Somtaaw "Deacon" Destroyer

Cataclysm Statistics

Class: Destroyer
: 3,000 RUs
Build Time: 170 s
Support Req.: 38 SUs
Maneuverability: low
: 75 m/s^2
Max Velocity: 325 m/s
Hit Points: 40,000
Repair Rate: 200/5 s
Sight Radius: 9,000 m
Firepower: 8500
Coverage: 30%
Mass: 28,000 tons
EMP Stun: 1 s
Leech Dam.: -

Salvage Points: 3
Repair Droids: 5
Nav Lights: 15
Leech Points: 12
Required Tech:
Destroyer Drive
Missile Launcher
Advanced Ion Cannon

Upgrade Tech:
Energy Cannons
Advanced Destroyer Drive
Repair Bots
Armor Level 2


Weapons: Mult.: Damage: Range: Fire Time:
1(2) Large Missile Launcher* 2.0 ?? 6,000 m 3.0 s
2(1) Large Ion Cannon 0.6 7,500 m  5.0 s 
4(1) Large Mass Driver Turrets** 1.0 36 6,000 m 2.0 s

*Missiles can be fired in volleys every 12 seconds. **Upgradeable to Energy Cannons (damage 80, fire time 3.0 s).

When the great Crusade against the Beast was in its darkest days, Kiith Somtaaw found itself desperate for heavier firepower and the capital ships to carry it. While research into Bentusi design philosophy would eventually bear fruit in the awe-inspiring Dreadnought, it would have not come in time had the Deacon-class Destroyer not been pushed into service. The Deacon was originally intended to be a new generation of heavy transport, but when the demands of war hit the Somtaaw fleet hard, the design was quickly modified while still on the drawing board. The Deacon's loading booms were scrapped and replaced with heavy ion beams in a fixed forward mount, while the four side-mounted point-defense turrets were replaced with medium rail guns to give all-around firepower. The most innovative addition was the dorsal-mounted missile turret, which gives the Destroyer a full 360 degrees of long-range hitting powerócapable of tearing apart enemy frigates before they can get into range to return fire. The Deacon's baptism of fire came at the battle of Coruc Farr, when two Somtaaw Destroyers were left alone to hold off a Beast Heavy Cruiser and a full flight of infected strike craft. In the thick of battle, the lead Destroyer, the Naar-Tel, closed with the beast cruiser and was raked by an infection beam. As deck after deck of the Destroyer fell to the Beast infection, the Naar's Captain made a desperate decision to vent drive plasma into the infected areas and then out into space. At the cost of gutting a quarter of his own ship and killing a sizable percentage of his own crew, the Naar's Captain was able to keep his ship in the battle and help destroy the beast Cruiser.

From that day on, the Naar Directive, as it became known, became the standard response from Allied heavy capital ships to Beast infections. And, while the price in Hiigarian life is always high, instant death in a blast of high-energy plasma is preferable to the twisted immortality of becoming part of the Beast.