Vaygr Assault Frigate

Homeworld 2


"The 'Red Race' isn't a seperate race - the reason they don't match up with the current textures on the Hiigaran or Vaygr ships is that they're an earlier texture job - you'll see them again, later, I'm sure in their full glory. As to whether they're Hiigaran or Vaygr ... well. The V should be a clue..." - Morgan Jaffits, Designer

This is one of two types of red Vaygr frigates seen in the E3 2001 trailer. Like most of the early Vaygr ships, it was removed from the game when they Vaygr were redesigned.

The topside turret of this frigate is the same one (scaled up) used in the central debris of the "Kharam Wreck" multiplayer level.


underneath megastation (E3 2001)

bow, turret firing (E3 2001)

turret closeup (E3 2001)

(E3 2001 poster)