Karos Junkyard Office

Homeworld Statistics

Class: Carrier
Build Cost
: 2,000 RUs
Build Time: 400 s
Maneuverability: -
: -
Max Velocity: 210* m/s
Hit Points: 116,000
Repair Rate: -
Firepower: -
Coverage: -
Mass: 1,000* tons

Salvage No.: 5*
Nav Lights: 4
Dock Points: 1
Special Abilities

Required Tech:

Weapons: Damage: Range: Fire Time:
None - - -

*Although the derelict has 5 salvage points, it cannot be salvaged.

This derelict vessel carries the communications relay array that the Taiidan rebel Captain Elson needs to patch into the enemy communications network. The vessel still seems to have power, as there are lights in the main bay. It is guarded by several automated defenses including the Junkyard Dog, multiple Autoguns, and a number of Taiidan proximity sensors. For what reasons these defenses were placed in the Graveyard, we can only quess.