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10 February 2019: New pages: 146, 147
I had intended to post these last week, but, y'know... the Rams lost the Superbowl. :D

31 December 2018: New pages: 144, 145
Hope you had a great year, and looking forward to a better new one!

6 November 2018: New pages: 142, 143

31 October 2018Happy Halloween!
(Thanks to dragoongfa for the commission!)

1 October 2018: New page: 141

17 September 2018: New page: 140

4 September 2018: New pages: 138, 139
Sorry for the delay. My brain melted out of my ears at the end of July, and I spent most of August spooning it back in.

23 July 2018:  I posted a new essay on the Barsam in the Insider section.

9 July 2018:  New page: 137
It's hot where I am. And I don't mean in a good way.

2 July 2018:  New page: 136

25 June 2018:  New page: 135

11 June 2018:  New page: 134
For science!

4 June 2018:  New page: 133

22 May 2018:  New page: 132

14 May 2018:  New page: 131

7 May 2018:  New page: 130
What's that, you say? It's not Monday yet, you say? Sorry, can't hear you.

30 April 2018:  New page: 129

23 April 2018:  New page: 128

2 April 2018:  New page: 127
No, I don't do April Fools' pranks. It's a real page.

26 February 2018:  New page: 126

5 February 2018:  New pages: 124, 125

1 January 2018:  New page: 123
Happy New Year!

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