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Post [RP] Tempest Expedition (Characters)
Links to other threads
Spoiler: show
OOC Thread - Link
IC Thread - Link
Characters Thread - You're in it

Here's a thread for all the named characters in the Tempest Expedition RP. I'll keep a full list of all characters in this post. Names only, though. Longer descriptions/character sheets will be posted below, if they are posted at all.

Player Characters (with color)
Spoiler: show
Torrai Sorimi Sunbloom (controlled by Senanthes)
Teidar Stormrage (controlled by sunphoenix)
Sergeant Major Mord Aedin (controlled by Gudo)
Major Nathaniel S. Wolfe (controlled by TheUnforsaken)

Major NPCs (Not player controllable)
Spoiler: show
Rear Admiral Gabriel Pire
Torrai Torret Shining Sky

Minor NPCs (Player Controllable)
Spoiler: show
Soroin Starflame
Private Jenkins
Tenoin Arrir Shides (Diamond)
Captain Christina "Drill Sergeant" Stone
Teidar Pallan Knifebearer
Sergeant Major Tim Lucas

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Post Re: [RP] Tempest Expedition (Characters)
Sergent Major Mord Aedin - Ground Commando
Born aboard a military hospital ship in Alpha Centauri, Mord is a nasty, brutish and xenophobic man. His loyalty to the TCA is without question, he will carry out even the most unpleasant orders. While these qualities helped Mord distinguish himself in the war with the Umiak, they certainly try the patience of the Loroi. When in the field, Mord puts a great deal of faith in "the plan" and is sometimes inflexible even when the situation demands it. Despite his shortcomings as a leader, he is at least competent to serve and possesses a nearly photographic memory.

Spoiler: show
Name:Mord Aedin (pronounced Mord Ay-den)
Race:Human - Alpha Centauri System
Rank:Sergent Major, TCA Marines E9
Personality: Rude, brutal, xenophobic, but fearless and loyal.
Role: Ground and Zero Gravity Infantry
Additional Notes: Being able to remember something doesn't mean Mord understands it. Carrying out unpleasant orders also means carrying out the poorly thought out ones.

Detailed Bio:

Life Changing Events
Childhood: Much of Mord's early childhood was spent in starships and space stations. He is very comfortable in small places and zero gravity.
Adolescence: Mord's family moves to a planet. Much to his surprise, Mord discovers he enjoys the increased physical effort everything takes in gravity.
Adulthood: Enlists in the TAC Marines, lured by the opportunity to visit all the different planets.
Theme 1: Humanity enters war with Umiak, Mord is assigned combat duty. Mord gains combat experience, but also picks up Xenophobia (See the Secrets section.)
Theme 2: Mord's assignment to the Tempest Expedition is a penal duty. Instead of pacifying the main Umaik alliance worlds, he's sent to the outer edges of their former empire, and ordered to hold hands while he's there. Officers are informed that Sergent Major Aedin is on thin ice.

Captain Willet - Mord's superior officer.
The Other Marines -
Sunphoenix's Boss - Doesn't like me :O
Sergent Major Fischer - The Sergent Major in charge of Squad 2.

Be a good squad leader - As the NCO in charge of a squad of Marines, Mord is responsible for the training and welfare of the 12 men serving under him (most of which are green.) Like any Sergent, Mord doesn't show it, but he does care about his men. He pushes them hard and never uses the kid gloves because he wants them to be strong. Mord knows not everyone has what it takes to be a marine, but he still wants to see all his men grow into fine soldiers.
Wasting Disease - Mord wants the issue of his wasting disease resolved, though he's completely unsure what a "successful" resolution would be. See the next section.

Wasting Disease - Mord wasn't always a Xenophobe. In fact, close examination of his service records will reveal that Mord's troubles with mixed species units is a recent development. The Loroi were powerful allies, well trained and well equipped. Working with Teidar wasn't hard, and it was certainly easy on the eyes! However, in his last combat tour of duty, Mord was hit and wounded by a Loroi bio-weapon. This particular weapon targeted the victims peripheral nervous system, essentially shutting down the internal and sensory organs as well as muscle control. Like all Lorori bio-weapons, the weapon Mord was hit with was carefully formulated to have no effect on the Lorori themselves. Apart from the wound itself, Mord suffered no ill effects during the battle. Afterward, the doctors overseeing his recovery concluded that since Human and Lorori biology are so similar, it was unlikely that the weapon would have any effect on Mord. However, as time progressed, Mord began to suffer from a mysterious wasting illness. He's noticed a gradual loss of nerve sensitivity and fine motor control as well as occasional digestive troubles. Mord imagines this will cause his slow death and has linked this condition to the friendly fire incident. Needless to say, the entire situation is infuriating. Mord doesn't dare report it however, a degenerative disease is cause for expulsion from the Corps (especially now that he's hid it for so long.) Instead, he takes his frustrations out on the Xenos.

