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[RP]Tobi das Sireis mi Rimil [Characters]
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Author:  Roeben [ Fri Jul 05, 2013 7:07 am ]
Post subject:  [RP]Tobi das Sireis mi Rimil [Characters]

Read First

This thread is meant for Character sheets of the Tobi das Sireis mi Rimil RP, please only discuss characters, problems with characters outside of the actual posts.

Technically this thread is the same as the Cydonia Rising Character thread, and if it is decided the amount of RP threads floating around these parts is too much, then it could very well be merged.

We will use the 3rd edition of BESM (Big Eys Small Mouth) ruleset and each character will start with 320 points. It would not be a bad idea to assume the Cydonia Rising Character creation templates in this thread.

Race: Human [10]
Block Power V (Source: Psionic -- Telepathy, Sixth Sense, Supersense) ("Lotai" -- "Mask", "Untouchable") [10]

Race: Loroi (Homo sapiens psyche, modified) [29]
Mind +1 [10]
Block Power I (Source: Psionic) (Deplete 3) [9]
Energy Bonus II (+10 Energy Points) [4]
Mind Shield III (Deplete 3) (+2 Mind) (+20 Mental Armor Rating) [1]
Signature Sensing I (Sixth Sense (Emotions, Minds) (Deplete 3)) (Area: 3 base, 10m R) (Range III (1km)) (+3) [2]
Telepathy I (Universal) (Deplete 3) (Unpredictable 2) (+1 Mind) (Area: 1 base, 10m R) (Range III (1km), 1 person) (+2) ("Sanzai" -- "Sending) [3]

Loroi Combat Armour and sidearm: Every Loroi has free access to these, They do not need to be bought.

Armor XII (Special Defense: Radiation I, Freezing Cold II, Freezing Water II, Extreme Heat I, High Pressure II, Low Pressure II, Impaired Manipulation I, Flare Sight I, Flare Sound I, Airborne Toxins II, Lack of Air II) (Low Light Vision 1km) (Infrared 1km) (Heads Up Display) (Conditional Ownership: Loroi Military) ("Loroi Combat Armor") [57]

Weapon III (Range II (100m)) (Penetration II (-8 Armor Protection)) (Piercing I (-8 Force Protection)) (Conditional Ownership: Loroi Military) [7]

Other tips:

Give American Astronauts flight and science or flight and Military based stats. Give Russian or Chinese Astronauts flight and military based stats. There are no Russian or Chinese Civilians in its space program.

320 points is a hard cap. No freebies except for a basic one-hand sidearm and a free standard issue armor and the clothes on your back. If you want a rifle, or 6 guns to sling on your back, pay for them. Human Characters cannot bring their own weapons to space. They get a Modern Pistol as a free sidearm and a Modern Body Armor (military) for free instead, provided they make it back to earth.

Trinkets that do not give you an unfair advantage are free and considered personal flavor.

Author:  sunphoenix [ Fri Jul 05, 2013 12:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP]Tobi das Sireis mi Rimil [Characters]

Athen Jansen Rourke < -- Post Color 4040FF
Human {Male} [Points 320]
Position: Teacher / Doctor survival & weapons expert, ex-CIA paramilitary operations officer
Athen Jansen Rourke was born in the United States, Atlanta Georgia to Thomas and Rebecca Rourke. His father was a career Navy man... and Destroyer Captain. Athen's mother is a mid-level engineer for NASA. Athen had a fairly quiet childhood raised on a healthy dose of war stories from his grandfather Michael Rourke about Vietnam and Korea... and inspired by tales of chivalry and heroism of World War II. The Rourkes were a military family of long tradition. Breaking with tradition, Athen went to college first - instead of enlisting in military service first, on the insistence of his mother that he get an education in something other than military life... something he could fall back on if the military was not his thing. Athen went for his medical doctorate and found that he began to feel it was a much more wonderful skill to learn to heal than harm and when he left college with his PhD. he instead of joining the military went to work for the CIA. His goal to help where he could to make wars unnecessary and stop them... before they even started. He quickly picked up the skills of a Field Agent gain the respect of his superiors and was assigned more and more demanding operations.

It was in this overseas missions and espionage work he met the love of his life {Major} Evgeniya Irena Kulakova of the KGB. They were on occasion foes on the opposite sides of Espionage but sometimes worked together in joint efforts between the American and Russian Government to fight the rise of Extremist terrorist groups that were a threat to both their respective nations. A growing mutual respect for the capabilities of competent foreign agents they found in each other blossomed slowly into something much more but, Athen broke it off when he learned of her betroval to a {Colonel}’ Tolegen Rustamova Sholokhov, a KGB Field Director. Athen and Tolegen has crossed swords many times in their espionage and counter-espionage for their respective governments - many times trying to kill one another! When Athen learned Tolegen was Evgeniya's fiance... he requested a transfer from active CIA operations to counter terrorism... part out of respect for Evgeniya's choice an no desire to hurt her by killing her soon to be husband and part for his slowly growing disillusionment with the shifting "draconic-bent" of American foreign policies.

The last straw for Athen was a terrible Intelligence mix-up resulting in the deaths of several innocents and some good field agents of Athen's acquaintence... that was covered up in Somalia while in pursuit of an active Al Qeada cell that turned out to be one 'supported' by certain directors in Central Intelligence to... as they put it "catch bigger fish". That was the last draw for Athen... he resigned from Intelligence work entirely and went back to the states to teach High School.

In his own quiet way, In his mind - at least, Athen is doing his small part to raise American public awareness of the 'excesses' of the US State Department and Intelligence Organizations by inspiring the youth of America to ... 'Be Vigilant.. and Always think ahead!'

