Race Overview

The Protectors of the Garden of Kadesh are a group of religious zealots that hide in the Great Nebula (which they refer to as the "Garden") and prey upon passing ships. Their motherships are capable of generating a hyperspace inhibitor field, and their swift, deadly Swarmer strike craft can overwhelm almost any vessel trapped by this field. According to the Bentusi, even the Taiidan fear the nebula, and no ships entering there ever return.

"[The Protectors of the Garden], are this cult of religious crazy sort of.. umm... They're like this cult in space and they’re very monotone and calm and completely psychopathic; basically they’ll never ever bother you unless you do one thing, and if you do that they’ll be your enemy forever, and they’ll devote their entire existence to try and destroy you. So don’t do that thing, basically. But I’m not going to say what it is."  - Alex Garden, Director

("That thing" Alex is referring to is the harvesting of the Nebula. There's no way to avoid it, however; you can't get through the Garden of Kadesh without fighting the Protectors.)


"After analyzing the data we collected from the Khar-Toba's sister ship we've been able to determine what happened in the nebula. While the Khar-Toba was able to limp to Kharak, this ship instead must have tried to hide here. They soon resorted to preying on ships passing through the nebula. In time the nebula became off limits to all shipping. They developed hyperspace inhibitor technology to trap prey from far away without leaving the safety of the nebula. Eventually it became the center of their existence and ultimately, their religion."  - Fleet Intelligence

The Kadesh have a sad history; they and the Kushan were both descended from the ancient Hiigarans, who were defeated in the First Time by the vicious Taiidan and sent into exile. One branch of the refugees (the Kadesh) settled in the Great Nebula; the other (the Kushan) made it to Kharak. The Kadesh lived in the Nebula for thirteen generations as scavengers and pirates. They eventually developed their own fanatical religion, that worshipped the Nebula itself. Eventually the Kushan passed through the nebula on their way to reclaim their homeworld, and the Protectors of the Garden attempted to trap them as they had other vessels. When the Kushan refused to surrender their vessels and join the cult of the Garden, the Kadesh ruthlessly attacked, even when the Kushan explained that their two peoples were related. So great was the Protectors' fear of the Taiidan and so obsessed were they with their religion that they fought to the last, even against their own kin. The Kushan were forced to destroy all of the Kadeshi needle-ships in order to disable the hyperspace inhibitor fields that prevented them from leaving the Nebula. Despite much wishful fan-created fiction to the contrary, there is nothing to indicate that any of the Protectors survived the passage of the Kushan through the Cathedral of Kadesh. They were zealots that fought to the last to defend their holy place.