Taiidan "Kudaark" Assault Frigate

Homeworld Statistics

Class: Frigate
Build Cost
: 575 RUs
Build Time: 60 s
Maneuverability: Low
: 75 m/s^2
Max Velocity: 325 m/s
Hit Points: 16,000
Repair Rate: 150/10 s
Firepower: 2,548
Coverage: 75%
Mass: 15,000 tons

Salvage No.: 2
Nav Lights: 4
Special Abilities

Required Tech:
Capital Ship Drive
Capital Ship Chassis

Weapons: Damage: Range: Fire Time:
2 Plasma Bomb Launchers 55-65 6,000 m 5.0 s
4 Large Mass Driver Turrets 40-45 4,800 m 2.9 s
The Kudaark class of assault frigates are the workhorses of the Taiidani fleet. The Kudaark's four heavy turrets give excellent coverage, while dual forward-facing plasma bomb launchers give it the ability to devastate any capital ship in its path. Directly behind the massive engine housing is the only arc where the Kudaark is incapable of directing any firepower. This and the relatively slow tracking of the turret guns means that despite its heavy offensive punch and deep armor plating, the Kudarrk should not be deployed without an escort of fighters or multi-gun corvettes.

The Kudaark is named after a large burrower from the northern forests of Taiidan. In addition to its immense claws and surly disposition, the creature also has an array of spines along its snout which it can expel in a painful barbed cloud. Since the array of heavy turrets on the Taiidan Assault Frigate is arranged around the nose section, it made for a logical comparison, as approaching the creature or the frigate head-on is a definite tactical error that one only makes once. The forward weapon placement was intended to give the Assault Frigate maximum firepower when attempting to punch through enemy formations. The standard maneuver is for three Kudaarks to blast their way past an enemy fleet, then wheel around quickly to bring their heavy firepower to bear from the opposite quarter while keeping their vulnerable rear arc away from hostile guns.

The Assault Frigate carries a double-size crew and substantial quarters, allowing it to conduct long-range strike operations for weeks at a time, while still remaining at full combat efficiency.