Many of the ships seen in Karos are re-textured versions of early Kushan designs. In fact, a large number of rejected Kushan ship models exist in the game files that don't actually appear in Karos or anywhere else in the game; these have been listed here in the Outtakes section.

For the curious, here's an inventory of all the ships and derelicts in the Karos Graveyard:

32 Large Autoguns
46 Small Autoguns
31 Proximity Sensors
Derelict Carriers
Derelict Heavy Cruisers
Hammerhead shipwrecks
Derelict Minelayer Corvettes
Derelict Multi-Gun Corvettes
Derelict Heavy Corvettes
Derelict Support Frigate

In the Shining Hinterlands, close to the heart of the Taiidan Empire, the Karos Graveyard is littered with the hulks of countless ancient warships. There has always been a question as to the origin of these derelicts. Could they be captured remnants of the ancient Hiigaran fleets, rusting here for three millennia? And who sets the Junkyard Dog and the Autoguns to watch over this moldering armada? Do the mighty Taiidan fear the ghosts of the conquered? Or is the Graveyard merely a dangerous relic of the past, kept inviolate by its ravenous automated guardians, who add any would-be trespasser to the collection?