Data File Updated: Thursday, June 30, 2011

For those who were wondering what the functions of the various bridge positions are.

1. CON1: Commanding officer. Stillstorm roves more often than she sits, but no one else sits in this seat in deference to her.
2. CON2: Executive officer (Mallas Rune-Laurel). When Stillstorm is off the bridge, the officer in charge usually sits here.
3. OPS: The Operations Chief (Seinen Forest) is directly in charge of flying the ship. Often roving, sometimes sits at NAV1 or NAV3.
4. AUX1/NAV3: Auxiliary Navigation, sometimes used by OPS.
5. FIRE1: Primary fire control officer (Nedeil Cobalt).
6. FIRE2: Secondary fire control officer (Tiris Red-river).
7. TAC: Tactical Analysis. The Listel at this position (usually Beryl) coordinates the Sensors section and controls the tactical displays.
8. SEC: Security (Teidar Razorthorn). Coordinates internal security and sometimes small craft. Fireblade sometimes sits at this position.
9. INTEL: Intelligence (Parat Tempo). The Mizol at this position coordinates the intelligence and communications sections.
10. SYS: Subsystems Chief. This position coordinates engineering and damage control, assisted by the Subsystems section.
11. NAV2: Secondary Helmsman. The copilot of the ship.
12. NAV1: Helmsman. The officer piloting the ship.
13. AUX2/FIRE3: Auxiliary Fire Control. Tertiary fire control officer, in this case coordinating defensive weaponry.
14. Port Gallery: Subsystems section. 4 positions for officers who keep track of the ship's systems and their maintenance and repair.
15. Forward Gallery: Fire Control Support section. 8 positions for officers who assist with target tracking and weapons status.
16. Starboard Gallery: Sensors section. 4 positions for officers who operate the sensor suite and analyze the data.
17. & 18. Aft Offices. These offices are used for off-bridge officers including communications and intelligence.
19. & 20. Balcony Offices. The offices are available for commander's or flag officer's facilities, but are currently empty.
21. & 22. Observation Couches. These are places for the bridge security officers or observers to sit when necessary.