(One more needs to be assigned at some point during gameplay)

Deception: 3
Defense: 5
Demolition: 5
Firearms: 8
Language - English: 2
Language - Trade: 2
Leadership: 3
Martial Arts: 7
Structural Engineering: 3
Tactics: 4
Zero-gravity Training: 6

Abilities and Flaws
Excellent Memory

TCA Marines - NPC ground forces
The Tempest's compliment of marines is a platoon sized detachment from the 939th Corps. The platoon is broken into two squads of fifteen plus the Captain and two Sergent Majors. Formed near the end of the war, this platoon received training in low gravity environments. Specifically in boarding vessels, defense of a space station or resourcing outpost and the like. As the war wound down, the Umaik launched fewer and fewer offensives and mounted more and more desperate defenses causing the TCA to order fewer boardings. Consequently, the platoon has yet to see any actual combat and the vast majority of the soldiers are still green. Only those who were transferred in (Captain Stone, the Sergent Majors and Fire Team leaders) have any combat experience.

Spoiler: show
Detailed Designation
939th Corps
327th Regiment
D Company
4th Platoon

Typically, Captains command at the Company level (three to five platoons) and are not assigned command of a platoon unless the platoon is highly specialized or the command comes with a peculiar and demanding set of responsibilities.

The Tempest doesn't carry specialized boarding shuttles. Accordingly, her marine compliment is equipped more for defensive operations. (i.e. fewer breaching charges but heavier armor, weapons designed to minimize damage to the ship, etc.) The Tempest's large shuttle does have accommodations for boarding derelict vessels and the like however.

Detailed Organization
4th Platoon
|->Squad 1 (15 strong, lead by Sergent Major Aedin)
|--->Specialists (Divided up amongst the teams as needed)
|------> Medic
|------> Electrical Technician (specializes in computers, electronics, reactors and power systems)
|------> Battlefield Engineer (specializes in structures, machinery)
|--->Fire Teams A, B, and C
|------->Fire Teams A and B consist of the Fire Team leader, one Marksman and 2 Riflemen
|------->Fire Team C consists of the Fire Team leader, 2 Riflemen and one Heavy Weapons Specialist.
|->Squad 2 (15 strong, lead by the other Sergent Major)
|--->Specialists (Divided up amongst the teams as needed)
|------> Medic
|------> Electrical Technician (specializes in computers, electronics, reactors and power systems)
|------> Battlefield Engineer (specializes in structures, machinery)
|--->Fire Teams D, E, and F
|------->Fire Teams D and E consist of the Fire Team leader, one Marksman and 2 Riflemen
|------->Fire Team F consists of the Fire Team leader, 2 Riflemen and one Heavy Weapons Specialist.

[RP] Incursion Character: Chrysocolla (Garnet)

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Post Re: [RP] Tempest Expedition (Characters)
Please copy your character sheets into this thread for quick(er) reference. Having to search for them in the OOC thread might get annoying as the thread grows.

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Post Re: [RP] Tempest Expedition (Characters)
Teidar Sezon Sonnidezi 'Stormrage' <-- Post Color #40BF00
Martial Artist 'Teidar' {Female} [Points 320]
Position: Expeditionary Squad 1 - {Loroi} Teidar
Background: Born in battle to a famous Loroi Fleet Admiral. Raised to be a solider … only meeting her mother two or three times. Desperately wishes to gain her mother’s respect and notice. Very much needful of love and closeness in her life… something that her duties as a ‘Unsheathed’ have keep far from her. Known to be a somewhat troublesome soldier as her… "hot pants", lecherous drives get her into trouble more often than not. A VERY capable warrior and spectacularly dangerous with her powerful electrokinetic talents!

