of the game.

Early Ivory

A different version of the elephant graphic was seen in the early screenshots; it had four elephants instead of one.

Mount Everest

Notes: Seen in-game in preview builds, but didn't make it into the final game.

Lake Titicaca

Notes: This Natural Wonder was mentioned in a preview, but was not released in the game.