Taiidan "Heeshk" Support Frigate

Homeworld Statistics

Class: Frigate
Build Cost
: 425 RUs
Build Time: 65 s
Maneuverability: Low
: 100 m/s^2
Max Velocity: 450 m/s
Hit Points: 12,000
Repair Rate: 100/5 s
Firepower: 2,000
Coverage: 50%
Mass: 12,500 tons

Salvage No.: 2
Dock Points: 14
Nav Lights: 12
Max Fighters: 10
Max Corvettes: 4
Special Abilities
Repair & Refuel Strike Craft
Repair Beam (100/s)

Required Tech:
Capital Ship Drive

Weapons: Damage: Range: Fire Time:
2 Medium Mass Drivers 8-12 2,500 m 0.5 s
With the advent of high-efficiency strike craft drives in both the Republican and Imperialist fleets, the Heeshk-class Support Frigate has begun to fade from frontline service. Originally intended to refuel and repair up to four corvettes and 10 fighters simultaneously, the Heeshk has been relegated to rear-area repair duty. The Imperial variant of this aging design has a reinforced upper hull deck, achieved by removing the plasma ducting that was used for refueling fighters and replacing it with an extra layer of ablative armor and dynamic anti-breaching systems.

Republican fleets have retired this vessel to base repair duty, but Imperialists often do not have the luxury of pulling even an obsolete design off the line. Imperialist admirals will often order a pair of Heeshk-class Frigates to escort a larger battle group into the thick of combat, repairing other vessels even as they take fire. Their ability to repair more powerful capital ships makes them a natural first target for swirling fighters and corvettes, but the modern Heeshk's heavier armor allows them to survive far longer than a smaller repair corvette.

When engaging a Heeshk-class Repair Frigate, it is important to stay out of the firing arc of the frigate's one large cannon. While this gun packs a serious punch, it is not accurate against strike craft and is intended to support more offensive combat vessels, or ward off single attacking frigates. Heeshks are often deployed in pairs so that one can repair the other and vice-versa, should the two frigates need to stall for time until help arrives.