Quote: "The triumph of liberty is paved with the blood of patriots who look after the freedoms of their fellow man... along with the blood of those who would arbitrarily curtail the freedom of the human spirit... Always be vigilant... and think ahead!"

Description -
Spoiler: show
Spoken name:
Name Meaning: { Wise, Gift of God from the Land of Heavy Rains }
Athen; One who possesses wisdom. Goddess of wisdom ...
Jansen; Gift from god
Rourke; Descendant of Ruare (heavy shower of rain)
Title/Rank: None, now pure Civilian
Race: Human {American/USA - Geogia}

Gender: Male
Appearance: HT 6'3" {187.5cm}, WT 195lbs {85kg}, Hair - Sandy Brown, Eyes - 'Very pale Frosty Blue'; Handsome and broad shouldered. Always wears a pair of Mirrored shades even at night {has very good night vision and as such his eyes are sensitive to bright light}
Picture -

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Heroic to a fault. A patriot of American values. Has become disillusioned with the compromises made to Human rights and American freedoms in the cause of "national security" by the US Government. A very old-fashioned 'southern gentleman's sense of fairness and chivalry in facing combat and treating women. Gunslinger sense of honor. Never disrespectful to women and tolerates no ill treatment of them in his presence! Speaks with a slight south eastern US drawl. Loves kids.

Professional Doctor and CIA Field Agent, trained in counter terrorism and counter insurgency. Now "retired" from government work... and teaches history, mathematics, and trade school classes in High School and on the weekends teaches survival preparedness classes at Kid's Clubs as a volunteer worker. Working on his 2nd Medical PhD in Biochemistry.

Stats: {170pts}
Spoiler: show
Body 6, Mind 5, Soul 6
ACV: 6{7}, DCV: 6{7}, DMG: x5[+ACV] (Unarmed: WLvl 2{lethal}; .45 Colt M1911: WLvl 4{lethal})
HP: 60, Shock Value: 11[31], EP: 55

- ACV: Pistols/Unarmed [9]
- DCV: Ranged-Personal/Unarmed [9]
- Initiative: +6
- Perception: +1 Mind/Body / +4 [Sight or Vs Light Penalties] {Perception checks}

Movement {per round} / m {kph}:
* Walk = 12m {Indefinite}; Jog = 18m {long}; Run = 24m {moderate}; Sprint = 36m {short}
* Jump = 6m LT x 3m HT/Back {standing}; 11.25m LT [Body check TN12] {run}
* Swim/Crawl = 1m {long}; Swim/Crawl = 2m {short}

Attributes: {91pts}
Spoiler: show
Race: Human {10pts}
{Human-Base} {Lotai 'Untouchable'} Block Power [Source-Psionic: Telepathy, Sixth Sense, Super-senses] = Lvl 5 {10pts}

Occupation: ex-CIA officer {weapons and survival expert} 'Teacher' {81pts} "Mercenary - modified"
Attack Combat Mastery = Lvl1 {10pts}
Combat Technique [Brutal/2 <4>, Critical Strike <2>, Dead Eye <2>, Hardboiled/2 {+20 Shock} <4>, Judge Opponent <2>,
Lethal blow <2>, Lightning Reflexes/2 {+6 Intv} <4>, Precise Aim <2>, Steady Hand <2>, Two-Weapons <2>,
Weapons Encyclopedia <2>] {28pts}
Defense Combat Mastery = Lv1 {10pts}
Features [Ambidexterity <1>, Appearance/2 <2>] {3pts}
Heightened Awareness/1 - Backlash 'Sensitive Eyes' [-2] = +1 Perception {1pt}
Heightened Senses/1 [ Nightvision ] - Backlash 'light blindness in sudden glare' = +3 Perception-Sight & Vs Light Penalties 'Night Vision' {1pts}
Melee Attack [Unarmed 'Tae Kwon Do'] = Lvl 2 {6pts}
Melee Defense [Unarmed 'Tae Kwon Do'] = Lvl 2 {6pts}
Ranged Attack [Pistols] = Lvl 2 {6pts}
Ranged Defense [Personal] = Lvl 2 {6pts}
Resistance/1 = +1 Body to Resist 'Dim. Portal, Metamophosis, Mimic, Nullify, Teleport; Weapon-Insidious; Intimidate, Interrogate' {2pts}
Special Movement-Fast/1 = Body x2 'speed' {2pts}

Skills: {79pts}
Spoiler: show
Skill: Boating [Small Boats] = Lvl 2 {2pts}
Skill: Burglary [Hot-Wiring] = Lvl 2 {4pts}
Skill: Climbing [Natural Surfaces] = Lvl 2 {4pts}
Skill: Computer [Intrusion/Security] = Lvl 1 {2pts}
Skill: Cultural Arts [History 'Historical Ethics'] = Lvl 2 {2pts}
Skill: Demolitions [Artificial Structures] = Lvl 3 {3pts}
Skill: Domestic Arts [Cooking] = Lvl 1 {1pt}
Skill: Driving [Armored Fighting Vehicles] = Lvl 2 {4pts}
Skill: Interrogation [Psychological] = Lvl 2 {4pts}
Skill: Intimidation [Street] = Lvl 2 {4pts}
Skill: Languages [German, Russian] = Lvl 2 {2pts}
Skill: Mechanics [Aeronautical, Automotive, Gunsmithing] = Lvl 1 {2pts +1pt}
Skill: Medical [Diagnosis, Emergency Response, Surgery] = Lvl 2 {4pts +1pt}
Skill: Military Sciences [Tactics] = Lvl 2 {4pts}
Skill: Navigation [Wilderness] = Lvl 2 {4pts}
Skill: Physical Sciences [Biochemistry, Engineering, Mathematics] = Lvl 2 {2pts +1pt}
Skill: Piloting [Heavy Airplane] = Lvl 2 {4pts}
Skill: Riding [Horse] = Lvl 1 {1pt}
Skill: Stealth [Silent Movement] = Lvl 2 {6pts}
Skill: Street Sense [Territorial Divisions] = Lvl 2 {4pts}
Skill: Swimming [Scuba] = Lvl 1 {1pt}
Skill: Urban Tracking [Underworld] = Lvl 2 {4pts}
Skill: Wilderness Survival [Desert] = Lvl 2 {4pts}
Skill: Wilderness Tracking [Forest] = Lvl 2 {4pts}

