Information & Statistics Sources

About the Statistics

Except where noted, all statistics displayed within these pages are pulled from the manual, official websites, or directly from the .shp ship description files for each vessel from the homeworld.big archive that contains the game’s resources.

Stats Legend for Homeworld entries

Stats Legend for Cataclysm entries

About the Descriptions

The ship descriptions for the released games are pulled mainly from the fiction on the official site, written chiefly by Marcus Skyler, with additional information found in the manual and the game dialogue itself. Analysis and summary by the Shipyards staff are included separately from the official fiction, and in yellow type. Original fictional descriptions and names written by Shipyards staff are marked in pale blue type. Preview quotes from developers or journalists are listed in white, enclosed in quotes, and usually have the source listed with the quote.

For a variety of reasons, there are a few conflicts with the official fictions. The main conflict has been the ability in Homeworld to choose either the Kushan or Taiidan as the “Exile” player race. Although Relic has since made official that the Kushan are now the Exiles, the early fiction was written with either race in mind. As a result, the Taiidan vessels have Kharakian names and some of the Taiidan ship fictions make references to the Exiles’ journey. Newer fiction tries to explain the Taiidan ship names as Hiigaran intelligence aliases (in the same way that Allied intelligence gave English names to Russian warcraft such as "Flogger" and "Foxbat"). Still, there are some passages that don’t make sense, and so I have done what I can to edit them out.

Another issue is the variable spelling of the many-voweled names in the game. For example, the name of the Homeworld itself is spelled three different ways within the subtitled game dialogue: ‘Hiigara,’ ‘Higaara,’ and ‘Hiigaara.” Similar problems are encountered with names such as ‘Kuun-lan’ / ‘Kun-laan’ and ‘Khar-Selim’ / ‘Kar-Suelim.’ I have done what I can to check with the official sources (notably Marcus) about the correct spellings of these names, and tried to use them consistently.