About Homeworld Shipyards

Site Purpose and History

Homeworld Shipyards is the definitive resource on all of the ships of the Homeworld series of games published by Sierra Studios. Just think of us as the Jane's of space.

The Homeworld Ships Page was started by Barney Hawes on Homeworld.org in 1998 back before the release of
the original game. Arioch joined the team in late 1998, and went on to create the Homeworld: Cataclysm Ships Page on well-of-souls.com after Homeworld.org became RelicNews.com (and the original Ships page disappeared). Homeworld Shipyards is the successor to both of these sites, and will continue both to serve as a reference on the existing games as well as a compendium of information on forthcoming Homeworld games.

This is not a daily news site. It is only updated when there is interesting information available to post. If you're looking for daily Homeworld-oriented news, I recommend RelicNews.com or Homeworld Universe.

The information contained herein is taken, wherever possible, directly from the games themselves or from official sources of literature, such as manuals, official websites and quotes from the original designers, developers and writers. Analysis and summary by the Shipyards staff are included separately from the official fiction, and in yellow type. Original fictional descriptions written by Shipyards staff are marked in pale blue type.

This site is not affiliated in any way with, nor endorsed by Relic, Barking Dog, or Sierra Entertainment. Copyrighted content is reproduced here solely for the purpose of information and reference; this site is not for profit and sells no advertising.

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If you have any questions, concerns, information or suggestions, you are welcome to contact Arioch at arioch@well-of-souls.com.

Arioch is the designer and chief webmaster, and is responsible for most of the content.. Bun Head!
MissingSea wrote some of the original ship descriptions in the various ship pages. Trade or Die!
Viper114 helped out with some of the ship pages, especially in the Beast section.
ZCloud helped out with some of the site graphics.  Give me a cookie!

Thanks go out to Relic's Alex Garden, Rob Cunningham, Geoff Thomas, Morgan Jaffit and Cei Gladstone, and Barking Dog's Mike Gyori, Chris Stewart and Marcus Skyler for their helpful information (and, of course, for making such great games).

Thanks to Tyler "Uberjumper" Higgs of RelicNews for his continuing help and support.

Thanks to Robert Scharen, author of the Homeworld Big File Viewer, and to the Homeworld Mod community in general, for their tools and expertise, which have made access to the game data much less painful.

Thanks to the agents of the Insidious Spy Network™.

And finally, thanks to everyone who has visited the Ships pages over the years, for your support and suggestions.