Vaygr Command Carrier

Homeworld 2


Although this ship did exist in the game at one time (2001), it was replaced by the newer, chunkier and vertically-oriented Vaygr mothership-class vessels. It is seen in the E3 2001 flyer and trailer that were kept secret at the time.

It is -- or at least was -- a mothership-sized command carrier. One of the concept arts labels it as "Agamemnon". In another it's labeled a "Supercarrier."

An upsized, wrecked version appears in the Karos Graveyard in Mission 08. It is referred to in the game files as "Big Red."


Agamemnon concept art

near megastation (E3 2001 flyer back)

flying over megastation (E3 2001 trailer)

bay closeup (E3 2001 trailer)

(E3 2001 flyer back)

derelict at Karos

concept art

concept art