Description -
Spoiler: show
Spoken name: {Teidar} Sonnidezi 'pronounced So-Knee-day-zee'
Name Meaning: {Storm-Rage}
Caste/Rank: Teidar 'Unsheathed' O3 CPT
Race: Loroi
Gender: Female
Appearance: HT 5'10" {175cm}, WT 135lbs {61.36kg}, Age: 19, Hair - Pale Blonde twin-braids near nape of neck, Eyes - Emerald Green; Beautiful and cat like in grace.
Picture -
Uploaded with

Personality: Bold and Passionate. Somewhat rash and tends to deep sexual appetites especially after combat.
Abilities/Skills: Solider – Unsheathed, Martial Arts, 1hd Melee, Firearms-Pistols, Gunnery, Psionic Combat;

Stats: {320pts}
Spoiler: show
Body: 6, Mind: 4 {5}, Soul: 7 {170pts}
ACV = 6; DCV = 6; Dam MP = 5 x {Weapon Attack Lvl} + ACV
- ACV: Unarmed [7]; Pistols/Psionic Attacks [8]
- DCV: Unarmed [7]; Ranged-Personal [8]
- Damage: Psionic Attacks Dam MP 7 {w/Amplifier Weapon level - Dam MP 10 <6 VPP>}; Unarmed Weapon Lvl 2
- Initiative: +6
- Perception: +1 Mind/Body {Perception checks}
Movement {per round} / m {kph}:
* Walk = 6m {Indefinite}; Jog = 9m {long}; Run = 12m {moderate}; Sprint = 18m {short}
* Jump = 2m LT x 1m HT/Back {standing}; 3.75m LT [Body check TN12] {run}
* Swim/Crawl = 1m {long}; Swim/Crawl = 2m {short}
Health Points = 65 {75}
Shock Value = 15
Energy Points = 55 {65}

Race: Loroi {31pts} “Homo Psyche - modified”
Mind +1 {10pts}
Block Power [Source: Psionics; Deplete -3] = Lvl 1 {9pts}
Energy Bonus [+10 Energy Points] = Lvl 2 {4pts}
Mind Shield [Deplete -3] = Lvl 2, +2 Mind, 20pts Mental Armor Rating {1pt}
"Signature Sensing" Sixth Sense [Emotions, Minds; Deplete -3] = Lvl 1, Area {3 Base} [10m r], Range/3 [1km] <+3> {2pts}
"Sanzai" Telepathy [Universal; Deplete -3, Unpredictable -2], Range {1 Base} [10m], Range/3 [1km] <+2>, Targets/2 [5 persons] <+2> = Lvl 1, +1 Mind, 1 person {5pts}
+ w/Amplifier: Telepathy = +Lvl 3 {Lvl 4}, +4 Mind <18 VPP>

Occupation: Loroi Teidar {139pts} "Martial Artist - modified"
Combat Technique [Blind-Fighting <2>, Brutal/2 {Unarmed Weapon Lvl2} <4>, Critical Strike {by 12 2xdam, by 18 3xdam} <2>, Deflection {Ranged Attacks} <2>,
Leap Attack {Higher Intv, +1Dam MP 'miss -3DCV/1turn'} <2> Lighting Reflexes/2 {+6Intv} <4>, Reflection {1 action - any target in range} <2>] {18pts}
Extra Actions = Lvl 1 {15pts}
Extra Defenses = Lvl 1 {5pts}
Heightened Awareness = Lvl 1 {2pts}
Massive Damage {Psionic Attacks} = Lvl 2 {8pts}
Melee Attack {Unarmed} = Lvl 1 {3pts}
Melee Defense {Unarmed} = Lvl 1 {3pts}
Organizational Ties: Loroi Military - Teidar, Sezon Special Forces, Rank O3 CPT “cobalt blue” uniform = Lvl 3 {6pts}
Teidar Psionic Combat Training:
Environmental Influence: Electricity [Deplete -3], Area {3 Base} = Lvl 1, 1 Environment - Electricity; +Area/2 '5' [100m r] <+2>, Range/2 [100m] <+2> {3pts}
+ w/Amplifier: Environmental Influence = +Lvl 3 {Lvl 4}, +3 Environments {Magnetism/ Light/ Fire & Heat}; <6 VPP>
”Electro-Static Shield” Force Field [Deplete -3, Detectible: sight 'arcing lightning'/smell 'ozone' -1] = Lvl 3, 12pts Armor Rating, Regenerating <+1>, Area/1 [1m] <+1> {7pts}
Telekinesis [Deplete -3], Range {1 Base} = Lvl 1, 1kg, 10m, Flight 10m/turn {5pts}
+ w/Amplifier: Telekinesis = +Lvl 3 {Lvl 4}, 1,000kg, 10kg-hurled object {Weapon Lvl1, Range/1 '10m'} <24 VPP>
“Lightning Barrage” Weapon-Primary [Deplete -1] = Lvl 2, Area/4 [30m rad] <+4>, Range/2 [100m] <+2> {9pts}
“Lightning Bolt” Weapon-Alternate [Deplete -1] = Lvl 3, Range/2 [100m] <+2> {3pts ‘half-cost’}
“Lightning Sheath” Weapon-Alternate [Deplete -1] = Lvl 2, Aura/2 <+2>, Area/1 [1m rad] <+1> {3pt ‘half-cost’}
“Electro-Stun” Weapon-Alternate [Deplete -1] = Lvl 2, Area/2 [3m rad] <+2>, Range/1 [10m] <+1>, Stun <+1> {3pt ‘half-cost’}
“EMP Blast” Weapon-Alternate [Deplete -1] = Lvl 2, Range/2 [100m] <+2>, Area/3 [10m rad] <+3>, Exclusive/1 [Electronic Devices-Only] <-1>, Shieldless <-1> {2pt ‘half-cost’}
Ranged Attack {Psionic Attacks} = Lvl 2 {6pts}
Ranged Attack {Energy Pistols} = Lvl 2 {6pts}
Ranged Defense {Personal} = Lvl 2 {6pts}
Skill: Acrobatics [Tumbling] = Lvl 2 {2pts}
Skill: Etiquette [Upper Class] = Lvl 2 {2pts}
Skill: Interrogation [Psychological] = Lvl 1 {2pts}
Skill: Intimidation [Political] = Lvl 1 {2pts}
Skill: Military Science [Tactics] = Lvl 1 {2pts}
Tough = Lvl 2 [+10 health] {4pts}