Equipment: [ 14pts ]
Spoiler: show
Mission Gear -
.45 Colt M1911 Pistol <Medium Pistol> = Item, Lvl 3 Weapon, <6 pts>,
Lvl 2 Range, 100m, <2 pts>, Lmtd Shots - 7rounds [-1]; Total Cost: {'7' 4pts}

A.G. Russell Sting 1A boot knife <Throwing Knife> = Item, Lvl 1 Weapon, <2 pts>,
Lvl 1 Range, 10m, <1 pts>, Accuracy +1ACV <1pt>; Total Cost: {'4' 2pts}

Kevlar Combat Armor with Ceramic Inserts <Medium Body Armor> = Item, Lvl 8 Armor [16pts Protection]; Partial [-1];
Total Cost: {'15' 8pts}

Devices = Features <5pts>; Total Cost: {'6' 3pt}
+ Mirrored Shades
* Flashlight
* First Aid Kit
* Submariner Deep Sea Watch
* Swiss Army Knife
* Pocket Tool

Personal Gear - On Earth [ 23pts ]
Mission Director - "You can't bring all that on an airplane... let alone a space shuttle! This is a mission of science and potential first contact... not mobilization for Iwogima!"
Rourke - "Then yaw'd all bettah' hope ET is friendly-like...!!!"

2x Detonics .45 Combat Master Pistols w/Pachmayr handgrips in double Alessi leather shoulder holsters <Medium Pistol> = Item, Lvl 3 Weapon, <6 pts>,
Lvl 2 Range, 100m, <2 pts>, Lmtd Shots - 6rounds [-1]; Total Cost: {'7' 4pts}

Colt Python .357 Magnum Revolver w/customized by Mag-na-port and Metalife, firing Federal Premium jacketed hollow point ammunition <Heavy Pistol> = Item, Lvl 5 Weapon, <10 pts>,
Lvl 2 Range, 100m, <2 pts>, Lmtd Shots - 6rounds [-1], Non-Penetrating {+4Armor if Any present} [-1]; Total Cost: {'10' 5pts}
+ Mag-na-port and Metalife Customization = Combat Technique [Steady Hand/1] {2pts}; Skill Bonus: Mechanics {Gunsmithing} +1Lvl <Maintaining weapon from rust and dirt> {2pts}; Total Cost: {'4' 2pts}

Colt Lawman MK III Revolver <Heavy Pistol> = Item, Lvl 4 Weapon, <8 pts>,
Lvl 2 Range, 100m, <2 pts>, Lmtd Shots - 6rounds [-1]; Total Cost: {'9' 5pts}

Life Support System Survival Knife by Jack Crain <"Combat Knife"> = Item, Lvl 1 Weapon, <2 pts>,
Penetrating/1 {-4pt Armor} <1pt>, Accuracy +1ACV <1pt>; Total Cost: {'4' 2pts}

4x Safariland speedloaders
"Six Pack" Ammunition Pack by Milt Sparks for Detonic's magazines

Devices = Features <6pts>; Total Cost: {'6' 3pts}
+ Mirrored Shades
* Cell Phone - Nokia Cityman 100
* Flashlight
* First Aid Kit
* Submariner Deep Sea Watch
* Swiss Army Knife
* Pocket Tool

Defects: {-20pts}
Spoiler: show
Easily Distracted ‘Softhearted’ Always helps those in need or suffering’ [-2]
Girl Magnet [-2]
Nemesis: ‘Colonel’ Tolegen Rustamova Sholokhov, KGB Field Director {Bitter Rival - Enemy} [-2]
Skeleton In the Closet – Once Involved in Romanic relationship with Russian KGB Agent {Major} Evgeniya Irena Kulakova} [-1]
Skeleton in the Closet "It's what we do in the shadows that defines who we really are... or were..."
"I've done things... things I'm not proud of... for my country and the American Way of life..." [-2]
Unique Defect: Code of Honor – heroic, protects the innocent, fights fairly, offers mercy, does not harm women, VERY chivalrous... in a Southern Gentleman way, Gunslinger's Honor [-6]
Unique Defect: Strongly held Libertarian Political views... does not get along well with Extremist's...of ANY government! American Patriot.. to the End! [-4]
Wanted Various Enemy States of the US 'ex-CIA Operative' [-1]

Spoiler: show

Author:  Vovinia [ Sat Jul 06, 2013 7:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP]Tobi das Sireis mi Rimil [Characters]

Name: Teidar Pallan Nagatonzir ("Wildblood") (Post color: #960096)
Rank: Marine Major
Home: Perrein
Sex: Female
Height: 6'/183 cm
Weight: 190 lbs/86 kg

"My will is mine... I will not soften it for you."

