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Timeline of Loroi history. Dates given in Earth years CE ("Common Era"), which uses the same numbering system as AD ("Anno Domini"), and in Loroi Standard Years of Unification (SYU). The Loroi standard year, based on the orbital period of Perrein, is 0.7033 Earth years, and counts starting from the moment when scouts from Deinar first arrived at Perrein, in 850 CE.

The Loroi are an ancient culture; their origins are uncertain, but date back to at least the time of the fall of the Soia Empire, several hundred thousand years ago. From relics found in space, and the distribution of Loroi descendants across at least three separate star systems (Deinar, Perrein, & Taben), it is clear that Loroi ancestors possessed starflight during the time of the Soia, but there is almost no planet-bound evidence of their society before the fall.

Most of the pre-starflight events listed below follow the history of Deinar, the Loroi capital.

Date (CE) Date (SYU) Events
c.500,000 BCE c.-700,000 Soia Empire is established in the Local Bubble, displacing previous Dreiman and Fenrias precursor empires. The Soia strictly limit interstellar travel, but allow carefully regulated trade, and the technology and culture of local races flourish.
c.275,000 BCE c.-400,000 Soia Cataclysm; central authority dissolves and technological population centers throughout the empire are annihilated. Almost all pre-cataclysm records are lost. Earliest planet-bound evidence of post-Soia Loroi biology & culture on Deinar, Taben and Perrein.
270,000-50,000 BCE -385,000 to -72,000 Nomadic period on Deinar. Early post-fall settlements fail, and Loroi regress to scattered hunter-gatherer societies.
50,000 BCE -72,000 Pastoralism developed on Deinar.
6,000 BCE
-72,000 to -10,000 Reign of Chaos period on Deinar; long cycle of creation and destruction of early agricultural settlements; earliest written records c.20,000 BCE.
6,000-2100 BCE -10,000 to -4,000 Deinar Iron Age; development of caste system and population controls. City-states become permanent and expand into the countryside.
1750-50 BCE -4,000 to -1279 Classical Menelos period on Deinar (medieval). Near-constant warfare between nations.
50 BCE-430 CE -1279 to -597 Vassalization period on Deinar (early industrial). Consolidation of nations into four world powers.
430-730 CE -597 to -170 Golden Age of Arran on Deinar (late industrial). Lengthy peace allows expansion of civilian class.
475 CE -533 Deinar orbits first artificial satellite.
730-835 CE -170 to -21 New World Conflict period on Deinar (post-industrial).
780 CE -85 First Deinar interplanetary mission to Mezan. Artifacts discovered there lead to first psi-tech devices and jump drive theory.
803 CE -66 Farseers on Deinar telepathically detect the Loroi population on Perrein.
835-842 CE -21 to -11 Deinar World War. First Deinar Emperor, Zaral Siilad ("Seed of Zaral").
850 CE 0 Jump drive developed; scouts reach Perrein.
859 CE 12 Farseers detect Loroi on Taben (and the alien Delrias farther down-arm).
895 CE 64 Scouts reach Taben after series of outposts are established (to extend range).
895-1029 64-254 First “Hiatus” Period; exploration ceases when the Loroi fail to find any more Loroi splinter colonies. Interstellar activity between the 3 sister worlds only.
1079-1131 325-399 Early Colonization of the Minzan Sector.
1131-1199 399-496 Second Hiatus; Isolationist Period. Loroi actively avoid alien contact.
1199 496 Loroi Axis pact signed. As a prelude to alien contact, the three Loroi governments form a loose confederation, directed by an Axis Assembly and a triple Consul system.
1199-1250 496-568 Second Colonization period. Contact with Delrias, Neridi, Mannadi.
1251-1295 570-632 War with Delrias; Loroi conquer Delrias territory. Loroi ally with Neridi, Mannadi, Pipolsid. Distant contact with Nissek and Arekka via Mannadi connections.
1295-1325 632-675 Mannadi-Nissek War (also “Quiet War”). Loroi join in 1302, but see no combat.
