Taiidan "Qwaar-Jet" Heavy Cruiser

Homeworld Statistics

Class: Cruiser
Build Cost
: 3,700 RUs
Build Time: 420 s
Maneuverability: Very Low
: 39 m/s^2
Max Velocity: 250 m/s
Hit Points: 90,000
Repair Rate: 320/5 s
Firepower: 20,000
Coverage: 30%
Mass: 131,000 tons

Salvage No.: 5
Nav Lights: 7
Special Abilities

Required Tech:
Super-Capital Ship Drive
Super-Heavy Chassis
Heavy Guns

Weapons: Damage: Range: Fire Time:
6(1) Large Mass Driver Turrets 100-125 4,000 m 3.7 s
2(2) Large Ion Cannon Turrets 30-33 6,000 m 6.0 s
During the dark days of ancient Kharak, Qwaar-Jet was the ancient God of Pain and Enslavement on Kharak, and so it was only fitting that Hiigaran Fleet Intelligence give this code-name to the most powerful warship currently used by Taiidani forces, both Republican and Imperial. During the pre-Republican Era, Qwaar-Jet Cruiser squadrons terrorized entire Star Systems into submission at the emperor's command. Even in the aftermath of the Taiidani Civil War, the Qwaar-Jet has lost none of its fearful reputation, despite having met its match in the Hiigaran Avatar-class Heavy Cruiser and Kiith Somtaaw's Archangel-class Dreadnought.

The Qwaar-Jet packs a lethal punch, with four heavy ion beams firing from massive turrets, giving them unheard-of coverage. This is backed up by six Assault-class mass drivers, mounted over-under fashion along the sides. This arrangement allows the Heavy Cruiser to direct withering fire against other slow-moving capital ships, even as it maneuvers at combat speed. While the Qwaar-Jet, like most capital ships, has trouble engaging fast-moving strike craft, its incredibly thick armor allows it to ignore anything less than a massed Plasma Bomber attack.

Since the end of the Homeworld War, the Qwaar-Jet has been upgraded as conditions and technology present themselves, and Hiigaran commanders facing Imperialist forces can expect to see Qwaar-Jets that may be equipped with energy cannons and reinforced reactive armor. In their current undeclared guerrilla war against Hiigara and the Taiidan Republic, the Imperial Navy seems to be using its remaining Qwaar-Jet Cruisers in hunter/killer pairs that use sheer brute force to punch through picket ships and destroy the Carriers at the center of any fleet group. It is not known whether this tactic is simply part of a war of attrition or the prelude to a deadly phase of new aggression.