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Outsider posts new pages (when available) on Mondays, but updates can be irregular, so I encourage you to use the RSS feed if you're interested in keeping up. [WIP Thread]

9 February 2015: Not... quite done yet! I'll post the new page as soon as it's finished.

2 February 2015: I'm delaying the posting of the new page by one week, to February 9th. My recent move put me behind at work, and I wasn't able to make up the time. Sorry for the delay, and I'll see you next week!

12 January 2015: Outsider will resume updates on Monday, February 2nd. I appreciate your patience and forebearance with this long and unplanned hiatus.

31 July 2014: "Whoo-hoo-hoo, look who knows so much! It just so happens that your friend here is only mostly dead. There's a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive." - Miracle Max, The Princess Bride

22 August 2013: Just a note to let everyone know I'm still here, the comic isn't dead. I'm just going through a patch where it's hard to find free time. I'm still working on the 3D sets for the next pages, but hopefully it won't be long before I can resume posting pages.

20 May 2013: I finally got around to converting the Prologue pages to the new, larger format.

17 February 2013: New page: 102
Sorry for the long delay.

17 December 2012: Happy Holidays!
I will try to get page 102 finished as soon as possible. I did post a few updates in Insider.

25 October 2012: There is a review of Outsider up at Liberation Frequency, and they also have an interview with yours truly to go with it.

31 July 2012: New page: 101
I forgot to mention that I did a guest page for Mathieu Moyen's 6-COMMANDO.

14 June 2012: New page: 100
The next few updates may be a bit irregular as I get caught up.

15 March 2012: New page: 99

5 March 2012: Page 99 still isn't finished yet, but in the meantime, feel free to kill time perusing the Registry of Blue Peoples.

20 February 2012: No new page this week. I did add new images to Concepts and Guest Art.

14 February 2012: New page: 98
Happy Valentine's Day.

6 February 2012: No new page today, but instead accept this early Valentine.

30 January 2012: New page: 97

23 January 2012: New page: 96
Also posted a wallpaper-sized image of the Terran cruiser from page 95.

Tangents posted a review of Outsider.

16 January 2012: New page: 95

11 January 2012: New page: 94
I hope everyone had a pleasant holiday season.

11 November 2011: New page: 93

Thanks very much for the donations; they are greatly appreciated.

22 August 2011: New page: 92
Don't panic -- the comic hasn't gone black and white; it's a flashback sequence.

On a side note: if you've ever considered making a small donation to the site, now would be an ideal time for such a donation to have a meaningful impact in keeping this site running without interruption. You can use the button below to donate (or send funds directly to arioch@well-of-souls.com using PayPal).

Any amount, no matter how small, will be helpful and greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your consideration, and thanks in particular to those of you who have already made donations in the past.

1 August 2011: New page: Chapter 2 Cover

25 July 2011: New page: 91
And that brings the first chapter to a close! I will continue directly into Chapter 2.

11 July 2011: New page: 90

27 June 2011: New page: 89
Sorry for the delay (and the accidental broken link post).

23 May 2011: New page: 88
I revamped the FTL Technology Insider page and added several new illustrations.

16 May 2011: New page: 87

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