Nagatonzir was born in the Jungles of Perrein, well inside the tropical belt. She was initially outcast from the other children in her tribe because she lacked even weak telekinetic powers. This deficit forced her to grow bigger and stronger than the other Loroi. Her strength made her both a subject of admiration and ridicule, other clanswomen claiming that her mind was in her biceps.

Her driven personality and focus from being an outcast led her to excel at the academy and occasionally come to blows with her classmates... During one of these altercations, she realized her blackout ability when several students ganged up on her. Several of them dropped before the first blow was landed, merely because she wished the fight to be fair. She applied her discipline to mastering her new skill, and to date it's the only telekinetic power she's ever shown. Her instructors took note of the power of her new talent, and this allowed her into advanced courses that sped up her advancement in her caste. Her combination of skills made her an excellent peacekeeper, even among telepathic Loroi, and she was given a security position aboard the Heavenly Fate.

After serving honourably aboard the Heavenly Fate for seventy years, Nagatonzir applied for further promotion opportunities, and was transferred to the Razor's Edge.

Nagatonzir has long dark green hair, to the point it might as well be black. Her eyes are hard and nearly always narrowed around soft grey coloured irides. Her blue skin is very pale. She has a cold personality due to her upbringing and is generally regarded as unapproachable... though heaven help you if she approaches you instead. Furthermore, her uniform is thicker than that of a normal Teidar and has a white aiming reticule emblazoned on the right shoulder.

[150] Stats
Spoiler: show
Body 7, Mind 4/5, Soul 4
ACV 5, DCV 5, DMG x5 (Long Weapons: 7/5/x6)
HP 65, SV 28, NRG 55

[125] Attributes
Spoiler: show
[29] Race: Loroi
[6] Armour III
[22] Combat Technique XI (Blind Fighting) (Brutal x2) (Blind Shooting) (Dead Eye) (Extended Range) (Far Shot) (Hardboiled) (Lethal Blow) (Lightning Reflexes) (Steady Hand)
[15] Extra Actions I
[3] Features III (Ambidextrous) (+5 SV) (Scentless)
[4] Heightened Awareness II
[4] Heightened Senses II (Sight) (Hearing)
[4] Massive Damage I, Focused (Blaster Rifle)
[8] Organizational Ties II (O4 Marine Major Loroi Imperial Fleet)
[6] Ranged Attack II (Long Weapons)
[6] Special Movement III (Untrackable) (Balance) (Fast)
[4] Tough II [+10 HP]
[14] Weapon 0 (Area 0) (Range I) (Incapacitating IV (10 minutes; Comatose)) (Psionic (Ignores armour and force fields)) (Undetectable (Save negates with -3 penalty if target realizes they are under attack; no save otherwise) ("Blackout")

[47] Skills
Spoiler: show
[1] Administration I
[1] Biological Sciences I (Loroi)
[2] Climbing I
[2] Computers I
[1] Cultural Arts I (Loroi)
[2] Demolition II
[2] Driving I
[1] Etiquette I (Upper Class)
[4] Interrogation II
[4] Intimidation II
[2] Languages II (Telepathy (n)) (Loroi Trade)
[1] Law I (Loroi Military Law)
[2] Mechanic I (Gunsmith)
[2] Medical I (Emergency Response)
[6] Military Sciences II (Strategy) (Tactics) (Teamwork) (Hardware Recognition)
[2] Navigation I (Space)
[1] Physical Sciences I
[2] Piloting I
[1] Social Sciences I (Loroi)
[7] Stealth II (Concealment) (Camouflage) (Silent Movement)
[1] Writing I (Technical)

[-14] Defects
Spoiler: show
[-4] Ism (Moderate) (Racism: Loroi)
[-4] Owned (Moderate) (Loroi Imperial Fleet)
[-2] Marked (Moderate) (Loroi)
[-2] Unappealing (Moderate) (Cold personality)
[-2] Red Tape (Moderate) (Full length security reports everywhere oh my god why)

[12] Equipment
Spoiler: show
[7]Weapon III (Range II (100m)) (Penetration II (-8 Armour Protection)) (Piercing I (-8 Force Protection)) (Conditional Ownership: Loroi Military) ("Blaster Pistol")
[57] Armour XII (Special Defense: Radiation I, Freezing Cold II, Freezing Water II, Extreme Heat I, High Pressure II, Low Pressure II, Impaired Manipulation I, Flare Sight I, Flare Sound I, Airborne Toxins II, Lack of Air II) (Low Light Vision 1km) (Infrared 1km) (Heads Up Display) (Conditional Ownership: Loroi Military) ("Loroi Combat Armour")
[12]Weapon V (Range III (1km)) (Penetration II (-8 Armour Protection)) (Piercing I (-8 Force Protection)) (Conditional Ownership: Loroi Military) ("Pinpoint" -- "Blaster Rifle")

Author:  Hālian [ Mon Jul 15, 2013 3:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP]Tobi das Sireis mi Rimil [Characters]

I'm so sorry I forgot about this D:

I'll make a character soon, though.

Author:  sunphoenix [ Sat May 17, 2014 5:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP]Tobi das Sireis mi Rimil [Characters]

Vovinia you still here?

Who all is interested in this game's premise?

This is a bump to bring this game back into the fore.

Author:  Hālian [ Sat May 17, 2014 9:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP]Tobi das Sireis mi Rimil [Characters]

I am. Hopefully we can get more players in.

Author:  sunphoenix [ Fri Jun 13, 2014 9:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP]Tobi das Sireis mi Rimil [Characters]


Author:  Senanthes [ Sat Jun 14, 2014 2:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP]Tobi das Sireis mi Rimil [Characters]

I'll work out a character sheet on Sunday, methinks.

