Kushan "Hammer" Heavy Corvette

Homeworld Statistics

Class: Corvette
Build Time:
Maneuverability: Medium
: 160 m/s^2
Max Velocity: 520 m/s
Hit Points: 1
Fuel Capacity: 20,000

Firepower: 200
Coverage: 50%
Mass: 750 tons

Salvage No.: 1
Nav Lights: 0
Special Abilities
Charged Burst Attack

Required Tech:
Corvette Drive
Corvette Chassis
Heavy Corvette Upgrade

Weapons: Damage: Range: Fire Time:
2(1) Medium Projectile Cannon Turrets 28-36 5,000 m 2.7 s

The Hammer class of heavy Corvette lives up to its name by being hard, brutal and completely utilitarian in design. When Kushan engineers worked up the prototype for this class, their only concerns were lethality and survivability -- only a few moments' perusal of this heavy strike craft will show how well they succeeded. Hammer class corvettes have been nicknamed 'Coffins' by their 3 man crews because they are the only corvette class vessels without any sort of crew area whatsoever. Every spare cubic meter aboard has been packed with targeting systems, weapon support functions, and armor plating, so that the only spaces left for crew are small cocoon cockpits that are sealed from the outside, with an armor plate, by a technician. The only way for a pilot to leave the ship without the help of a technician is to eject the entire cockpit cocoon .

Despite the hardship suffered by her crews, the sacrifice of amenities aboard makes the Hammer the most heavily armed and armored strike craft in the fleet. With its twin heavy gun turrets, this ship can bring withering fire to bear against both heavy fighters and small capital ships. The heavy armor means this heavy corvette can also stay in the thick of the fray, drawing fire away from more vulnerable vessels while still making it back for re-supply and repair. In fact, the operational limits of the Hammer class are more often dictated by crew endurance than by damage, ammunition, or fuel. When employed in an anti-Frigate role, Hammers are often seen in wolf packs of 5 ships in loose formation, and are especially lethal against ships dependant on spinal mounted Ion Cannons.

Unfortunately, her slow speed makes the Hammer vulnerable to the guns of capital ships, despite her heavy amor and armament.

An unarmed version of this vessel was also used as a shuttle for the Kushan ambassador during the encounters with the Bentusi (pictured below at right) and the Protectors of the Gardens.