Somtaaw "Mimic" Infiltration Craft

Cataclysm Statistics

Class: Fighter
: 70 RU
Build Time: 15 s
Support Req.: 2 SU
Maneuverability: very high
: 1,000 m/s^2
Max Velocity: 750 m/s
Hit Points: 40
Repair Rate: -
Sight Radius: 12,000 m
Firepower: -
Coverage: -
Mass: 55 tons
EMP Stun: 2.5 s
Leech Dam.: -

Salvage Points: 0
Repair Droids: 0
Nav Lights: 0
Leech Points: 0
Required Tech:
Fighter Drive
Mimic Tech

Upgrade Tech:
Linking Technology
Quantum Explosive Charge
Advanced Fighter Drive
Armor Level 2



Weapons: Mult.: Damage: Range: Fire Time:
None - - - -

After encounters with Raider ships equipped with holographic projectors, Somtaaw Tactical command realized the need for their own infiltration strike craft. With little to go on except pieces of pirate wreckage, Somtaaw engineers were able to create a holofield projector that would just fit into the confines of a fighter hull. The Maach-Nar Projection system requires two full laser arrays, spread out on either side of the fighter. While these arrays rob the fighter of all of its conventional offensive power, they are capable of enveloping the ship completely in a hologram that perfectly mimics the form of any strike- or corvette- class ship recorded in the tactical data banks. Mimics have even been known to disguise themselves as harmless asteroids. Additional signal jammers completely remove the Mimic from enemy scanners, while its visual cross section is immune to all but the closest inspection.

Mimics were originally used simply to infiltrate enemy fleets and orbital bases, in order to assess enemy strength or eavesdrop on close communication bands. Unfortunately, desperate times have lead to desperate measures, and more and more Mimics find themselves pressed into an offensive role as a suicide unit, especially in circumstances where friendly fleet strength is not high enough to break through to the objective.

Pilots for this duty are drawn from the ranks of the Sleepers, those destitute souls who awakened on Hiigara without a single friend or family member left alive after the destruction of Kharak. These pilots have no motivation except revenge against those who took everything from them, and Mimics perform their suicide missions fearlessly and without regret. The last thing that many a surprised resourcer or minelayer will hear is the strangled cry of victory from a Sleeper as he detonates his Mimic against the enemy hull.

The Mimic originally had a small mass driver, but this was removed before release.