Edit: Or fate might have had me busy. Still interested... Just a busy month. >.<

Edit Zwei: There... Hope you like her. :)

Author:  Senanthes [ Thu Jun 26, 2014 3:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP]Tobi das Sireis mi Rimil [Characters]

Mizol Sanzet Tinel (Silversun)
Background: Born on Deinar, Tinel was discovered to have telekinetic abilities early in life, as with many other such infants. However, her talents leaned more towards precision than power, which led her away from her mothers caste (Teidar), and instead saw her enter the Mizol academy on Perrein once she reached the age of majority. The extensive training there quickly revealed her talent for affecting the minds of those around her, and after additional instruction, Tinel began to hone her talent into a fairly unique ability to induce hallucinations and scramble the senses of others... In certain cases, she was even capable of subverting their higher thought for brief periods, puppeteering her fellow Mizol (much to their dismay) on more than one occasion in the course of building this talent further.

Graduating with the rest of her band, Tinel soon found herself in assignments accross the Union, her unique talents making her well suited for internal "security" assignments ranging from monitoring dissidents to assassinating particularly outspoken aliens... Ironically, the very nature of her work also led her to be exposed to the Loroi Axis party, whose belief in a more decentralized Empire began to slowly resonate with Tinel's well buried sense that something was amiss. Certainly, the Loroi belong at the top of the food chain, but perhaps the current system just isn't the best if it's constant solution to problems was a well placed blade in the night? Though a quiet supporter, never really sharing her views with her fellows, a supporter she was, after more than a decade of work that hardly seemed to solve the issues at hand.

Recently, with numerous successful operations behind her, Tinel has requested assignment to the fleet, seeing shipboard duties as a political-intelligence officer as a welcome change of pace to her current work... Besides, theres always another professional killer to take over, right?

Spoken Name: Tinel (Silversun)
Caste/Rank: Mizol Sanzet (O3 CPT equivelent)
Race: Loroi
Gender: Female
Appearance: HT 5'8", WT 122lbs, deeply tanned with onyx black hair worn in one long bang on the right, with the left tucked behind her ear, the remainder cut short in the back. Tall and fitting the Tadan reputation for beauty, Tinels intense sapphire eyes give her an uncomfortably piercing gaze.

Personality: A bit aloof much of the time, Tinel seems removed from those around her at first, going about her duties with the efficiency expected of her caste and rank. Most chalk this up to the general nature of Mizol, and leave it at that, keeping a comfortable distance from Tinel. Those few who spend more time in more intimate interaction may well find her to be much more personable than this distant demeanor would indicate at first glance.

Truthfully, Tinel has always felt a certain distance from most Loroi, her abilities leading to her being seperated quite often from others in her creche during her early years, and further training in the ways of the Mizol reinforcing that gulf. She just doesn't enjoy the same comraderie that her sisters do, and reaching across that divide is an act of will for her in most cases. Even with those she does form a bit of rapport with, Tinel rarely shares her thoughts very freely, a behavior she developed from the understanding that the likelihood of many of her sisters sharing her views is slim to none.

In her own way, Tinel is a patriot... But one that sees the Union as superior to the Emperor. Though, in her mind, the Loroi naturally belong at the top, the Union is an entity of many, and it's overall wellfare may well be better served by a less centric method, something she's modeled here and there in her spare time in various simulations, carefully away from the eyes of her sisters. All differences in belief aside, Tinel is still a Loroi warrior, and has never shirked her duty in the slightest, her willingness to lay down her life just as strong as her more conventionally minded sisters.

"Sacrifice is the calling of the warrior. But shall we also forget the duty we have to ourselves, to give meaning to that sacrifice? That is the line you and I will walk."

(150) Stats
Spoiler: show
(40)Body 4
(60)Mind 6 (7)
(50)Soul 5

Attack Combat Value: 4 (Unarmed 7, Melee Attack 6, Ranged Attack 7)
Defense Combat Value: 4 (Unarmed 7, Ranged Defense 7)
Damage Multiplier: x5
Hit Points: 45
Shock Value: 9
Energy Points: 60

Initiative: +4
Perception: +3 Mind/Body

(29)TEMPLATE: Loroi Race
(10)Mind Stat +1
(9)Block Power (Source : Psionics; Deplete -3) Lvl 1
(4)Energy Bonus Lvl 2 (+10 Energy Points)
(1)Mind Shield Lvl 2 (Deplete -3)
(2)Sixth Sence Lvl 1 (Emotions, Mind; Deplete -3, Area 10m, Range 1km +3)
(3)Telepathy (Sanzai) (Universal; Deplete -3; Unpredictable -2; Area 10m; Range 1km +2)

(78) Attributes
Spoiler: show
(6) Organizational Ties III (Loroi Mizol Sanzet /US O3 equivalent)
(9) Melee Attack III (Unarmed)
(9) Melee Defense III (Unarmed)
(6) Ranged Attack III (Energy Weapons)
(6) Ranged Attack III (Projectile Weapons)
(4) Ranged Attack II (Psionic)
(6) Ranged Defense III (Personal)
(6) Combat Technique III (Lethal Blow, Concealment, Steady Hand)
(6) Heightened Awareness III (Mind)
(3) Feature II (Beautiful)
(5) Telekinesis II (Deplete -3)
(6) Illusion II (Extra Senses (hearing, smell))
(4) Mind Control II (Intelligent Living Beings, Deplete -3)
(2) Special Movement I (Untrackable)

