Hiigaran Scout

Homeworld 2


Move: 480
Attack: 9
Hit Points: 90
Cost: RU 350 (3 craft)
1 x Autogun ("Pea Shooter")
1 x Small EMP

Sensor Ping: 500 RU
EMP: 1500 RU

Scouts are little more than a powerful engine strapped to the smallest cockpit in the fleet. Besides being excellent intelligence platforms, Scouts are often used to harass noncombat vessels, though this should be viewed as more of a psy-op role than an effective way of punching holes in hulls. The Scout chassis can be upgraded to house a directed Electromagnetic Pulse weapon that, in sufficient numbers, can temporarily disable an enemy ship.

The Scout has a superior sensor range and can detect cloaked ships within a certain range. Scouts depend on speed and maneuverability to evade enemy fire when attacked.

"The Scout, for example, you can give Ďem an EMP or Electro-Magnetic Pulse. It actually disables other ships for a limited amount of time. So this way if thereís a Battlecruiser thatís just destroying your ships, you EMP him, and he canít do anything for a few seconds." - Josh Mosquiera, Lead Designer

"3" - Cei Gladstone, Programmer (referring to the number of scouts in a squadron)

"In the sequel, it will be possible to research technologies that let you build new types of ships as well as technologies that let you improve the ones you have. For example, the cheap scout can be upgraded with an attack that temporarily disables ships and an active sensor that "pings" enemies further away to better keep track of enemy movements on the game's sizable maps." - Sam Parker, GameSpot

They look like scouts, and travel in packs of 3, so it seems a logical assumption to say that they're probably scouts.

In this Research Interface screenshot, the Scout is listed as having an 'EMP Blast" ability.