Taiidan Imperial Flagship

Homeworld Statistics

Class: Mothership
Build Cost
: 8,000 RUs
Build Time: 300 s
Maneuverability: -
: 10 m/s^2
Max Velocity: 50 m/s
Hit Points: 160,000
Repair Rate: 600/5 s
Firepower: 7,500
Coverage: 60%
Mass: 5,000,000 tons

Salvage No.: 8*
Dock Points: 7
Nav Lights: 12
Max Fighters: 250
Max Corvettes: 250
Special Abilities
Repair & Refuel Strike Craft
Receive Resources
Receive Ships for Retirement

Required Tech:

Weapons: Damage: Range: Fire Time:
5 Small Mass Drivers 30-40 5,000 m 1.0 s

*Although the flagship has 8 salvage points, it cannot be salvaged.

In the climactic battle of the Homeworld War, the Exiles and the forces of the Taiidan Imperial Guard clashed in close Hiigara orbit. Emperor Riesstiu IV himself commanded his forces from aboard the massive Flagship of the Imperial Guard, similar in size and capability to the Kushan Mothership. However, Mad Emperor Reisstiu proved to be no better a military commander than he was a ruler; the Taiidan forces were crushed by the Kushan in this decisive battle.

If there ever any doubt that the Firepower rating is completely meaningless, this entry should prove it. Despite a supposed firepower rating of 7,500, the Taiidan or Kushan motherships couldn't successfully thwart an attack of space mosquitoes.