Somtaaw "Archangel" Dreadnought

Cataclysm Statistics

Class: Cruiser
: 6,800 RUs
Build Time: 300 s
Support Req.: 80 SUs
Maneuverability: Very Low
: 35 m/s^2
Max Velocity: 240 m/s
Hit Points: 90,000
Repair Rate: 350/5 s
Sight Radius: 12,000 m
Firepower: 24,000
Coverage: 80%
Mass: 152,000 tons
EMP Stun: .75 s
Leech Dam.: 100/s

Salvage Points: 6
Repair Droids: 8
Nav Lights: 16
Leech Points: 12
Required Tech:
Advanced Destroyer Drive
Missile Launcher
Energy Cannons
Advanced Ion Cannon

Upgrade Tech:
Repulse Weapon
Repair Bots
Armor Level 3


Weapons: Mult.: Damage: Range: Fire Time:
2(1) Large Ion Cannon Turrets 1.0 16 6,000 m 6.0 s
6 Large Missile Launchers 2.0 ??  8,000 m  3.5 s 
4(1) Large Mass Driver Turrets* 1.5 54 7,100 m 2.0 s

*Upgradeable to Energy Cannon Turrets (damage 120, fire time 4.0 s).

Desperate wars require desperate measures, and the development of the Archangel class dreadnought was no exception. Even though Kiith Somtaaw was struggling valiantly, it eventually became clear that the fleet had no answer to the Beast version of the Taiidan Heavy Cruiser. And, while it would obviously take another full cycle for Somtaaw to research and develop the technologies needed to build the Hiigaran Avatar Heavy Cruiser, it was equally obvious that there would be nothing left of Kiith Somtaaw by the time a cycle of research could be completed!

Taking deep penetration scans of Bentusi tradeships, Somtaaw engineers tried to duplicate the radial binding design that give Bentusi ships their incredible durability and energy control. The experiments were less than successful, and dozens of engineers died as experimental alloys gave out under the incredible pressure to which they were subjected. Finally, as losses were threatening to push the Hiigaran fleet back into their home system, Somtaaw engineers were able to produce a hybrid design that had some of the durability and power of a Bentusi craft and was still manageable with Hiigaran crews and technology.

The Archangel combines the best attributes of the Avatar Heavy Cruiser and the Taiidani Missile Destroyer, and shields it all in a hull of curved, bonded armor plate that deflects more damage than it absorbs. With 4 heavy turrets backed by 2 full missile banks, the Archangel initially had a powerful offensive punch, but was still vulnerable to flanking maneuvers that brought enemy fire in from the rear, where the heavy mass drivers couldn't reach. This problem was solved rather dramatically with the addition of two heavy ion turrets, which covered the top fore and bottom aft firing hemispheres. Once released into active service, the Archangel has proved devastating to Beast and Imperial forces alike, despite the fact it takes a crack crew to keep her power systems under control.

When fully upgraded, the dome of the Repulse Weapon blocks the forward arc of the ventral (underside) ion cannon turret.