Other Attributes: {9pts}
Features: Appearance/3 ‘Very Attractive’ {3pts}
Skill: Language [English, Trade Loroi, Sanzai Communication-Native] = Lvl2 {2pts}
Skill: Piloting [Spacecraft] = Lvl 1 {2pts}
Skill: Seduction [Female] = Lvl1 {+3 Appearance} {2pts}

Equipment: [ 55pts ]
Spoiler: show
Heavy "Hotshot" Blaster Pistol w/Electrolaser 'stun-setting' = Item, Lvl 4 Weapon <8 pts>, Lvl 2 Range [100m] <2 pts>, Penetrating/2 [-8 Armor Prot.] <+2>, Piercing/1 [-8 Force Prot.] <+1>, Stun [Rec Body in HP/10min] <+1>; Total Cost: {7pts}
Loroi Bioplas Armor = Item, Lvl 12 Armor, 24pts AR, <24pts>; Total Cost: {12pts}

PSI Amplifier Helmet = Power Variation, Lvl 3 {Environmental Influence, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Weapon} - 24 Variation Power Points <VPP>; Total Cost: {12pts}

Loroi Combat Vacc-Suit = Item, Lvl 15 Armor, 30pts AR <30pts> / Features [Comm-link, UV Optics, Tactical H.U.D., Auto-Seal ] <4pt> / Special Defense [Freezing Cold/2, Lack of Air/2 {10hrs}, Low Pressure/2, Radiation/1] <14pts>;
- 'Custom' POWER 'Taser' GAUNTLETS = Item [Deplete -3], Lvl 0 Weapon, Incapacitating/5 [Body or Soul check - TN9 {-5} or uncon. 1hour] <+5>, Aura/2 <+2>; Total Cost: {24pts}

Defects: {-26pts}
Spoiler: show
Easily Distracted Lecherous [-2]
Easily Distracted Very interested in Humans… especially their 1:1 gender ratio… [-2]
Guy Magnet [-2]
Race{Ism}: Loroi are Mistrusted by the Galactic Society ‘Bad Reputation’ [-4]
Marked: Loroi [-1]
Marked: “Eyes Glow brightly Silver when Psionics in use" [-2]
Nemesis Teidar Sezon Tononinzil ‘Deathwind’, Commanding Officer {Disappointed in her lecherous nature – looking to get her removed from duty permanently} [-1]
Owned: Loroi Military - Teidar {Sezon} [-4]
Recurring Nightmares - Survivor of destroyed Loroi cruiser "Deathwind", decorated for her valor but pained by the loss of close friends from her training lost with the ship and not handling the death of close friends well [-2]
Skeleton In the Closet – Involved in Romantic Relationship with Teidar Malirtin 'Shining-Silver'[-4]
Unique Defect: Proud & Driven – Upholds Loroi honor and superiority demanding respect and obedience by client races, wants the respect & notice of her Mother { Torrai Soshret Lomisonni ‘Bright-Storm’ – Mother, Loroi Admiral Fleet Commander}[-2]

Tempest Game -
Spoiler: show
Skills – {12} +30/+20
[spoiler]Defense – 5rk
Firearms – 4rk
Martial Arts – 4rk