(68) Skills
Spoiler: show
(4) Burglary II (Breaking and Entering)
(2) Climbing I
(2) Cultural Arts II (Loroi)
(4) Computers II (Intrusion/Security)
(3) Demolitions III (Booby Traps)
(4) Electronics II (Security)
(3) Etiquette III (Upper Class)
(2) Forgery II (Electronic Documents)
(6) Interrogation III
(4) Intimidation II (Personal)
(3) Languages III (Loroi Trade, Barsam, Niridi, Sanzai Communication- native)
(1) Law I (Loroi Empire Law)
(6) Military Sciences III (Tactics) (Teamwork) (Hardware Recognition)
(2) Navigation I (Wilderness)
(3) Performing Arts III (Fast Talking)
(3) Social Sciences III (Psychology)
(9) Stealth III (Silent Movement) (Concealment) (Camoflague)
(2) Urban Tracking II (Underworld)
(3) Wilderness Survival III (Forest)
(2) Wilderness Tracking II (Forest)

(-20) Defects
Spoiler: show
(-4) Ism (Loroi)
(-4) Owned (Loroi Military)
(-3) Deplete (Psionic; -30 Energy Points or -1 Energy Point/minute)
(-2) Marked (Loroi, very obvious)
(-2) Recurring Nightmares (Frequent, moderate)
(-4) Skeleton in the Closet (Loroi Axis member/subversive)

(15) Equipment
Spoiler: show
Loroi Combat Armor
Item, Armor XII (Special Defense: Radiation I, Freezing Cold II, Freezing Water II, Extreme Heat I, High Pressure II, Low Pressure II, Impaired Manipulation I, Flare Sight I, Flare Sound I, Airborne Toxins II, Lack of Air II) (Low Light Vision 1km) (Infrared 1km) (Heads Up Display) (Conditional Ownership: Loroi Military) ("Loroi Combat Armor") [57(0)]

Loroi Blaster Pistol
Item, Weapon III (Range II (100m)) (Penetration II (-8 Armor Protection)) (Piercing I (-8 Force Protection)) (Conditional Ownership: Loroi Military) [7(0)]

Tedein Misit 1673 (TM-1673) Marksmans Carbine
Item, Weapon III (Accurate I (+1)) (Autofire) (Range III (1 km)) (Penetrating II (-8 Armour Protection) (Ammo I, 6 bursts) (Undetectable) (Conditional Ownership: Loroi Military)) [8]

Lotai System
(Active Camoflague) Item, Invisibility II (+2 Perception TN), (Restrictions: Equipment I (Must be used in conjunction with full body armor), Recovery III (Requires a cooling period of 10 minutes per minute of use) (Conditional Ownership: Loroi Military) [2]

Devices = Features [5]
Shooters Glasses
Neridi Multi-Tool
Mini Survival Kit
Interrogation Kit
Pocket Computer Pad

Edit: I did some tweaking, as my math was off and she seemed... Not quite complete. Nothing major, and the points should add up correctly now.

Author:  Onaiom [ Thu Jun 26, 2014 10:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP]Tobi das Sireis mi Rimil [Characters]

Name: Ronnie D. Williams
Mission Designation: Space Shuttle Commander
Post Color: color=#BF0000

Quote: The three worst things to hear in the cockpit:
The second officer says, "Oh shit!"
The first officer says, "I have an idea!"
The captain says, "Hey, watch this!

-- Background --
Spoiler: show
Williams enlisted in the United States Air Force, where he served as a reciprocating engine mechanic at an Air Force Base in Texas. While off duty, he attended San Antonio College, and eventually received a Bachelor of Science degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Arizona; the same year, he was awarded an officer's commission. Afterward, he attended flight school and earned his wings, serving as a combat aviator. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Air Medal, and other decorations.
After this Williams attended the Aerospace Research Pilot School at Edwards Air Force Base, 100 miles north of Los Angeles, California. Upon graduation, he became an Air Force test pilot, logging thousands of hours of flight time in dozens of aircraft, including the Boeing 747, the experimental X-24B lifting body, the F-111 Aardvark, and the gigantic C-5 Galaxy.

Selected for NASA's astronaut program, Williams completed his training at Johnson Space Center. While awaiting his first orbital spaceflight mission, he served as an instructor pilot for the shuttle's 747 carrier aircraft. In April 1984, Williams piloted Challenger mission STS-41-C, which successfully deployed one satellite and repaired another.

-- Description --
Spoiler: show
Name and Meaning:

Ronnie; "mountain of strength; ruler's counselor"
Donald; "great chief; world mighty"
Williams; "determined protector"

Rank: Lieutenant Colonel, USAF
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 2.5"
Weight: 205 lbs.

-- Stats --
Spoiler: show
Body 7, Mind 7, Soul 6

Attack Combat Value: 6
Defense Combat Value: 6
Damage Multiplier: 5
Health Points: 65
Energy Points: 65
Shock Value: 13

- Initiative: +6
- Perception: +1 Mind/Body / +6 [Sight] {Perception checks}

Movement {per round} / m {kph}:
* Walk = 7m {Indefinite}; Jog = 10m {long}; Run = 14m {moderate}; Sprint = 21m {short}
* Jump = 5m LT x 2.5m HT/Back {standing}; 15.75m LT [Body check TN12] {run}
* Swim/Crawl = 1m {long}; Swim/Crawl = 2m {short}

-- Attributes --
Spoiler: show
Race: Human {10pts}
--> {Human-Base} {Lotai 'Untouchable'} Block Power [Source-Psionic: Telepathy, Sixth Sense, Super-senses] = Lvl 5 {10pts}

