Homeworld 2

"The Megastation ruled. And fighters really could fly down that trough no problem." - Rob Cunningham, Art Director

"There’s a number of different things that we put into the world to bring Homeworld to really… make it really alive. The first one is Megaliths, which are just basically huge artifacts in space, derelict hulks from an ancient civilization that’s long since passed." - Dan Irish, Executive Producer

"One of the major improvements Homeworld 2 makes on Homeworld is the use of nebulas, dust clouds, megaliths (hulks in space), asteroids, and debris. While these provide visual reference, they also add strategic importance and are integral to story progression and the suspension of disbelief. The use of these types of elements in Homeworld was very limited compared with what we've done in Homeworld 2. I can't wait for everyone to see them in the game!" - Dan Irish, Executive Producer

"We wanted to create a "living battlefield" for Homeworld 2. This is decidedly difficult in space, but what we have certainly goes a long way toward adding environmental gameplay to our maps. Dust clouds obscure sensors, nebulae can cause ships to malfunction, and megaliths can support subsystems. In short, space is not empty in Homeworld 2, but, rather, is filled with possibilities." - Josh Mosquiera, Lead Designer

"The size, scale and complexity of each ship has increased when compared to Homeworld. There are also numerous space stations, old remnants of an ancient civilization long since past that add additional dynamics to each level." - Dan Irish, Executive Producer

The comment that Megaliths can support subsystems (and therefore become useful, strategically important "bases") was extremely intriguing, but not realized in the actual game.

Although the released game does have some very large objects in it (Balcora Gate being the largest true megalith), few measure up to the massive megaliths in the early 2001 version of the game. Megaliths were so large that the player could land ships on them, and fighters could fly down the trenches Death Star style. Alas, these monsters went by the wayside when this version of the game was scrapped in late 2001.

The megastation does bear some resemblance to the massive station from the opening cinematic sequence about the discovery of the First Core in ancient times, but this may be coincidental.


megastation approach (E3 2001)

Hiigaran carrier & megastation (E3 2001)

megastation trench (E3 2001)

megastation trench (E3 2001)

Hiigaran Assault Frigate (E3 2001 flyer)

turret frigate landing (E3 2001 flyer)

"First Time" megastation from opening