Sanzai Skills -
Send/Recieve - 4rk
Mind Shield - 4rk
Signature Detection - 3rk

Advanced Sanzai -
Thought Detection - 4rk
Mind Reading - 4rk
Telekinesis {Electrokinesis} Control – 6rk
Telekinesis {Electrokinesis} Power - 6rk

Languages -
Loroi Trade - 2rk
English - 2rk

Special Abilities {2} / Flaw {1}


Background -
Life Changing Events – {5}
{Childhood} Mother leads leads a Loroi Fleet Element to a significant victory, large shoes to fill and much is expected of Stormrage as she was born in battle.
{Adolescent} Raised to be a Unsheathed warrior intense combat and disciplining
{Adulthood} Achieves ‘Teidar’ rank and assigned to the Loroi war front. Known by her superiors to be of a Lecherous demeanor but is respected as an efficient and capable warrior.
{Tempest Expedition 1} Survivor of destroyed Loroi cruiser, decorated for her valor but pained by the loss of close friends from her training lost with the ship.
{Tempest Expedition 2} Not handling the death of close friends well she indulges in… amorous indiscretions. Reprimanded for her lecherous indiscretions and assigned to Operation: Tempest Expedition

Relationships Goals & Secrets –
{Blood} Torrai Soshret Lomisonni ‘Bright-Storm’ – Mother, Loroi Admiral Fleet Commander
{Romance} Teidar Malirtin 'Shining-Silver' – Close friend {M.I.A.}
{Association} Teidar Sezon Tononinzil ‘Deathwind’, Commanding Officer {Disappointed in her lecherous nature – looking to get her removed from duty permanently}
{Goal 1} Make her mother proud of her and gain her respect and attention.
- She is not even sure her mother knows her name.
{Goal 2} Meet her father and learn his name.
{Secret} Very interested in Humans… especially their 1:1 gender ratio…

Bennies –
General : 3

{Updated - 04/17/2011} - 09:33:00 PM

Tempest Game - 'Teidar' Sezon Sonnidezi 'Stormrage' - Blade Squad / Fire Team {3}
Spoiler: show
Teidar Berairodai 'Crimson-Cloud' [Red Haired] <-- Post Color {FF0000}
- Sanzai: Snd/Rcve 4, MndShld 4, SgntrDtctn 3; Adv. Sanzai: ThghtDtct 3, MndRd 3, TKCon 5, TKPwr 5
{Biokinesis: Psychic Healer 4}
Teidar Remirnelo 'Dark-Sun' [Raven Haired] <-- Post Color {000080}
- Sanzai: Snd/Rcve 4, MndShld 4, SgntrDtctn 4; Adv. Sanzai: ThghtDtct 4, MndRd 4, TKCon 5, TKPwr 6 {Cryokinesis}
Teidar Tininzil 'Silver-Wind' [White Haired] <-- Post Color {80BFBF}
- Sanzai: Snd/Rcve 4, MndShld 4, SgntrDtctn 4; Adv. Sanzai: ThghtDtct 3, MndRd 4, TKCon 7, TKPwr 5

[IC] Deep Strike 'Lt' Kamielle Lynn
[IC] Cydonia Rising/Tempest Sonnidezi Stormrage
[IC] Incursion Maiannon Golden Hair
[IC] TdSmR Athen Rourke

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Post Re: [RP] Tempest Expedition (Characters)
Basic Info:

Full Name: Nathaniel Simeon Wolfe << Post Colour
Call Sign: Corsair
Rank: Major, TCA Navy OF-3
Race: Human
Gender: Male

HT 180cm (5'11"), WT 70KG (150lbs). Caucasian. Close cropped light-brown hair that looks much darker if he lets it grow out. Grey/blue eyes. A faint scar on his left cheek extends backwards into the hairline above his left ear, the result of an altercation as an adolescent. Nathaniel moves with a lithe grace, favoring deliberate, economical movements, however he can get figety when excited or bored.

Given to introspection Nathaniel tends to be reserved around people with whom he is not close to. Considerably more at ease around friends and long-time aquaintances he is known to have an occasionally biting wit and sometimes lets his temper get the better of him, though he usually cools down rapidly afterward. He is intensely loyal to both friends and those he commands. Wolfe's ability to see problems from many points of view, coupled with a tendency to get right to the roots of any issues has defused many arguments and those who have served with him know that he can be a fair and impartial mediator in most situations.

