Turanic Raider Outpost

Cataclysm Statistics

Class: Mothership
: 3,200 RU
Build Time: 300 s
Support Req.: 0 SU
Maneuverability: -
: 35 m/s^2
Max Velocity: 0 m/s
Hit Points: 150,000
Repair Rate: 75/5 s
Sight Radius: 9,000 m
Firepower: ?
Coverage: ?
Mass: 50,000 q
EMP Stun: 0 s

Support Supplied: 70 SU
Salvage Points: 0
Repair Droids: 20
Nav Lights: 0
Leech Points: 0
Required Tech:

Special Abilities:
Build Ships
Repair Strike Craft
Retire Ships

Max Fighters: 50
Max Corvettes: 25


Weapons: Mult.: Damage: Range: Fire Time:
None - - - -
With the pervasive presence of Turanic Raider fleets throughout most of the galactic frontiers and their increasing appearance inside the boundaries of the Old Taiidan Empire, the existence of Raider Outposts is a grim certainty. However, only twice in the past 250 years have deep-space Turanic Raider bases been discovered and attacked successfully, and both times the outposts chose self-destruction over capture. Turanic outposts appear to have no movement capability of their own, but it is theorized that the Raiders make use of naturally occurring slipgates to tow these massive structures into hyperspace and so transport them over vast galactic distances, keeping them hidden from pursuing forces.

Currently, Hiigaran Fleet Intelligence suspects that one outpost may be located in the Sheer-ka system, but no reconnaissance in force has been done to confirm this. While it makes good tactical sense to dig out Turanic Raider bases as quickly as they are found, previous attacks have shown that the Raiders will defend their outposts with fanatical fervor, and even make suicide attacks against enemy frigates. With an enemy ready to use any and all technology and tactics at its disposal, Hiigaran Fleet Command is unwilling to engage in such a costly battle unless a direct strategic threat to Hiigara is discovered. In the meantime, all Kiith Fleet commanders have been made aware of the suspected base location, and warned to give the system a wide berth.

It is not known how well-armed these Raider outposts are, or what their armor capabilities may be. It is obvious that their abilities have changed with new technologies over the past two and a half centuries, and any fleet that locates one would be wise to retreat into hyperspace as quickly as possible. If the previous two incidents involving Turanic Outposts are any indication, Raider ships will seek to capture as well as destroy as many attackers as possible, until they have either repelled the attack or self-destructed.