Taiidan "Skaal Tel" Destroyer

Homeworld Statistics

Class: Destroyer
Build Cost
: 1,350 RUs
Build Time: 150 s
Maneuverability: Low
: 39 m/s^2
Max Velocity: 315 m/s
Hit Points: 44,000
Repair Rate: 330/5 s
Firepower: 7,055
Coverage: 35%
Mass: 26,000 tons

Salvage No.: 3
Nav Lights: 5
Special Abilities

Required Tech:
Capital Ship Drive
Capital Ship Chassis
Super-Capital Ship Drive

Weapons: Damage: Range: Fire Time:
2(2) Large Mass Driver Turrets 50-62.5 4,000 m 2.7 s
2 Large Ion Cannons 20-25 6,000 m 6.0 s
The Skaal is one of the deadliest predators that roam the southern wastes of Kharak, and was the greatest threat to the safety of caravans until it was deliberately hunted to the edge of extinction. The male of the species, the Skaal Tel, is a vicious clawed hunter with heavy scales and poison sacs that can blind or kill an unwary opponent at a distance. Though it masses nearly ten times that of an average humanoid, it is still able to keep up with a warrior at full run. The Skaal Tel hunts for its mate and cubs during the breeding cycle and is capable of dragging its kill back to the den from over a hundred kloms away.

This predator is a fitting namesake for one of the deadliest vessels ever built for the Taiidani fleet. The Skaal Tel is so massive it mounts two parallel ion cannons and backs this up with four heavy rail guns on two modified turrets. Second only to Heavy Cruisers in terms of raw firepower, the Skaal Tel Destroyer can direct a devastating amount of destructive energy in its forward arc, and two Destroyers operating in concert can vaporize an enemy frigate in a matter of seconds. Yet, despite its size and armor, it can maneuver almost as well as the much smaller frigates.

To successfully engage a Skaal Tel, you must learn from the warriors who hunted its namesake on ancient Kharak. Attack in a group, from all sides, and use your fastest and most maneuverable assets to draw the beast's attention while you concentrate your attacks on its flanks.