A good leader and tactician. Skilled Pilot of many smallcraft, be they Heavy Fighters, Interceptors, or Shuttles. Also skilled at maintaining and repairing such craft, though those skills tend not to cross over to bigger ships. Able to hold his own in hand-to-hand combat...for a while. Nathaniel can combine that skill with Null- and Variable-Gee training to get the drop on opponents who do not share that training. Combining empathy with a persuasive argument, Wolfe can get sometimes disparate people to cooperate. Also has some programming ability. Determined to understand the Loroi better, Nathaniel made an effort to learn the Loroi version of the Trade Language with some success.

Spoiler: show
Languages -
Loroi Trade - 3
English - 2

Total: 5

General Skills -

Leadership - 5
Tactics (Aerospace) - 5
Piloting - 5

Total: 15 (20)

Smallcraft Operation - 7
Smallcraft Maintenance - 5

Martial Arts - 3
Zero-gravity Training (moving in freefall, low gravity and zero gravity) - 4

Empathy (understanding others and their intentions) - 3
Persuasion (making straight forward arguments) - 3

Computer Science/Software Engineering - 3

Total: 30

Spoiler: show
Quick reflexes

Bit of a Temper
Doesn't like to 'needlessly' risk the lives of those under his command. He may balk if ordered into a situation requires the deliberate sacrifice of his men, particularly if that order is issued by RADM Pire.

Important Events:
Spoiler: show
{Childhood} Lieutenant Tia Wolfe (Mother) killed in action.

{Adolescence} Having become the victim of a small group of other 'Army Brats' bullying, Nathaniel let's his volatile temper get the better of him and gets into an altercation. Rather outnumbered Nathaniel is soon overwhelmed, receiving the wound which marks his face to this day. The fight is broken up by another 'Army Brat' Darius Resnik, the two later become firm friends. From this point on Nathaniel makes great efforts to control his temper knowing that it may again put him in a situation he cannot extricate himself from.

{Adulthood} Sundering of the Wolfe family: Christian Wolfe, embittered by the loss of his mother early in life, reveals his hatred of the military. Javier and Jess Wolfe react strongly to this 'betrayal' and Nathaniel, refusing to take sides, ends up being shunned by all.

{Battle of Naam} Loss of ECS Invincible and 85% of the fighter group. Badly injured and one of just three survivors of the Invincible's fighter group Nathaniel becomes (privately) embittered at Gabriel Pire, seeing him as a glory hound willing to make a name for himself by shedding the blood of his subordinates.

{A New Beginning} Tired of endless, uneventful patrols, Nathaniel requests a transfer to the Tempest.

Relationships, Goals & Secrets:
Spoiler: show
{Family} Relations between Nathaniel and his father and sister are still strained, though they have thawed appreciably in the last few years. Christian still does not speak with Javier or Jess, though he and Nathaniel occasionally exchange E-mails.

{Association} Although military service has separated Nathaniel from Darius Resnik, the two remain close friends. Nathaniel acted as Darius' Best Man when he was married two years ago, and remains in close contact with the couple. Darius and Nathaniel have managed to play a series of Chess games by E-mail throughout the years despite the communications difficulty inherent in their service.

{Rival} Zora Kaylo. A recent arrival in Wolfe's life, one of three Lieutenants under his command aboard the Tempest, Zora is a ruthless young woman who will allow nothing and no-one to stand in her way. At first ingratiating, Zora quickly came to view Nathaniel as an obstacle rather than a rung in her march up the ladder.

{Secret} Dislike of RADM Pire.

{Goal} To find that spark of excitement he once felt at being a part of the TCA Navy. And perhaps to prevent another sacrifice to the altar of Pire's ego in the shape of yet another bloodbath.

In-Depth Info:
Spoiler: show

2160- Contact with Loroi

2165- Javier Wolfe is Invalided out of the TCA Marines following a training accident.

2166- Tia Martinez (later Wolfe) goes on indefinite leave in order to pursue a relationship with Javier.

2167- Jessica 'Jess' Wolfe is born

2169- Nathaniel Wolfe is born

2170- Christian Wolfe is born

2175- Tia Wolfe recalled to the military following heavy losses.

2176- Tia Wolfe KIA.

2187- Nathaniel Wolfe joins the TCA Navy

2187- Wolfe family rupture following Christian Wolfe's views against the military.

2193- Nathaniel Wolfe is promoted to Captain, assumes roll as 2IC of Light Carrier ECS Invincible fighter group.

2196- Battle of Naam. ECS Invincible is destroyed on the first day of battle in addition to 85% casualties among the fighter group.

