Somtaaw "Acolyte" Heavy Fighter

Cataclysm Statistics

Class: Fighter
: 75 RUs
Build Time: 12 s
Support Req.: 2 SUs
Maneuverability: very high
: 1,000 m/s^2
Max Velocity: 825 m/s
Hit Points: 220
Repair Rate: -
Sight Radius: 12,000 m
Firepower: 85
Coverage: 6%
Mass: 90 tons
EMP Stun: 2.0 s
Leech Dam.: -

Salvage Points: 0
Repair Droids: 0
Nav Lights: 0
Leech Points: 0
Required Tech:
Fighter Drive

Upgrade Tech:
Linking Tech
Energy Cannons
Missile Tech
Advanced Fighter Drive


Weapons: Mult.: Damage: Range: Fire Time:
2 Small Mass Drivers¹ 1.0 7 4,500 m 0.3* s
2 Small Missile Launchers 7.0 420 5,000 m  13.0** s 

¹Ugradeable to Energy Cannon (22 damage, fire time 3.1 s). *Burst fire; burst length: 1.4 s; burst wait: 1.3 s. **Each launcher contains 1 missile, which has a max velocity of 1,250 m/s and 30 hit points. The Acolyte must dock to reload.

The Acolyte class of heavy fighter/interceptor is unique to Kiith Somtaaw. While other Kiith have worked to advance the traditional Blade series of interceptors, Somtaaw found itself unable to afford the various patents and maintenance licenses being charged by the martial Kiithid to participate in the upgrade program. Instead, Somtaaw struck a deal with the enigmatic Bentusi. The Bentusi trade-ships are some of the most powerful vessels in the Galaxy, but there are some conditions that even they are unable or unwilling to take their ships into. In return for the services of the mining vessel Faal-Corum in retrieving certain artifacts from very compact asteroid belt, the Bentusi "handed down" an advanced fighter and drive system, which eventually was back-engineered into the Acolyte fighter. While the relatively pacifistic Bentusi would not transfer any weapons technology along with the Acolyte design, they seem to have no long-term objections to the Somtaaw arming the Acolyte with duel rapid-fire mass-drivers.

With the inherent advantages of an being based on adaptive Bentusi technology, the Acolyte lends itself easily to modification, and Somtaaw engineers are still working on expanding the full potential of this fighter design. The ultra-efficient fusion drive allows the Acolyte to function without refueling, and this technology has been integrated into other Somtaaw strike craft.

While Kiith Somtaaw is a mining Kiith by trade, it does require protection against Raiders and Imperialist patrols, as its two Command ships, the Kuun-Lan and the Faal-Corum, range far from the protection of Hiigaran space in their exploration and resourcing missions. Acolyte wings are manned by a relatively small group of hardened combat veterans that began their careers during the Homeworld War. These pilots are not easily surprised after 15 years in the cockpit, and are the equals of any fighter pilots found in the martial Kiithid…as many a pirate scout has discovered to his regret.