Taiidan Resource Collector

Homeworld Statistics

Class: Resource
Build Cost
: 650 RUs
Build Time: 60 s
Maneuverability: Low
: 150 m/s^2
Max Velocity: 325 m/s
Hit Points: 10,800
Repair Rate: 50/15 s
Max Resources: 650
Firepower: -
Coverage: -
Mass: 40,000 tons

Salvage No.: 2
Dock Points: 2
Nav Lights: 4
Special Abilities
Harvest Resources

Required Tech:

Weapons: Damage: Range: Fire Time:
None - - -
The Resource Collector uses a bow-mounted Phased Disassembler Array to break asteroids and other spaceborne matter down into component atoms, which are then stored in the vessel's resource bays for transport to a base or Resource Controller. 

Having no weaponry and a low maximum velocity, the crews of Resource Collectors are completely dependent upon military escort for protection from the enemy.