Extended Bio:

{Major} Nathaniel Wolfe

Position: Cmd Interceptor Wing 2 - {Human} Major

Background: Born into a family with deep military roots, Nathaniel Wolfe broke with tradition to join the Navy instead of Ground Forces. When tests determined that he had higher than average reflexes and G-tolerances Nathaniel was fast-tracked into fighter training. In spite of issues with his family Nathaniel progressed well in the military and was promoted to Captain in 2193 becoming 2IC of the Fighter Group aboard the Light Carrier ECS Invincible. Following the loss of the Invincible and heavy losses among its fighter complement at the Battle of Naam, injured and having lost many friends, Nathaniel went through a period of depression and was removed from active duty for several weeks until he was deemed fit for service once more taking part in the mopping-up operations in the wake of Naam bloodbath. Although he retained his personal bravery, Nathaniel's combat record in engagements following the Battle of Naam showed a decreased willingness to risk the lives of those under his command. Privately, Major Nathaniel Wolfe has come to hold RADM Gabriel Pire responsible for the loss of the Invincible.

Tempest Fighter Complement:


Spoiler: show
Fighter Wing 1:

Consists of four Loroi pilots flying upgraded Poii (Arrow) Interceptors.

{Tenoin Arrir} Shides
3x Tenoin Arrat

Fighter Wing 2:

Consists of four human pilots and four human Weapons Systems Officers flying Storm Heavy Fighters, the wing is divided into two groups of two fighters, Alpha and Bravo.

Alpha 1:

Major Nathaniel Wolfe {Corsair}

WSO Lieutenant Kyong Nogoda (Ky-ong, Ky rhymes with tie)

Alpha 2:

Lieutenant Kelly Ludlow {Stalker}

WSO Lieutenant Max Croker

Bravo 1:

Lieutenant Zora Kaylo {Dragon}

WSO Lieutenant Julio Noss

Bravo 2:

Lieutenant Hugh Yadao {Centurion}

WSO Lieutenant Naomi Ratajczak


Spoiler: show
Class: Heavy Fighter
Length: 52 m
Crew: 1-2
Screens: Class II
Max. Acceleration: 30 G
Armor Rating: 12
Fuel Capacity: 300
ECM Rating: 67

Weapon Mounts:
01 Pulse Cannon
04 Weapon Hardpoints (Cannons or Missiles)
04 PD Laser turrets (requires WSO to operate)
02 Missile Hardpoints (Missiles Only)

Class: Light Interceptor
Length: 30 m
Crew: 1
Screens: Class I
Max. Acceleration: 40 G
Fuel Capacity: 100

Weapon Mounts:
02 Laser PD Turrets
04 Weapon Hardpoints

Weapon Hardpoints can be fitted with a number of weapons types. The standard loadout, used for CSP's (Combat Space Patrol) and other missions where the exact loadout needed is unknown or the mission parameters cover a wide range of target types (Read: Target Rich Environment), consists of 2 Laser Cannon and 2 racks of three AMM's. For the Storm Heavy Fighter, with 2 extra Hardpoints compared to the lighter Arrow, 2 short-range anti-ship torpedoes are also included.

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Post Re: [RP] Tempest Expedition (Characters)
Spoken name: Gary Walker (Fuller with spear)
Title/Rank: Sensor Operator / Specialist
Gener Race: Male Human
Personality: Quiet and submissive.
Spoiler: show
English 5
Loroi Trade 3
Sensor Operation 6
Com Operation 5
Zero-gravity 0

Astronomy/Physics 5
Mathematics 4
Geology 4
Signal Analysis 7
Computer Science 5
Computer Engineering 2
Electrical Engineerinig 2

Abilities & Flaws
Eidetic Hearing

Spoiler: show
{Childhood} Listened signals from space with his father
{Adolescence} Win school sciencefair with swarm-bot
{Adulthood} -
{Mission 1} Invented atmospheric sensor for his resume for the mission
{Mission 2} Grouped with neridi on last training phase

{Family} Father, radioastronomy
{Association} Neridi operator
{Association} -
{Secret} Loves "Galaxy Angel Chihiro" and want's to build lifesize replica of her.
{Goal} Want to be famous in history by either innovation or discovery.

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Post Re: [RP] Tempest Expedition (Characters)
Torrai Sorimi Nelopaio (Sunbloom)
Position: Tactical officer
Background: Born into the Teidar caste to Tintarl (Silverring), but with a genetic fluke that also gave her near perfect memory as well. Trained and served as Unsheathed from the age of 14 until 31, when a head wound sustained during a particularly vicious engagement left her comatose for several weeks. During the conflict, she took command of the operation she was assigned to before her incapacitiation, earning a commendation in the process. After recovery, she was found to be unable to continue her current duties within her caste. Following what treatments could be done, she was promoted to Torrai Sorimi. Currently on loan to the TCA academy as an instructor for the new technologies being given to the TCA.

