Somtaaw "Worker" Resource Collector

Cataclysm Statistics

Class: Resource
: 500 RUs
Build Time: 45 s
Support Req.: 4 SUs
Maneuverability: medium
: 400 m/s^2
Max Velocity: 425 m/s
Hit Points: 3,300
Repair Rate: 35/5 s
Sight Radius: 12,000 m
Firepower: -
Coverage: -
Mass: 5,200 tons
EMP Stun: 2.0 s
Leech Dam.: xx/s
RU Capacity: 600
Salvage Points: 2
Repair Droids: 1
Nav Lights: 6
Leech Points: 3
Required Tech:

Upgrade Tech:
Repair Systems
Salvaging Ability
Infection Vaccine
Repair Bots


Weapons: Mult.: Damage: Range: Fire Time:
None - - - -
While most Kiith still use the primary resource collector design created nearly 50 years ago during the Mothership's construction, Kiith Somtaaw has been forced by circumstance to radically redesign the entire resourcer concept. Somtaaw fleets often work deep inside dense asteroid fields, where the massive resource collector cannot maneuver fast enough to avoid disastrous collisions, and so a completely different vessels design was needed, in order to function in more complex environments.

While various hi-maneuver resourcer/frigate hybrids were attempted, none of the prototypes survived actual field-testing as the turn-rate was disastrously compromised by the full loads a resourcer is expected to carry. Then, deep in the Mothership's main databanks, a Somtaaw engineer came across a hull design for a heavy cargo re-entry vehicle. It had been used 120 years earlier on Kharak to haul crews and raw components to and from low orbit during the construction of the Mothership Scaffolding. While the original purpose of the ship was no longer relevant, the shaped, blunt-projectile hull shape that had been crucial to re-entry was now ideal for providing a compact center of gravity. When refitted with modern engines and control systems, this new resourcer design can haul almost as much as the old one, but can rotate quickly on its center of gravity and easily avoid collision, even in the most congested flight spaces.


Workers harvesting Crystals

A Worker prepares to dock with a Processor

Workers repairing a destroyer

Workers towing a crystal


Worker harvesting asteroids

Worker docks with Carrier pad