Taiidan "Seejur" Heavy Defender

Homeworld Statistics

Class: Fighter
Build Cost
: 65 RUs
Build Time: 9 s
Maneuverability: High
: 385 m/s^2
Max Velocity: 385 m/s
Hit Points: 325
Fuel Capacity: 14,000
Firepower: 190
Coverage: 70%
Mass: 70 tons

Salvage No.: 1
Nav Lights: 0
Special Abilities

Required Tech:
Fighter Drive
Defender Subsystems

Weapons: Damage: Range: Fire Time:
2 Small Mass Drivers 3-4 6,500 m 2.0 s

The Seejur was an ancient combat shield from the early kiith wars on Kharak. It is meant to be worn strapped to the forearm, and has three sharp spikes mounted along the rim and pointed forward. This allowed skilled warriors to block a critical blow and then drive the sharpened spikes into the enemy with the same motion. When Hiigaran fleet intelligence first studied combat data concerning the triple-gunned Taiidan defense fighter, "Seejur" was an obvious codename for this heavily armed and armored fighter.

The Seejur is designed to stay with larger Frigate- and Destroyer-class ships in tight guard formation. Its triple rapid-fire rail guns are optimized to deliver a large number of high-speed armor-piercing rounds against small, fast-moving targets. The Seejur shunts nearly 50% of its drive plasma into its maneuvering vents, giving it the ability to rotate on its center of gravity at amazing speeds, and this allows a pilot to bring the Seejur's guns to bear anywhere in its combat sphere in less than a second. Unfortunately, this rotational speed has been achieved at the cost of main drive power, and the Seejur is very slow for a fighter, causing many to refer to it as a free-range turret.

A Seejur functions well in its primary role as a close-support escort for larger vessels, but often takes terrible losses, as any incoming fighter wing will automatically target the defense fighters to clear the way for incoming bombers and attack corvettes. The Seejur can deliver withering fire against the first few fighters entering their range, but their low speed makes them a sitting target as larger numbers of fighters sweep in at high speed. Despite the high rate of fire of the triple rail guns, the advantage in fighter combat goes with the faster ship, and the Seejur's only hope of survival is to throw back the attackers in the initial barrage.

Standard Hiigaran attack doctrine concerning Seejurs is to attack in tight formation and concentrate on one vessel at a time.