Spoiler: show
Spoken name: Nelopaio Name Meaning: Sunbloom
Callsign: Sonata (a reference to her actual voice, quite in opposition to her Sanzai)
Caste/Rank: Torrai/ Sorimi - O5
Race: Loroi
Gender: Female
Age: 38
Appearance: HT 5'6", WT 94lbs, Hair-White (VERY pale blue, actually), Eyes - Amethyst. She is attractive, with sharp features and hair worn relatively short, with a complicated spiked style.

Personality: Steadfast and calm. Quick thinking and resourceful. Sometimes has a tendancy to read more into what she sees than there actually is. She is rather embarrassed about her 'injury' and actually prefers to speak out loud. She has an extremely melodic, musical voice, which earned her the nickname 'Sonata' at the TCA Academy. She carries the title with an amused sort of pride. By contrast, her modified-amp fed Sanzai has a 'static' effect to it that other Loroi find disconcerting. Time spent around humanity has loosened her innate stoicism in general, and she is known to have a playful streak, as well as a well developed sense of humor.

Abilities/Skills: Command, Tactics- Space, Tactics- Ground, Strategy- FTL, Training, Basic Hand to Hand, Firearms- Loroi Energy Weapons, Telepathic Combat, Computers, Astrogation, Loroi History and Lore, Languages- Soia Trade, Terran English

Skills – {12}
Leadership - 5rk
Firearms - 4rk
Gunnery - 5rk
FTL Operation - 5rk
Tactics - 5rk

Sanzai Skills -
Send/Recieve - 3rk
Mind Shield - 4rk
Signature Detection - 4rk

Advanced Sanzai -
Telekinesis Control – 3rk
Telekinesis Power - 5rk

Languages -
Loroi Trade - 4rk
English - 4rk

Special Abilities – {2}Attractive
Tactical Prodigy

Flaw –
Flawed Telekinesis (requires a modified amp to function controllably)

Life Changing Events – {5}
{Childhood} Her early life as a Teidar aspirant is more or less normal. However, she is discovered to have a great deal of strategic and tactical insight, and a keen mind.
{Adolescent} Raised to be a Teidar, distinguishing herself sufficiently to warrant a squad command on ascension to the ranks proper.
{Adulthood} Assigned to the Umiak front and serves for many years in various stations, rising in the ranks due to a combination of her own tactical skills and attrition among her superiors.
{The Semoset Offensive and the Battle of the Tisani Ways} Despite her success in leading an operation crippled early on to a successful end, she is badly wounded and unable to continue in service as a Teidar. She is promoted to the Torrai caste and assigned as executive officer to a captain she does not mesh with. Supposed insubordination sees her put into a staff position on Deinar until contact with Humanity.
{New Life} 'Volunteered' for an exchange with the TCA academy, she soon slips comfortably into life on Earth among a strange culture, and begins to cultivate a reputation as a trustworthy and effective instructor. TCA Admiralty eventually sends a quiet request that she serve on the recently refit ECS Tempest.

Relationships Goals & Secrets
{Blood} Tiedar Sezon Tintarl – Mother. They have not spoken since Nelopaio's auster from the front.
{Association} CMDR Angelina Halloway, TCA Academy - Considerd to be a close friend, and the first human to make her welcome on Earth.
{Association} Torrai Torrett Malirloi (Shiningsky). Her former superior, whose mindset did not mesh with Nelopaio's more intuitive, somewhat freewheeling nature. To this day, there is still blood between them.
{Goal 1} Serve the Empire to the best of her ability, as well as their new allies.
{Goal 2} Earn her way back into a command posting, perhaps even a ship of her own.
{Goal 3; very recent} Prevent Torrai Torret Malirloi from enacting her 'any price for victory' methodology whenever she can.
{Secret} A very brief relationship with a TCA admirals son that did not end well thanks to said admirals prejudices. She tries to keep it as quiet as possible, but the price she owes said officer for his silence may yet come back to haunt her. Needless to say, such a thing would not be viewed well by her superiors.

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Post Re: [RP] Tempest Expedition (Characters)
Spoken name: #480564

Title/Rank: This Little Fucker

Gener Race: Class AC3


Personality: Determined Exterminator.

Spoiler: show
Rock 1000 LVL
Platinum 58 LVL
Carbonite 164 LVL
Torpedo Barrage 100 LVL
Artificial Intelligence targeting 10 LVL

Spoiler: show
This Asteroid usually seen tresspassing jump space in deep space systems on nearly relativistic speed. How it travels between systems and why dont follow any reasonable orbit remains unknown.

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