Kushan "Resolute" Minelayer Corvette

Homeworld Statistics

Class: Corvette
: 275 RUs
Build Time: 40 s
Maneuverability: Medium
: 200 m/s^2
Max Velocity: 425 m/s
Hit Points: 1,800
Fuel Capacity: 20,000

Firepower: 300
Coverage: -
Mass: 900 tons

Salvage No.: 1
Nav Lights: 0
Special Abilities

Required Tech:
Corvette Drive
Corvette Chassis
Minelaying Tech

Weapons: Damage: Range: Fire Time:
2(3) Mine Launchers 500-600* 3,500 m 6.0 s

*The mines themselves have a maximum velocity of 400 m/s. Mines that are fired directly at a target have a duration of 120 seconds; those dropped in a pattern do 829-939 damage and have a duration of 900 seconds.

In space warfare, a successful fleet must fully exploit all 4 dimensions, and use tactics fully adapted to the environment. Dependence on terrestrial concepts like "up" and "down" or even "forward" and "backward" can only lead to dangerous mistakes. Combat is so fluid and dynamic that most static defenses, such as turret stations, can be easily out-flanked and destroyed from a variety of angles, and area denial weapons such as minefields are rarely more than a nuisance. This was the case until a Kushan weapon design team, working on improving plasma bomb efficiency, made a breakthrough that would allow for dynamic minefields.

Modifications made to the magnetic field arrays of plasma bombs created a self-contained warhead that would passively track and gravitate towards a selected target. Because of their relatively slow attack speed, relative to a normal plasma bomb, mines are relatively useless against strike craft and fast frigates--but can be deployed with devastating effect against capital ships, whose sensors rarely detect them in time against the backdrop of higher speed targets.

Resolute minelayers can operate in both attack and defensive roles. As part of an attack group, they operate on the fringes of a battle, dropping mines in toward enemy capital ships one at a time while staying on the move in order to avoid detection. While working in the defensive mode, Resolutes can be found slowly mining the area of space around stationary tactical assets such as asteroid belts, resource collector stations and lab facilities. Resolute crews themselves have worked out a third mode of operation known as Stalking, wherein they will work in tandem with a probe ship to discern the attack vectors of large enemy fleets, and then lay all their mines in the enemy's path in one massive burst. This ambush can be devastating for the attackers, but is risky for the minelayers; they are vulnerable to forward-ranging fighters, and the rapid regeneration of mines stresses the corvette's fusion plant above safety specs.