1311 655 Maia colonized. Contact with Barsam. First meeting of the Interspecies Convention.
1323-1402 672-784 Splinter Wars: A series of civil conflicts between the 3 sister worlds; Axis Assembly is dissolved. Factions are ultimately reunited under Loroi First Emperor, Teigo Azerein Laiedas ("Loremark") under a centralized Imperial system.
1415 803 Mannadi aggression against Neridi and Pipolsid.
1427-1441 820-840 First Mannadi War. Little is resolved because of spacetime instability.
1436-1451 833-854 Hyperspace instability caused by gravitational tides from Well of Souls stellar remnant makes jump drive unreliable.
1495-1507 917-934 Second Mannadi War. Loroi annex substantial territory; Mannadi sue for peace.
1548-1552 992-998 Third Mannadi War. Started by Loroi; Arekka join Mannadi side in 1550, but Loroi conquer Mannadi territory in 1552, and organized Mannadi resistance ends. The Arekka fight on alone, attempting to support Mannadi insurgents.
1552-1557 998-1005 Mannadi Occupation: the Mannadi surrender unconditionally to the Loroi in 1552, but local insurgents continue to fight bitterly against increasingly restrictive occupation policies by the Loroi. Arekka systems are also falling under Loroi occupation.
1555 1002 Enok incident: a major terrorist attack on Loroi orbiting facilities in occupied Mannadi territory is answered with reprisal strikes against Mannadi civilian populations by the Loroi military. The Interspecies Convention calls for war crimes trials, but Emperor Loremark threatens war against any nation that attempts to interfere with Loroi sovereignty.
1557 1005 Interspecies Convention petitions for formation of Loroi Union; Loremark agrees. Neridi, Pipolsid, Barsam join as full members. Nissek decline to join, and Arekka also decline but tacitly agree to end hostilities with the Loroi.
1632 1111 Loremark dies at age 459, succeeded by Nerosi ("Swiftsure") as Second Emperor. She decentralizes the growing empire, dividing power amongst the provincial governors and reviving some elements of the Axis system.
1710-2110 1222-1791 Seren sector expansion. Contact with Golim, Nibiren, Historians, Tithric, Jilaad, Morat.
1790-1795 1336-1343 Neridi Succession War; civil conflict between Swiftsure and provincial governor Lazesi Neie ("Eighth Dawn"). Eighth Dawn emerges victorious as undisputed Third Loroi Emperor, restoring central control of the empire.
2110 1791 Contact with Tenuki, Lurs, Umiak.
2135 1827 Ukko incident: Umiak invade Seren sector; Great War begins. Loroi quickly lose most of the Steppes.
2136-2139 1828-1832 Siege of Seren.
2139 1832 Umiak invade Historian space; Loroi alliance formed with Historians. Seren falls to Umiak.
2139-2144 1832-1839 Stand at the Golim-Tinza Line. Umiak make raids directly into the Loroi home sector through neutral Tithric space. Loroi forces near complete collapse.
2140 1834 Eighth Dawn is killed in action, succeeded by Admiral Ramarinzil ("Greywind") as Fourth Emperor. Greywind institutes permanent martial law and declares an anti-neutrality policy. Historians agree to share technology with Loroi.
2141 1835 Tithric Genocide at the hands of the Loroi. Umiak declare anti-neutrality policy.
2144-2146 1839-1842 Loroi Semoset Campaign: major Loroi offensive pushes back the Umiak lines.
2145 1841 Seren retaken by Loroi.
2146 1842 Battle of the Tasinei Ways: Umiak counterattack, isolating and destroying much of the Semoset fleet. Loroi forces burn the Steppes and fall back to Seren and resume defensive operations.
2147-2152 1844-1851 Loroi Maiad Campaign: Loroi raiders strike at border systems in the Maiad Sector, eventually creating another dead zone of abandoned systems
2152-2160 1851-1862 Stalemate. Umiak continue to make attrition raids across the depopulated zones.
2160 CE 1862 Bellarmine Incident: Contact with Humanity.

CE: Common Era (same as AD)
BCE: Before Common Era (same as BC)
SYU: Standard Year of Unification
c.: circa (around, approximately)

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