Heightened Awareness (+4 bonus in perception) = Lvl 4 {8 pts}
Heightened Senses (+6 bonus at vision tests) = Lvl 2 {4 pts}
Tough (+20 health) = Lvl 4 {8 pts}
Organizational Ties (NASA) = Lvl 5 {10 pts}

-- Skills --
Spoiler: show
Skill: Acrobatic (Balance, Flexibility, Jumps) = Lvl 6 {19 pts}
Skill: Climbing (Natural Surfaces, Poles, Walls) = Lvl 6 {13 pts}
Skill: Gaming (Military Simulations) = Lvl 6 {6 pts}
Skill: Mechanics (Aeronautical) = Lvl 6 {12 pts}
Skill: Military Sciences (Hardware Recognition, Intelligence Analysis, Logistics, Strategy, Tactics, Teamwork) = Lvl 6 {15 pts}
Skill: Navigation (Air, Space) = Lvl 6 {13 pts}
Skill: Physical Sciences (Engineering, Mathematics, Physics) = Lvl 6 {7 pts}
Skill: Piloting (Heavy Airplane, Jet Fighter, Spacecraft) = Lvl 6 {13 pts}
Skill: Swimming (Scuba) = Lvl 6 {6 pts}

-- Equipment --
Spoiler: show
Space Suit = Armor Lvl 4 (Armor Rating 8), Features Lvl 1 (Radio), Special Defense Lvl 7 (Freezing Cold 2, Lack of Air 2, Low Pressure 2, Radiation 1).*

*I didn't put the points because it was "given" by NASA. The character does own the space suit.

-- Defects --
Spoiler: show
Owned (NASA) = Greater Defect {-4 pts}

If there is any mistake, let me now.

Author:  Onaiom [ Tue Jul 08, 2014 2:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP]Tobi das Sireis mi Rimil [Characters]

Identification: Listel Tozet Nerala
Rank: Tactical Analyst
Post Color: color=#FF8000

Quote: “Sometimes, it is the quiet observer who sees the most.”

-- Background --
Spoiler: show
Nerala was rised in one of the undeground crèches of Mezan. By the age of six years, her mother's clan choose to enroll the warriror child to the Listel Caste. Nerala was selected for chief of her diral, named "Second Choice". After that, they were sent into the desert to survive own their. Two years later , after a hard time at the arid wilderness of Mezan, the band was recalled for the warriors trials. First they were sent to observe a dig site and manage to bring back the intel of an artefact hidden in a cave. In the initiation trial, for the first time, she met her mother.
Now a full-fledged Loroi warrior she entered into the more formal education required by her military branch, the Listel Academy at Upway. At age of twelve, her training was complete after four years and she was asseigned to a training unit. Many years after the formal graduation. Nerala archived the status of senior warrior and was asseigned to the Rapier-class exploratory cruiser Razor's Edge.

-- Description --
Spoiler: show
Spoken Name: "Supernova"
Home: Mezan
Sex: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120 lbs
Appearance: Loroi, Petite, Copper Red hair, Blue eyes.

-- Stats -- [160]
Spoiler: show
Body 4, Mind 7 (8), Soul 5.
Attack Combat Value: 5 (Unarmed 5, Melee Attack 6, Ranged Attack 6)
Defense Combat Value: 5 (Unarmed 5, Melee Defense 6, Ranged Defense 6)
Damage Multiplier: x5 (x6)
Hit Points: 60
Shock Value: 12
Energy Points: 65

-- Attributes -- [110]
Spoiler: show
Race: Loroi (Homo sapiens psyche, modified) [29]
Mind +1 [10]
Block Power I (Source: Psionic) (Deplete 3) [9]
Energy Bonus II (+10 Energy Points) [4]
Mind Shield III (Deplete 3) (+2 Mind) (+20 Mental Armor Rating) [1]
Signature Sensing I (Sixth Sense (Emotions, Minds) (Deplete 3)) (Area: 3 base, 10m R) (Range III (1km)) (+3) [2]
Telepathy I (Universal) (Deplete 3) (Unpredictable 2) (+1 Mind) (Area: 1 base, 10m R) (Range III (1km), 1 person) (+2) ("Sanzai" -- "Sending") [3]

Aura of Inspiration = Lvl 1 {+4 pts}
Combat Technique (Judge Opponent) = Lvl 1 {+2 pts}
Extra Actions = Lvl 2 {30 pts}
Extra Defences = Lvl 3 {15 pts}
Features (Appearance, Eidetic Memory) = Lvl 2 {2 pts}
Heightened Awareness = Lvl 4 {8 pts}
Heightened Senses = Lvl 2 {4 pts}
Massive Damage (Beam Weapons) = Lvl 1 {4 pts}
Melee Attack (Knife) = Lvl 1 {3 pts}
Melee Defence (Knife) = Lvl 1 {3 pts}
Organisational Ties (Listel Tozet) = Lvl 3 {6 pts}
Ranged Attack (Beam Weapons) = Lvl 1 {3 pts}
Ranged Defence (Personal) = Lvl 1 {3 pts}
Tough = Lvl 2 {4 pts}

