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4 September 2019: Gearbox and BBI have announced that Homeworld 3 is in production, with an estimated release date sometime in 2022. They have a site up with a teaser trailer, some early concept art, and crowdfunding/prepurchase options.

There currently isn't much in the way of concrete information about the ships and setting, and given the release date it may be some time before there is. If I'm going to cover the new information when it does come, this site will need a substantial overhaul... but it looks like I have plenty of time to contemplate what to do about it.

20 January 2016: Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak (formerly known as "Shipbreakers") is now available on Steam for PC.

13 February 2015: A little while back, Gearbox Software acquired the Homeworld license (after THQ went belly-up), and one of the Homeworld-related products they have been working on is the Homeworld Remastered Collection, an HD reworking of Homeworld 1 and 2. It will be available for purchase on February 25th of this year.

The other project is a Homeworld-oriented reboot of the Blackbird Interactive title formerly called HARDWARE: Shipbreakers, now to be renamed HOMEWORLD: Shipbreakers. It looks like it is being retooled to be a Homeworld prequel, apparently set on Kharak prior to the discovery of the Guidestone. Blackbird Interactive is headed by Rob Cunningham, the art director on both of the Homeworld titles.

This probably isn't news to most of you, but I thought I'd post it here just in case someone wandered by.

18 July 2012: Relicnews is having some problems with their hosting, so I have redirected the site back to my own server. Please pardon the mess, as there may be missing files for a few days while I restore things.

23 August 2004: Vijil at Relic Universe has managed to obtain the release from Relic of some of the original "Dust Wars" docs detailing earlier versions of the Homeworld 2 story. Here's a taste:

T-Mat: An ancient race of technologically advanced nomads who travel about the galaxy completely stripping star systems of all usable matter, energy, and biomass to sustatin their considerable consumptive needs. Though not overtly belligerent, the ruthlessness of T-Mat resource consumption, and their uncaring attitude towards the devastating effects of their practices, has resulted in their being feared throughout the galaxy. The appearance of a T-Mat mothership is ones space is rarely a good omen.

11 May 2004: Relic Entertainment has been officially purchased by THQ. Unfortunately, because Sierra/Vivendi still owns the Homeworld license, this acquisition is in all likelihood the final death knell for any possibility of another Homeworld sequel by Relic, since THQ and Vivendi are direct competitors.

10 January 2004: RelicNews has got more HW2 Concept Art up.

23 December 2003: Uberjumper has posted a poll asking about a possible HW2 soundtrack CD. If you're interested, head on over.

18 December 2003: Relic's Geoff Thomas sent around the annual Relic Christmas card, featuring some orcs from Relic's new project, a Warhammer 40,000 RTS of some sort. As some of you may know, I'm a bit of a 40K fan, so this will be an interesting project to watch. I'm currently focusing my energies on my online comic, but I'll eventually get around to bringing this site up to date. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Geoff, Rob, Cei, Morgan, Tyler and the gang at Relic, as well as all of you, and to wish you all a happy holidays.

18 November 2003: Uber and Pike fished some new HW2 concept art out of Relic. I have added 26 pieces to the Concept Art page, and more can be found at RelicNews, Homeworld2.de, and Homeworld Universe.

25 October 2003: Added 12 pieces of Karos/Progenitor Concept Art, and a bunch of new entries and images for Outtakes from the old 2001 E3 version of Homeworld 2 (as revealed in the old secret E3 trailer): Megastation, Vaygr Command Carrier, Assault Frigate, Missile Frigate, and Turret Frigate. Also added an entry for the Progenitor Mothership. (Credit goes to Demon_Eyes for the new concept art.)

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