-- Skills -- [54]
Spoiler: show
Skill: Acrobatics (Jumps) = Lvl 1 {3 pts}
Skill: Area Knowledge (Desert) = Lvl 1 {1 pts}
Skill: Biological Sciences (Physiology) = Lvl 1 {1 pts}
Skill: Climbing (Natural Surfaces) = Lvl 1 {2 pts}
Skill: Computers (Databases) = Lvl 4 {8 pts}
Skill: Cultural Arts (Archaeology, Rare Object Appraisal,History,Literature, Nobility, Urban Legends) = Lvl 1 {4 pts}
Skill: Electronics (Sensors) = Lvl 4 {8 pts}
Skill: Etiquette (Upper Class) = Lvl 2 {2 pts}
Skill: Languages (Loroi Trade, Standart Trade) = Lvl 2 {2 pts}
Skill: Military Sciences (Hardware Recognition, Logistics, Teamwork) = Lvl 4 {9 pts}
Skill: Performing Arts (Public Speaking) = Lvl 1 {1 pts}
Skill: Physical Sciences (Astronomy, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Engineering, Geology, Mathematics, Physics) = Lvl 1 {4 pts}
Skill: Social Sciences (Anthropology, Geography, Social Work, Sociology, Theology) = Lvl 1 {3 pts}
Skill: Swimming (Scuba) = Lvl 1 {1 pts}
Skill: Urban Tracking (Academic) = Lvl 1 {1 pts}
Skill: Wilderness Survival (Desert) = Lvl 1 {1 pts}
Skill: Wilderness Tracking (Desert) = Lvl 1 {1 pts}
Skill: Writing (Academic) = Lvl 1 {1 pts}

-- Defects -- [-10]
Spoiler: show
Ism (Speciesism: Loroi) = Greater Defect {-4 pts}
Marked (Loroi) = Lesser Deffect {-2 pts}
Owned (Loroi Fleet) = Greater Defect {-4 pts}

-- Equipment --
Spoiler: show
Loroi Combat Armor = Armor XII (Special Defense: Radiation I, Freezing Cold II, Freezing Water II, Extreme Heat I, High Pressure II, Low Pressure II, Impaired Manipulation I, Flare Sight I, Flare Sound I, Airborne Toxins II, Lack of Air II) (Low Light Vision 1km) (Infrared 1km) (Heads Up Display) (Conditional Ownership: Loroi Military) [57]
Blaster Pistol = Weapon III (Range II (100m)) (Penetration II (-8 Armor Protection)) (Piercing I (-8 Force Protection)) (Conditional Ownership: Loroi Military) [7]
Seii = Bone Dagger [1]

Author:  Hālian [ Mon Jul 14, 2014 1:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP]Tobi das Sireis mi Rimil [Characters]

(Teidar) Doranzer Disis Baizomarir (Warpwing) (Post color: #876633)
Medic (315 pts)
Gender: Female
Caste/Rank: Doranzer Disis
Position: Chief Medical Officer — (Loroi) Doranzer

“I healed the woman who will kill you.”

Appearance: Age 93, 175 cm (5’9”), 70 kg (155 lb), hair: ankle-length dirty blonde, worn loose, eyes: purple
Background: Baizomarir was born on the waterworld of Taben, and was originally selected for training as a Teidar berserker when her psychokinetic talents became known. However, not long after formal conscription into the Imperial Fleet, she began to manifest psionic healing abilities above and beyond her knack for kinesis, to the point where she could, given enough time and concentration, reattach lost limbs with a simple touch, and as a result was shunted into the Doranzer caste of combat medics. Therefore, despite wearing the cream-colored uniform of the latter, she possesses a psionic amplifier from her short time as the former, which enhances her healing ability (and has been hastily spray-painted Doranzer cream). She is quite flirtatious and seductive, as befits her unusually curvaceous figure, and is an out lesbian, which has caused some resentment among the males, loroi and otherwise, with whom she has crossed paths.

(170) Stats
Spoiler: show
Body 5, Mind 5/9, Soul 7
ACV 7, DCV 7, DMG x5
HP 65, SV 13, NRG 100 (+10)

(77) Attributes
Spoiler: show
(29) Race: Loroi
(6) Features V (Ambidexterity, Appearance III, Direction Sense, Light Sleeper)
(20) Healing V (+30 HP)
(6) Heightened Awareness III
(16) Telekinesis II (10kg)

(55) Skills
Spoiler: show
(1) Administration I (Government)
(2) Cultural Arts II (Urban Legends)
(2) Driving I (Car)
(3) Etiquette III (Upper Class)
(2) Languages II (Telepathy (n), Loroi Trade)
(14) Medical VI (Diagnosis, Emergency Response, Obstetrics, Pharmacy, Surgery)
(7) Military Sciences III (Hardware Recognition, Teamwork)
(2) Navigation I (Highway)
(4) Poisons III (Natural, Synthetic)
(10) Seduction V (Emotional, Physical, Verbal)
(2) Sports II (Windsurfing)
(6) Writing VI (Technical)

(-11) Defects
Spoiler: show
(-4) Ism: Racism—Loroi
(-1) Marked: Loroi
(-4) Owned: Loroi Imperial Fleet
(-2) Phobia II: Darkness

(24) Equipment
Spoiler: show
(12) Loroi Bioplas Armor (Armor, AR 24pts)
(9) Personal Computer (Features: Cellphone, Personal Computer, ID Verifier, Weatherproof; Supersense III (X-Ray, Range I/10m) +6, Supersense III (Infrared, Range III/1km) +6)
(3) Katana (Weapon)
(57) Loroi Combat Armor (Armor XII: Special Defense: Radiation I, Freezing Cold II, Freezing Water II, Extreme Heat I, High Pressure II, Low Pressure II, Impaired Manipulation I, Flare Sight I, Flare Sound I, Airborne Toxins II, Lack of Air II; Low Light Vision 1km; Infrared 1km; Heads-Up Display; Conditional Ownership: Loroi Imperial Fleet)
(7) Loroi Blaster (Weapon III: Range II/100m; Penetration II/-8 AP; Piercing I/-8 FP; Conditional Ownership: Loroi Fleet)

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